my week in review: 3/28-4/17//2014

Sharing my phone's pictures, telling the stories behind them.

I've been an InstaFriday slacker. 
Here's what I've been up to the last 3 weeks:

I started part 2 of the Gifts of Imperfection class with Brene Brown. 
The first assignment was to give myself permission slips. 
I thought it was pretty ironic that I messed up on the title of the class about imperfection. 

The focus of our first week was being creative. 
Our assignment was to do a self portrait using crayons, 
then make an Author page for our journal with three things we believe in. 
There are so many things I believe in that could have written, 
I just put down the first three that came to mind. 

The girls and I went over to my sisters and we did our nails. 
I never do my nails, 
except that it's kind of a bonding activity with my girls so I've been doing it lately. 
It's evidently a "thing" to paint one nail differently than the others. 
Good thing I have a middle school daughter to help keep me in the loop with all the "things."

 We celebrated my dad's birthday. 
I found this coffee mug for him to help him make decisions when the grandkids are over. 
It's perfect.

 For my dad's birthday meal I made his specialty, Daddy's Tubesteak Delight
He invented it and made it for us all the time when we were kids. 
He didn't ever write down the recipe, but it's basically German potato salad with hot dogs.
I asked him about the story behind Daddy's Tubesteak Delight.
He said that one time he made German potato salad and us kids didn't like it.
So the next time he added hot dogs and called it something different.
He is a really smart man.
We didn't like German potato salad but we loved Daddy's Tubesteak Delight.

I have a ton of hot dogs left over from the baseball team cook out. 
We're pretty much having hot dogs in everything until they're gone. 

 One day at work I got a text from my dear InstaFriend Jessica asking me if I wanted to have lunch.
She was going to be driving through the town I work in, around lunch time, so it worked out well.
It was such a nice treat! 
We didn't get an InstaPicture of our meet up, 
but I did get a pic of these treats from Trader Joe's she brought for me. 

I'd never had the cookie butter before.
I feel like I wasn't truly living before I tasted the cookie butter.

 Sarah was with me when this new cookie butter world was opened to me. 
She and I agreed to keep it a secret and hide the delicious stuff in a secret place. 
When JD discovered it, we told him that it was gross and he probably wouldn't like it. 
He believed us until he tried it. 
It is Ah-may-zing.
It's a really bad thing that it is so good.

 John had his first game of his high school career.
Sarah and I drove to Winona to watch him.
Mapquest did us wrong, but we eventually found the field that the JV was playing on.
I love watching baseball.

Somewhere in the last three weeks I managed to post my first heartfelt blog post in a while.
I was inspired by Glennon Melton to share about my messy, beautiful life.
I am so messy.
Not just cleaning, but I am messed up.
And I think it's important to let each other know how messed up we are because that is real.
And real is beautiful.

 The day after National Siblings Day I posted this picture of me and my siblings.
Because who on earth knows that it's National Siblings Day unless everyone on social media 
posts pictures of their siblings to inform you of such a day.

I think we should start a National Clown Nose Day and see how many people post pictures of themselves
in clown noses.

This girl, always taking selfies.
I like to bomb them. 
She lets me.

She and I got our hair colored together sometime during these last three weeks. 
But we never took before and after pictures. 
We are both now darker and redder than we were before.
I think she looks fantastic!
I'm almost used to my color. 
I do like it though.

Another lunch meet up with Jessica within a three week span! 
How lucky am I?
This time we made sure to get an InstaPicture.

Did I mention we met through this InstaFriday linkup with Life Rearranged?
Sometimes the internet is cool like that.

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thank you for not vacuuming the stairs - my messy beautiful

"Messy and beautiful are Like Laverne and Shirley or Joy and Pain or Love and Loss or peas and carrots or Family Picture Day and Nervous Breakdowns….THEY GO TOGETHER. Messy and beautiful are inseparable." 

A gesture drawing done by Rembrandt.
The first time I remember being confronted by the idea that messy could be beautiful was in an art class I took at a junior college the summer after ninth grade. For the first lesson of the class, our instructor took us to the park and told us to draw gestures of the people we saw walking across the street or sitting on a bench. Gesture drawings are a lot like scribbles with purpose. They are meant to capture the essence of the subject, not to be a perfect representation of it.

Gestures gave me constipation.

