<< 7/20-27

What a week.

Saturday morning we drove up to the Cities early for a baseball game.

Kaitlin was my photo taking co-pilot.
She caught me sipping coffee.
We'd gotten up early to do John's paper route
and I needed all the caffeine I could get.

By the time we got to the cities,
it was raining pretty hard.
The rains delayed the game for 1 hour,
which was okay because we were running late.

That's my son hitting a triple.

A player's little sister helped me put sunflower seeds on my toes.
So silly.
It might have been my idea,
but I may just let everyone believe it was hers.

After last week my husband asked me if I have a foot fetish.
"No," I said. "Why?"
"You have a lot of photos of your feet on your blog," he replied.
That's true, I do. 
I think it's because I'd rather take photos of my feet than of my face.

That's why.

On our way home from the games, 
we decided to take the back roads instead of the highway for a change of scenery. 
John and I were following JD and the girls.
At about this point in the trip we realized that JD was lost.

We took the even more scenic, scenic route home.
It was really scenic.

I like it when I have him for a captive audience. We get to talk about stuff.
And laugh about farts.

We noticed one cloud all by itself in the blue sky.
It was shaped like a duck. An arrow. A platypus. A cat's eyes.

"O, look at the Queen Anne's Lace, John! Isn't it just beautiful?"
I've been admiring them along the highway on my way to and from work 
each day for the past couple weeks. 
Little dots of white floating above fields of green. 
They are appropriately named, so regal with their thin, rigid stems and lacy flowers.
(Except I found out that their common name is Wild Carrot.)

"I wish Dad would stop so I can take a photo of the Queen Anne's Lace...
maybe I should stop and take a photo. I can catch up to him."
Because he knows me and knows that I would do that, 
he begged me not to stop so that we wouldn't lose JD.
And then we came to road construction that blocked the road we needed to turn onto.
So we had to stop and make a U-turn. 

And guess what was there along the road where we needed to turn around?
Queen Anne's Lace!

It was like God orchestrated our more scenic scenic route just so I could have the joy of taking this photo. He would do that. 
He's cool like that.

On Sunday at church I was talking to one of the girls
I follow on Instagram. 
I had seen the photo of her girls biking
over one of the several street murals that they have in Rochester. 
I hadn't seen the mural with hands and wanted to know where it was.
She couldn't remember exactly.

When we got in the car, JD googled where to find the murals and
we decided to go find all the street murals in Rochester. 
It was a 

We found the mural with the hands and I made everyone
get out to get photographed standing on the street mural.
I needed photographic evidence.

These tractor-seats-turned-tulips were by one of the murals.
That's a great piece of art, I think.

When my husband picked me up from my hair appointment
he had this waiting for me on my seat.
Flowers from Trader Joe's and sushi.
He knows the way to my heart.

Earlier in the day, while we were scavenging for murals,
we passed a flower store 
and I felt it necessary to inform my family of the type of bouquets that I like:
colorful informal ones.
"Pretty much any bouquet at a Farmer's Market or Trader Joe's," I said.

And then my husband goes and gets me one.
I love him.

I also love my bag and paper bead necklaces from Uganda.

Our friends are raising money to adopt a child from Uganda.
Buying them is really a win-win 
because I am helping them out and I got me some nice stuff.

Sarah took this photo with my iPod.
Isn't she just the cutest thing?
I love her freckles.

On Sunday night we went over to my parents' for dinner.
I felt like I hadn't had a chance to visit with my younger sister for a while,
you know, to just talk about stuff that sisters talk about,
so I told her that we needed to have some
sister/sister time
and we hid in the bedroom for the rest of the night.
It was a precious time.

You know what is better than finding some great clothes
for practically nothing at Savers?
Getting to the register and finding out that
everything is 25% today.

Score, me!

One morning this week Sarah wanted to spend time with me.
I was having my God Time at the time,
so I suggested that she get her bible and journal
and we'd study the same verses.
For her birthday she asked for a big girl bible,
so she was excited to go get her bible
and her journal and have a God Time with me.

We read Philippians 1:3-5 and Philemon 4-5 together.
She noticed that both passages talked about
being thankful for those who are partners working for the gospel.
And that both books start with the same sound.
We discussed how important it is to be
thankful for and pray for those who work for the gospel.
(I'm so thankful for my husband, who works for the gospel.)

She drew some pictures while I journaled a little bit longer,
then she asked me to draw a picture of our dog
who was curled up next to me in her journal.
It was so sweet to study the word and draw with my little girl.

On Tuesday JD and I went on a big adventure.

There's Minneapolis.

"C'mon, hon. We need a picture of us on the plane."

The wall of the tavern we had lunch in.
I love interior brick walls.

I always knew he had a halo!

I love this car.
Just because it looks like it needs some loving.
And because no one else has a car like that.
I threaten my family with someday getting a car like this
and driving them around in it.
They think it's a threat.
I don't.

And, that's my week in instagram photos.

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still being [molly] said...

oh my gosh what an amazing week!! yay for spontaneous mural hunting!!!!! and God is so amazing how He just orchestrates EVERYTHING. i love it:)

Melodee said...

love the mural and your amazing pix! the rain, oh my gosh, what is rain?? haha! we don't have much of that around here! looks like a fun week-your newest follower!

Anne said...

Thanks, Melodee! Yay! I'm up to 12 followers!

We haven't had much rain, either. Except for on days that baseball games are scheduled. Funny how that works.

Anne said...

I know, right?! Glad you had fun with your girlies.

Jan Winnes said...

Thanks, Anne, for another interesting week!

Jessica said...

Oh my! What a fun week! As I'm reading through I keep making mental notes of what to comment on...too many! I love it all! Have a great week :)

Jessica said...

Looks like a fun week! I love the flowers and sushi! What a sweet hubby! :-)


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