That's How We Roll

This is my man and my boy. This photo was taken yesterday, Father's Day. We woke up at 5:00 am to drive to the baseball tournament in Edina. Somehow it seemed appropriate to be at a ball field on Father's Day. I love watching my man coach baseball. He loves the game. He loves the kids.

He uses the game to teach the kids life lessons like character, competition, confidence, & communication. Over the years a few mothers of the players have pulled me aside and told me how much they appreciate that my man has taught their boys the importance of these things, how he has encouraged the boys and built into them. I appreciate that about him too.

My man, the coach, told the players that he would roll down the hill if they won the tournament. They beat Edina 9-7 in the championship game. After the team photos with the first place trophies, the players ran to the top of the hill where they waited for their coach. When he reached the top, he reached for his baseball hat, turned it backwards, then took a running leap as the players cheered him on then joined him in rolling down the hill.

That's how we roll.

What a fun memory. What a fun coach. What a fun father. Grateful for the fun Father's Day memory. And especially grateful for my man. 

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