They weren't perfect. They were messy. My perfectionist protested as I struggled to scribble on purpose.

I didn't embrace the beauty of messy gestures right away. I wanted everything to be beautiful and perfect, which by definition is not messy. If I couldn't do it perfectly, I would avoid doing it so that I didn't have to fail. Dr. Kevin Leman would tell you that I am a discouraged perfectionist.

After skeptically reading The Birth Order Book by Leman I looked at my husband and told him I thought I might be a first-born perfectionist after all. He looked at me like I was crazy.

Because I'm not perfect, I'm messy. In so many ways, I'm Messy.

There is a blogger who I have grown to love, Glennon Melton. She is Messy too. Not only that, but she is totally okay with being Messy, which is refreshing. She embraces her Messy because she knows that I am Messy and that you are Messy too. Because it's a universal thing, this Messiness.

She recently wrote a book, Carry On Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life. I signed up to be a part of her Messy, Beautiful Warriors project and committed to write a post about my messy, beautiful life because I think that the thought that messy and beautiful go hand in hand is encouraging.

When I told my daughter Kaitlin that I was going to write a post about how my life is messy and beautiful, I asked her for some ideas, some ways that she could see that my life is messy and beautiful.

"Well, you are really messy!," she said and then paused to think of what to say next. "...and you are really beautiful!"

My stairs, halfway to being vacuum-free.
My ability to not clean well is the subject of many conversations in our house. It has tested my husband's Type A personality. He grew up in a home that looked like a museum because it was so clean. I grew up in a home that looked, like, extremely lived in because it was so... lived in.

I've tried to meet in the middle and so has my husband, bless his soul. We once bought a vacuum from a door to door salesman because he told us that our carpets would be cleaner. That sounded hopeful to us. Evidently owning the vacuum does not make them cleaner, it's the actual act of vacuuming that does it.

Vacuuming the floor is like going to the dentist. I know I should do it, but I put it off. Vacuuming the stairs is like getting your impacted wisdom teeth pulled without Novacaine. You just don't do it if you don't have to. True story: I pulled up the carpet on our stairs because I would rather live with ugly stairs than to have to vacuum them.

The first time I realized how messy I was was when we invited my husband's family for a barbecue to celebrate the purchase of our first home. One of our guests got down on her hands and knees to clean my kitchen floor.

I am not proud of my messy house. Growing up I had no solid career aspirations, but I aspired to be a good homemaker and a good mom. I imagined that my home would be clean and my kids would smile appreciatively at me as they ate their homemade after-school snacks.

But somehow it seemed a lot easier in my imagination. Forget about the deep cleaning, these days I'm just happy if I get the laundry done so that my husband doesn't have to go commando. I wish I were a good homemaker and housekeeper, a good example of these things to my kids.

I try to be.

That's why it struck a nerve deep in the very center of me when someone told me, while visiting their home, that I wasn't a good mom when I left my drink on the bed stand to be finished later. No wonder your kids don't pick up after themselves! Not only that, but I don't deep clean the house well enough. Your kids could get sick! I felt pretty awful about myself after that visit.

A different time I visited a different house. It was just a quick visit to pick up my daughter from a sleepover at her friend's. As I stood in the entry visiting with the mom as I waited for Kaitlin to get her things, I noticed the dog fur on the carpeted stairs. The mom must have followed my gaze. She waved her hand in the air, dismissing the dirty stairs. "We live a busy life," she said.

"I think they are wonderful!" I said. "Actually I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with dog-furry stairs. So, thank you for not vacuuming the stairs!" Her messy was beautiful to me.

And that's the thing about embracing our messy lives and being real with others about our struggles and imperfections: it's beautiful when others realize they're not alone. It's beautiful when you dare to be vulnerable and realize you are not alone. You might be messy, but you are okay.

I think that sentence might have just given my husband constipation. I'm not necessarily saying that messy houses are the goal here, I'm just saying that it's not the worst thing in the world to have a messy house when someone stops by. I'm saying that I am not good at housecleaning, but I am a good mom with good kids. And I have good relationships with them.

More importantly, I'm saying that Messy is more than just about housecleaning. It's about taking off our masks. It's letting go of pretenses. Messy is being Real, warts and all. It's not what should be, it's what is. Admitting we are sometimes Messy is being wholehearted, and that's beautiful.

