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JD and John had baseball games on Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday this week. 

Friday night they lost, but John got a triple. A triple! A fact which he tried to milk to the best of his ability. 
"John, take the garbage out." / "But I got a triple."
"Hey mom, I got a triple, can you pour me a glass of milk? And bring it to me? Because I got a triple." / "Yes you did get a triple, but you still lost."
He's a funny guy. I enjoy laughing with him.

Sunday we didn't have baseball so we took a walk around Silver Lake with the family. Truth be told, we had to pull a couple teeth to have a family walk, but by the end of the walk we'd enjoyed some laughs and some memories. Afterwards, the kids lobbied for a dipped cone at Dairy Queen. We were happy to oblige.

Oh NO! I'm out of coffee!

I've made a commitment to buy only fair trade coffee. So when I realized I was out of the stuff, I had to make a quick run to Trader Joe's, which has the biggest selection of fair trade coffee for the right price. I'll drive further for fair trade. I think it's pretty important.

On Friday, one of my tenants brought some of his father's artwork into my office for me to look at. I've brought in a couple of my ceramic figures that I've done, so he thought I would like to see his father's bronze figures. He was right. I fell in love with this particular piece. Her lines are beautiful. It was inspiring to see her and the other sculptures. Made me want to get back to making my ceramic figures.

Crossings is my creativity inspiration spot. It's just a block from where I work and I like to go there to get my creative juices flowing and work in the clay studio when I get a chance. The gallery is jam packed with all sorts of artwork. Much of it is done by local artists. Marie, the owner, has been a huge encouragement to me as I have tried to get back to creative.

This little girl is one of my first clay figures.  I made her just  for fun, exploring the little girl in me, but Marie convinced me to put her up for sale. I was a little nervous about selling my stuff, as in "will anyone even want to buy it?" I've not really made art to sell it before. Its all been for gifts or for myself. This little girl has been there a little while. Maybe she was meant for me to keep?

I enjoy when the weather's nice and I can relax with a book during softball practice. The book I'm currently reading is Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman. I've laughed and I've cried while reading it. I appreciate her honesty about her depression and her grief.

There was a day this week when I felt down. Lots of stuff going on, just drained emotionally, feeling empty. As I got into my car after work to drive home, I looked down and saw this little flower. It spoke beauty to me where I didn't expect to find it between the asphalt and the concrete. It was a little bit of grace just when I needed it. Thanks, God.

When I got home from work one day, this was written on the chalkboard in the kitchen. I got such a kick out of it because I'm not sure that I ever could have written that, even now. I pray that her positive self image continues through middle school and high school.

The sky during Wednesday night's game captured my attention. Driving to the game my girls laughed at how many times I said, "wow, look at the clouds!" The beautiful clouds became a gorgeous sunset, which I thought would look great in the background of a picture of John batting. He didn't cooperate with me and swung at the first pitch, so instead I got a shot of him as he starts for first base. But I got the sunset.

On Thursday this one and I went to the pool while the others went to an away baseball game. She's a fish. And I am Rudolph. I need to remember to put sunscreen on my nose.

This week we harvested the peas from the pea plant that Sarah brought home from school. True story: I forgot they were peas and thought they were green beans & popped the whole pod in my mouth. (Pea pods don't taste very good.) (I am not a gardener.)

This week I've been studying Phillipians 2:1-8 for my Love Like Him study, thinking about the humility that Jesus had and what an example of love that is for me in my life and my relationships. I'd already been thinking about it as I wrote about the importance of validation last week. It's not about putting myself down, it's about making sure that others are put up. Differentiating my needs from others' needs makes it easier / possible to practice humility. I'm wrapping my mind around that.

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Jan Winnes said...

Great way to visualize your week through these pictures, Anne! Thanks for sharing.


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