My week in Instagrams.

Sunday was Father's Day. It was also the weekend of the Edina 13UAAA baseball tournament. The night before I asked my husband what he wanted for Father's Day. He joked, "I wanna get up at 5 and drive to the cities to play baseball."
And that's just what we did.

I love driving past farms and barns. At 6:00 am, with the sun low in the sky, it was beautiful.

At the ball field, before the game, my husband gave the boys a pregame talk before the semi-final game. As soon as I snapped the camera to take this picture, the players looked over at the sound. I felt bad about distracting them. But I got the shot.

It came down to the final out, a play at home plate. Our centerfielder made a great throw, and our catcher was able to block the runner from scoring. Game over, we won 6-5 to go on to the championship game!

It rained pretty hard before our next game, so the field crew came out to dry out the mound, batter's box and base paths. I thought the dirt looked cool as it blew away while the field crew was throwing it down to dry out the mud. I also thought I'd be clever and submit this photo for the weekend's instagram hashtag project, #outtodry. (They came #outtodry the field, get it?) Once the field was dried out enough to play, the championship game got started. 

We won, 9-7. First place, on Father's Day! (My son is the far left of the top row.)

My husband had told the boys that if they won the championship game, that he would slide down the hill behind the outfield fence (it was so wet from rain that kids were sliding, not rolling, down the hill during the pregame warm-ups), so after the game the players held him to it.

1. My husband sliding down while the players cheer him on.
2. An assistant coach decided to take the roll down the hill, too.
3. The players get a running start.
4. My daughter and her friend join in the fun.

And then, the long drive home.

Past farms and barns.

And that was just Sunday!

I've been thinking about 2 Cor. 5:14-21 this week. It's good stuff.

My husband put together a Summer Chore and Activity Chart for the kids while they are at home this summer, while I am gone at work and he is at home trying to work. It blesses me that he took the time to do this. I intended to make one, I have such good intenions, but he is much better at planning than I am.

This is what my planning looks like. I wanted to make menu plans, so I got on Pinterest to find recipes and meal plans. I don't know what we're having for dinner tonight, but I have a lot of new pins.

My daughter made a fort in the living room and decided to spend the night there. She made it the whole night, I was impressed. She made it the whole next night, too. I may need to reclaim my living room.

The maintenance man called me at work and said, "Anne, are you watching the radar?" As if I sit at my desk and watch the radar. "The storm is coming, you'd better get out of there." Well, I didn't quite get out of there in time. Visibility was minimal, as were the highway speeds, and I was white knuckling it all the way home. (This photo, however, was taken while I was still in park in the parking lot.)

This is our bedroom door, the notes left by our littlest. She's a sweetie. I'm going to leave it up there until she is old and grey.

There's this 91 year old man who lives in the apartment where I am property manager. He likes to bake. The newspaper even did a story on him and his Christmas cookies. When I see him come into the office and see his big smile as he gives me some baked goodness, I always reward him with a big smile of my own and an especially animated thank you. He brought me this rhubarb baked something while it was still warm. Yum.

Every time Sarah was up to bat, she swung and hit the first pitch, so I couldn't get a very good picture of her batting. But here's a picture of her running (#12). I think this might be the double that she got. She's a hitting machine off the pitching machine.

And that is my week in Instagrams.

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Krista said...

LOVE all of the sky/farm pictures! Amazing shots. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I do appreciate it. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer said...

Loved this peek at your family, Anne. And can I also add that every time I write type your name, my mind says, "Anne with an 'e'" from Anne of Green Gables. Thought you might want to know that :)

Anne said...

You know what?! Every time I have to tell someone that my name ends in 'e' I say "Anne with an 'e." And I always think in my head "like Anne of Green Gables." Sometimes I even say it aloud. Most people don't know what I'm talking about. That's so sad. That reminds me, I need to get my hands on a DVD copy of that so that I can introduce Anne to my kids.

Jan Winnes said...

I'd like a copy of some of those pictures, Anne with an e. I especially loved the one of white building (town hall? school?)and amazing clouds. Great photos.


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