A while back I went to a women's get together at church. We were told to go around the room and share which Fruit of the Spirit we most needed. Do I have to pick just one? I wondered. I need them all! I need a Fruit of the Spirit Salad!

It became clear as we went around the room that Patience and Love were the Fruits of choice. Who can't use more patience or love when dealing with the imperfect people in our lives?

One of the women broke form and said she wanted Peace, then mentioned her struggle with depression. I didn't know her, but I was impressed by her boldness because I know from experience that depression isn't always something that Christians understand very well. It's messy and a lot of church-going people don't like messy.

I once had a debate with a bible study leader who claimed that you weren't abiding in Christ if you were discouraged and being discouraged is a sin. I disagree. Discouragement is an emotion, just like anger is. To be discouraged or angry is not a sin. I believe that God gave us these emotions as indicators to help us know what's going on inside of us. Kind of like a smoke alarm going off is an indicator that something is wrong, so are our emotions. The subsequent action taken based on those indicators, that is what the sin is, the result of not abiding in Christ. The action is the sin, not the emotion. To feel discouraged is not a sin.

I'm not sure about this, but I'd be willing to bet that some of my depression originated under the weight of legalism. I wonder how many Christians are depressed because they don't believe they can be Messy if they are abiding in Christ?

The next time I saw The Woman Who Chose Peace in church I passed by her then decided to double back and tell her that I appreciated her sharing about her struggle with depression, that I struggled with it too and if she ever needed to talk to someone who understood, she could talk to me.

What followed has been a beautiful friendship. Her vulnerability to share about her need for Peace in the midst of a bunch of Patience people, and my vulnerability to reach out to a stranger about my own struggle with depression-- it felt Messy, but it was beautiful!

Messy and beautiful go wonderfully together. 

Brene Brown writes "Here's what is truly at the heart of wholeheartedness: Worthy now, not if, not when, we're worthy of love and belonging now. Right this minute. As is."

As is. 

Messy. Beautiful. Wholehearted. 

This culture wants us to gloss over the Messy. The message is that if we don't acknowledge the Messy, or if we somehow control the Messy, then we can have Beautiful. And, maybe that's true if you're idea of beautiful is the artificial airbrushed unrealistic supermodels or highly staged snapshots of decorated living rooms on magazine covers. I prefer to think that authenticity and wholeheartedness is beautiful. 

It's not either/or, it's both/and. Both Messy and Beautiful. When we decide to embrace our Messy Beautiful, when we decide to be vulnerable and authentic, we are warriors in this fight for wholeheartedness. It's worth the fight.

Carry On, Warrior. Embrace your messy, beautiful life.

This essay and I are part of the Messy, Beautiful Warrior Project — To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE! And to learn about the New York Times Bestselling Memoir Carry On Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life, just released in paperback, CLICK HERE!

** edit: I forgot to make a "pinnable image" so


my weeks in review: 3/14-27//2014

My last two weeks of Instagram photos. The stories behind them. And a bonus feature or two. That's what this is. No biggie.

After the banquet, Mom and I went to Dunn Bros to work on thank you notes and have some mother daughter time.

JD and I went on a date to Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery. We hadn't been there before; it was really good. We sampled some wines (he prefers sweet, I prefer a dry red) and ordered our favorite of the bunch to go along with dinner, a thin crust artichoke and brie pizza. Yum!

I'm not Irish, but I got in the spirit.

I've been looking for just the right pillow slip-covers to replace my old torn ones. I found these at Shop-Ko and I knew they were just right.

It's pretty amazing how much joy new pillowcases can bring me.

I laughed when I saw this. 

It made me think of the fruit salads that Kaitlin used to make. (Not because of the wine part, but because of the fruit salad part.)

[bonus feature:]

When Kaitlin was little, The Wiggles were popular. They might still be popular, I don't know. Thankfully I don't know.

Of course Kaitlin would want to make fruit salad every day. It was her specialty!

I wanted to encourage her desire to work in the kitchen, so I let her make her fruit salad to accompany whatever dinner we were having. At first I directed her fruit salad making. But then, as she became more confident, I let her make her own fruit salad concoctions. 

When she thought it was a good idea to add American cheese to the salad, I let her know that I doubted if it belonged in a fruit salad. 

