"My Vacation to Florda" by Sarah

When I found this assignment in the papers that Sarah (age 9) brought home from school, I was pretty much in awe of her writing ability and her imagination. I knew I wanted to preserve it here, with her own handwriting, punctuation and spelling.

So many treasures in there.

We've never had a family vacation at a beach house in Florida. We did discuss maybe doing that this year over Christmas break instead of exchanging gifts, which is why it must have been on her mind. After reading this -- Oh! -- I was so sad to have to tell her that we couldn't make the trip this year. Maybe some year. Hopefully before John graduates.


  1. Love it!! It really is neat to see our kids expressing themselves and being able to see some of the ways they look at things. I would treasure that too.

  2. We talk about rules, rules, rules.....
    Too funny! What a great story! Too bad you won't be able to make it to the beach this year.

  3. So expressive and I love the lesson at the end! I hope you really do make it there one day : )



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