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My Week in Review
{a weekly post in which I share my Instagrams of the past week 
& my thoughts about them.}

My husband said last week's post was pretty long.
I guess it was.

But this place is my personal blog, it's
kinda like my journal.
I want to be able to go back and remember what happened this week
and my thoughts about it. Even years from now.
here's a peek into my last week.

I took off work a little early on Friday to drive up to the cities for my son's baseball game. 
I love the rows of phone poles along Highway 52.

The closer I got to the cities, the larger the clouds became. 

By the time I got to the game, the clouds were dark grey. 
Lightning delayed the game, but the hard rain never came our way.

Instead it drizzled for the rest of the game.
Good thing I packed the rain gear when I left for work in the morning.

(Also, I need to remember to put moisturizer on my neck.)

The drive back home was gorgeous with the black sky in front of us heading into the storm
and the yellow / orange sky behind us.
I wanted to look behind me the entire drive, but for safety reasons I didn't.
Well, not for the whole drive anyways.
I tried to get my daughter to take a photo of the sky for me but she had a hard time twisting around
so this is the only photo of the sunset I got.

Saturday morning we were back in the cities for the 3rd game.
It was hot already at 9:00 am.
(I'm a Birkenstock girl in a flip flop world.)

Since we lost both Friday's games, we didn't make it to bracket play.
Instead one of the coaches invited us to their cabin on a lake.
We had to do some errands first so my husband said,
"We'll call you when we get to the exit for directions."
And they were all like, "Okay."

When we called, there was no answer.

We figured they were out in the water & didn't hear their phones. (They were.)
Fortunately our daughter had been to the cabin the night before,
though she was just a little distracted by the baseball players in the car with her.
Still, she said she thought she could remember how to get there.

"Turn here," she said.
"No, I mean the other way."
"Turn at the road that is black. You know, it's not dirt, I remember that."
When we saw water, she said, "I remember this! It's by water!"

We laughed so hard the entire time because it was so ridiculous 
to be trying to find a cabin
on a lake we didn't know the name of 
in the state who's license plate says "Land of 10,000 Lakes."

red = the right way to get there; blue = the scenic route we took.

We came to a cabin with some friendly looking people sitting outside
enjoying the hot, humid day with cold beverages
and stopped to ask them
"Do you know where the Grimsrud's cabin is? We can't get a hold of them for directions."
"Are they the one's with the white haired kids?," they asked.

Well, this is the land of Scandinavians and Germans in addition to 10,000 lakes. 
There could be a lot of people with white haired kids.
But, "Yes" I said. To which they said,
"They're not on this lake, they're one lake over on French Lake."

Once we got to French Lake, we relied on our humor and Kaitlin's memory.
After a few three point turns we pulled into their cabin.

"I have friends who have been here 10 times and still can't find their way here," 
said our friend who when we pulled in, clearly impressed.

We're impressive like that.

O those poor people who won their state tournament games.

Kaitlin poses for a photo before going tubing.

A fun, fun impromptu day at the lake.

I learned 2 important lessons:

1. always have an extra swimsuit in the car
(I didn't)
because you never know when you might get invited to a cabin on a lake.

2. chip clips work well in keeping your hair off your neck
if you can't find elastics to pull your hair back in pony/piggy tails.

Back at home we relaxed in our backyard hammock
and admired our tan lines from socks and Birkenstocks.
I love snuggling in the hammock with my honey.

Sunday evening was the FCA Classic Dinner Concert.
Ben and Karyn Utecht were the main event.
Getting the room ready before the guests arrive.

Sound check.

The next day was the FCA golf tournament so I brought the girls to work with me
while my husband and son worked the event at the golf course.
The girls and I joined them for dinner.

After dinner, Chris Norton spoke of the spinal injury he suffered during his freshman year of college
and of the faith that sustains him to have determination to beat the odds.

I found a video of him on YouTube that shares a little bit of his story:

What an inspiration to hear him.
and to see his 2 roommates who help him with
ev er y thing
so that he can live on campus and go to school.

This is something I see all the time at work: a walker left in a resident's parking space.
Someone once came into the office concerned that someone had forgotten their walker.
No, it's not forgotten. It's a senior residence.

I stopped to take this picture while my girls were with me, on the way to lunch.
"Hey Mom," Sarah says. "Let's play a game.
Let's see how long we can go without taking a photo."

I think she caught on to the idea of why I like the Quiet Game.

The girls sat in on the Resident Club's General Meeting while at work with me,
in which the residents discussed:
- whether or not windows should be open on hot days,
- the need for people to clean the washing machines and lint traps,
- and whether or not and how to recycle.

After the meeting Kaitlin came into the office and laughed
like she'd been holding it in until she got there.
"Old people are funny," she said.
"They sound a lot like us at our house," she said.
"Clean up after your mess. 
Close the windows when the air is on. 
Throw your garbage away."

Some of my work peeps.

Once a month I schedule Donuts with Dave.
It's a fun way for the maintenance guy, Dave, and me to visit with the residents a little bit.
And it's a good excuse to have donuts. 
As I was trying to get a photo I backed into the spigot on the coffee pot, 
which poured coffee down my backside.

Fortunately I wore a cami under my white shirt,
but I felt a little bit under-dressed while I was waiting for my white shirt to dry.
"Now we get to see your butterfly," they said of my tattoo.
I don't hide it on purpose, but it's usually covered because
I don't usually wear camis to work.

"I have a friend who got a tattoo of a rose on her shoulder for her 
80th birthday," one of the ladies said.
Can you imagine that? A tattoo at 80!
I want to meet that lady!

This is the last week of softball.
So I had to get one more photo of Sarah at bat.
She's a hitting machine off the pitching machine.
And she looks so cute in a batting helmet.

I've been reading with the She Reads Truth gang on the topic of prayer this week.
Every day there's a different bible verse to meditate on and journal about.
This week I've been thinking about:
 - how God bends down his ear to listen to my cries 
{He's gentle, attentive}
- how I should always be praying, & not become distracted 
{God is faithful}
- how Jesus didn't pray for us to be taken out of the world, 
otherwise we couldn't be His witnesses
{in, not of}
- how I need to pray for others to be blessed, especially leaders 
{praying for others brings unity}
- how even when I read the wrong verse, God still speaks to me (above photo)
{He's cool like that}

life rearranged
a link up with Life.Rearranged


Michelle said...

I really enjoyed reading about your week and the great pictures that went with it. Loved the shot of the dock and the walker left in the parking space. I also had a good chuckle over your daughters comment about not taking pictures. :)

Malory Holmes said...

Stoppin' by from LifeRearranged :) Cute pics!!! Love the "no taking pictures" game! Looks like you had a great week with the rain/weather and all :)

Amy said...

Birkenstock girl in a flip flop world:) Like seeing and reading your roundup of the week. You really are impressive like that! Smiling early here, reading this. So good.


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