When she declared that she wanted to add lunch meat, I explained that she'd crossed the line. And yet, she was so insistent! And so excited about her fruit salad ingredient choices! 

How could I say no?

That is the year JD and I were front runners for the Academy Award in the category of: Best Acting as we ate Kaitlin's "fruit" salad with anything she could think to put in it. 

All our friends who came for dinner and were served fruit/luncheon meat/cheese/peanut salad were like this:

but Kaitlin was like this:

So for me it was a win.

[end bonus feature]

I had to steal this picture of my sister's because look at this!:
At her birthday lunch (which I sadly was not at) she met Bill Murray who was eating at the same restaurant not far from them. How cool is that?

She approached him for a photo, telling him that it was her birthday, and he shoved his chair away from the table and slapped his knee and told her to sit down. Then he told his friends he was with to take a picture with his camera, too. My mom was taking a picture of them and he told her to sit down on his other knee. So that is the story behind this photo.

While Bethany was on the phone with our brother, Grant, who lives in New Hampshire, we brought out the cake so that he could sing Happy Birthday to her with us.

I can't believe my little sister is 35. Crayzee. And then mom told me that my little brother is turning 40 this year. I was like WHAT?!

Time marches on.

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my week in review: 3/7-13//2014

Sharing my week's Instagram photos. 

Telling the stories behind them. 

That's what I do here.

The Southeast Minnesota FCA banquet was on Sunday night. So pretty much the whole weekend was spent getting ready for the banquet. I was in charge of the signage for the sponsors. I was a little bit frustrated when I got there and they had messed them up and then I had to show them how to do their job. 

We transported the silent auction goodies and somehow got John in the car too.

 It was encouraging to see everyone there in support of the ministry.

I got this in the mail. Totally surprised. It was a thank you gift from (in)courage for being on the (in)mercy team, helping raise funds for the Mercy House in Kenya. I love the necklace. Of course I had to check out the vintage pearl website

I want this.

It's a new leaf.

When I wear it, I'll be constantly turning it.

Get it?

Now that baseball season is here, I need this

Along with a volleyball necklace for volleyball season.
And a football necklace for football season.
And a basketball necklace... and a softball necklace... and hopefully not a soccer necklace.

Or maybe just one necklace with all the sports' charms.


(Are you reading this Coach Bickle?)

I doodled some hands. I found a "doodle a day" thingie (game?) on Instagram. I enjoyed doing the photo a day thing, and I just might do it again, but I thought it would be good to do some doodling.

It's under the hashtag #sadoodleaday if you are interested.

So, the next day the doodle assignment was "monster." And I was a little bit like "what the am I going to draw for 'monster'?"

It just so happened that I had to do some training for work on Wednesday and Thursday. The government entity known as HUD has a whole bunch of regulations that we have to follow when we certify that someone needs a subsidy. 

It's a little confusing to begin with, and now they are changing the TRACS form 202C to 202D so we need to be up on it when the changes roll out at some undetermined date in the future that keeps getting pushed back because government.

Sometimes it feels like a monster to figure out and stay on top of.

And then I knew what I had to doodle for monster.

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my week in review: 2/28-3/6//2014

my week.

I finally got around to putting the pictures back on the stairwell wall after we painted. I added some more nail holes photos to what I had up there before. Putting it all together was like a puzzle. I love puzzles! Looking at all those photos brings back memories. Memories I get to see every time I go up and down the stairs.

I did not, however, put up that Ohio Stadium picture or the Buckeye Blvd sign. I sure did get a kick out of them, though. That boy of ours. Such a sense of humor. I saw him putting them up. He had such a twinkle in his eye as he did it. It warmed my heart.

Look at those cute little kids, too. Did I mention I love seeing them every time I go up and down the stairs?

[bonus feature:]

That mirror is the tile mirror that I made in 2011 when I started my journey back to creative. My first foray into clay. I wrote about it here.

[end bonus feature]

We had dinner at Oma and Opa's on Saturday and we played Wise and Otherwise. So much laughter ensues every time we play it.

I'm trying to practice gratitude. Especially when I might not feel very thankful. #intentionalgratitude

I drove up to our house and saw the by now all too familiar sight of our mailbox practically buried by snow and I thought about how grateful I am that I can park inside a garage that is attached to our house. That's something to be thankful for in the midst of this record breaking winter.

It's not too hard to be thankful for friends like Christine who has been following my art-journal class/journey and gifted me some art supplies she doesn't use anymore. I mean, how thoughtful is that?! I can't wait to put them to use! (Those phrase stamps and those bird stamps are just per.fect.)

I'm thankful for this girl, who I got to have lunch with on Monday with my mom. I have so much fun with her.

And I'm so thankful for my mom who picked her up from school and brought her all the way to Zumbrota for her ortho appointment and then back to school again. She's the best. 

I'm really ready to see some green. But I'm still taken by the beauty of this scene.

On the one hand it's the worst winter in 30 years. #polarvortex 
On the other hand, "Thank God we haven't had to experience this kind of winter in 30 years!" #intentionalgratitude

[bonus feature:]

It's been Joy Week this week at The Bobby Bones Show.

They decided to promote "pimping joy" this first week of March. (It's really touching why. Read about it here.) All week I've been listening to some pretty awesome testimonials of people who chose joy and who chose to share joy. This one was my favorite.

After hearing that, I was like, "man! I need to spread some joy this week!"

So Thursday, on my way to work, I decided to stop at the McDonald's drive-thru so that I could pay for the person behind me. I was a little nervous that I couldn't afford it because we are so tight. But I figured it'd be worth it.

When I pulled up to the drive-thru no one pulled up behind me. I was debating on whether I should just pay for my own and drive off or if I should just wait until someone pulled up behind me. I decided to wait. I didn't have to wait long because just as I pulled up to the first window, a woman in a crossover vehicle pulled up behind me.

I have no idea what happened after I paid for her order because I drove off. I'm pretty sure I put a smile on the crossover vehicle woman's face, maybe even the McDonald's worker woman's face.

But I had a smile in my heart all day. That's the thing about doing stuff like that--as a wise person once said, "it's better to give than to receive."

[end bonus feature]

life rearranged

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my week in review: 2/25-27//2014

Sharing the stories behind my Instagram photos, that's what I do here.

Sarah helped me write a bonus feature for last week's post. I had to take a photo of her while she was writing it. She's a great writer (exhibit A and exhibit B).

Speaking of writing, Kaitlin texted me from school this week telling me that I needed to write a book. Evidently some of her friends were talking about my blog and thought it was good (which is why I offered them candy bars at the end of the post).

I laughed, "what on earth would I write a book about?" 

And she replied as quick as Reggie comes at the sound of dishes clanking, "you could write about what it's like to live with such an awesome person like me."

If only I could find a way to make that marketable.

 We finally have carpet!! Thank you Jesus.

All week I've been noticing the snow stuck on the branches of the trees since the Blizzard of 2014. It's so pretty, almost like the trees are blooming snow.

Then my Instagram friend, Yvonne, posted a photo of some trees with almond blossoms.

At first when I saw the photo, before I knew that it was Yvonne in California, I thought that someone in Minnesota had beaten me to posting a photo of the snow blossom trees.

But then I realized that there are actually places on this earth -- in this very country! -- where there are trees blossoming with actual flower blossoms.

One day we in Minnesota will see actual flower blossoms, but until then I am enjoying -- no, really, I am enjoying -- the snow blossoms.

Because that is how you stay sane when it's a record cold winter with no end in sight.


Hey, who wants to join me in posting intentional gratitude pics? I don't often hashtag, but I think I might do this. Seems like a good exercise, to look for the gratitude and be intentional about it.

Speaking of intentional gratitude... our windows are really bad. But the bright side of having bad windows is finding some beautiful scenery ON the windows, not just outside of the windows.

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my week in review: 2/14-24//2014

It's been some crazy hectic kind of week and a half...

Way back on February 15 we drove up to the Twin Cities in a snowstorm to meet up with Kaitlin and her volleyball team for their tournament... Except we didn't get there in time to watch them play on Saturday... because snowstorm.

Instead we met up with her team for dinner at Cowboy Jack's. The girl on the right is our daughter that we didn't have.

[bonus feature:]

I was so excited when I saw the mechanical bull at Cowboy Jack's. I don't know how or why, but for some reason riding a mechanical bull got onto my bucket list. I thought I might need to cross the Mason-Dixon line to cross it off my list, but there it was... right here in Minnesota. I was so excited!

No one was riding the bull, so I just admired it from afar. I've never actually seen one ridden, so I was a little bit shy about it. But he and I will have a date one day.

Fair warning.

[end bonus feature]

JD and I were able to enjoy some of my employee benefits on Friday night... a deep hotel discount. Just us.


Sunday we spent at Hastings High School watching volleyball all day. From 9:00 am to 7:30 pm. They didn't play that whole time, of course. There was some downtime.

It was a really frustrating day actually because we drove all that way to watch Kaitlin and she hardly got any playing time. Plus the team didn't play very well.

It was nice to be able to spend the day with JD at Hastings High School with lots of waiting between games.

I found a corner on the walking track and took a nap.

What's a tired volleyball mom gonna do?

Oh, hey. Here's a picture of my typical 2014 winter morning commute to work.

Whiteouts are so exciting!

(I'm trying to find the bright side.)

That's my assignment for the week, by the way. To find something to be grateful for in the ordinary moments.

I'm grateful for my girl who still likes to snuggle me when we watch TV.

I'm grateful for the quiet morning moments... with my dog, who lays on the couch next to me, warming my feet... and for my blanket, made for me by my grandma, which I must have over me at all times.

I'm grateful for my long drive to work, which is a great opportunity to experience quiet in the midst of this noisy stage of life.

I was not too grateful when the Blizzard of 2014 knocked out our cable and internet on Thursday evening when I was looking forward to watching the women's figure skating final.

But I was grateful for Jessica, who -- on her own, out of the kindness of her heart and the realization of my desperate plight -- texted me videos of the figure skating event. I mean, really, how sweet is that?!

[bonus feature: Sarah's Edition, written by Sarah herself]

While our cable/internet was down, Sarah asked me "Mom, you're old, what did they do in the olden days when they didn't have TV, computers, i Pads, i Phones, i Pods, and all of that stuff?" Then I replied "We read books, and we used our imagination." Then I could tell that a shiver went down Sarah's back after that. She just was in shock from hearing that a kid did something without it being an electronic device.

[end Sarah's bonus feature]

"I'm bored!" Sarah said because our TV and internet was out.

"Go to the Boredom Box," I said.

And that is how we came to play Sarah's homemade board game.

I love that Boredom Box!

But I do not love taking apart loft beds. 

I had to take it apart though because we were getting carpet in Kaitlin's and Sarah's rooms on Friday and to save money we said that we would move the furniture out of the rooms ourselves. 

I may have lost it just a little bit while taking it apart. Because loft beds are above your head [!]... increasing the degree of difficulty quite a bit [!].

In any case, I got it apart and I got all the furniture stuffed into our room until the carpet was installed the next day.

Except that it wasn't installed the next day. 

Well, the padding was installed but evidently the Blizzard of 2014 affected the delivery of the correct carpet, and we didn't know that until after the padding was laid down.

So we had to wait until Monday to have our correct carpet delivered and installed.

Which meant our bedroom looked like this all weekend:

Pretty much all you can do is laugh at this point.
When you thought it would be just a couple hours
and it ends up being all weekend.

Ha ha ha.
Uh hem.

I had to go to Sarah's basketball game in the clothes that I wore the day before because I couldn't get to my dresser due to all the mattresses and paraphernalia that was in front of it... but... whatever. 

It's all good. I'm grateful. For ordinary moments. And all that.

Sarah is pretty much a basketball sensation as far as I'm concerned.

When Brene said that joy was like twinkle lights... "joyful moments gracefully strung together by trust, gratitude, inspiration & faith" ....I saw these twinkle lights on the page.

This struck me:

"The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it.
It's our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows."
- Brene Brown 

Speaking of joy...
One of the things I get so much joy out of is trying to photo-bomb Kaitlin's selfies as often as I can. Which is pretty often, because she's 13 and selfies are, like, what you do when you are 13 in 2014.

And, to round out my weekend, I inventoried Century High School baseball uniforms. Because that's what you do when you are #mrscoach.

I'm @annebickle on Instagram. Linking up with @jeannettg for InstaFriday. Even though it's Monday night. Whatevs.

You should totally comment on this post if you are Kaitlin's friends and reading this. Because if you do I'll buy you a candy bar. For reals.

life rearranged


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