<< my week: 6/29-7/5

I never thought I would be 
that mom.
The one who lets her eleven year old daughter dye her hair.

But I am.
And I'm okay with it.
I figure there are worse things than having fun with hair color. 
If she has the confidence, 
we can have some fun with it.
We've learned some things along the way,
like, going lighter is tricky business 
and you can always fix it.
(But it will cost you.)
Needless to say, we are not going to go blond again.
Until she can afford to pay for a salon professional.
In the mean time, we bond with brunette box color.

The Game of Life:
A great tool to teach the kids 
the importance of going to college 
and not buying stuff you can't afford.

Summer time is pool time.
I made a comment to my husband that since I work full time I feel like I don't get a summer. 
All week I sit inside in an office. 
I think of the days when I was at home and I would take the kids to the pool and 
I feel a little bit sad that I don't get to do that very much anymore. 
Since then we've gone to the pool every chance we get.

And the weather's been cooperating!
it's been hot here for Minnesota.
In the 90s all week.
It's like KCMO, except without the good BBQ.

I read somewhere that Levi's has come out with a statement saying that we should 
freeze our jeans when they smell bad instead of wash them 
(to save on water).
Well, anything that saves me from doing laundry perks my interest.
So when I realized that my jeans had that funky musty smell
from being left in the washing machine too long
(because I'm not good at doing laundry)
I decided to test the whole "freezer kills the stinky germs" idea.
It worked!
I'm so excited about this discovery. Now I need a bigger freezer for all my other 
funky smelling clothes (because I'm not good at doing laundry).

I also discovered a new way to stay cool during the hot weather.

This week in my Love Like Him study, I've been meditating on Romans 15:1-7.
Love looks out for the needs of others unselfishly.

I usually eat lunch at my desk, but every once in a while
I get to have lunch with my honey. It's a treat.
He is kind of a big deal.
Where ever we go, we see people who know him.
"Coach Bickle!" we hear from a car full of high school aged football players
passing us in the opposite direction.
"Hey Coach," says the video store employee as we lay our choice on the counter.
"That movie is right up your alley," he tells us. "He finds Jesus and stuff."
I am very proud of my honey.
I love him.

One of the things we love about where we live is that it's near the river 
and the parkway. We love to walk along the paths.
On this hot, muggy evening we saw two deer, a doe and her fawn.
If you look real, real hard, you can almost sort of see them 
just where the sidewalk meets the grass next to the fourth tree.
You can also almost sort of see the two bikers who scared them into the woods
so I couldn't get a better photo. 

Why do camera phones make things look farther away?
I have the same problem when trying to take photos of my son at bat.
I'm standing right by the fence behind home plate taking the picture
with my iPod/camera and the shot ends up looking like I was standing 
at the concession stand.

We didn't have baseball or softball this week because of the holiday,
which is a relief because of the heat.
But I did a good job of working sports into my week's review
with the camera comment. See how I did that?
Like a boss.

Red white and blue for breakfast
on July 4th.

I had the day off work, so I celebrated the holiday by:
~ sleeping in ~
~ cleaning a little bit ~
~ going to the pool with the fam to try to stay cool ~
(it was near 100, yuck)
~ hosting friends and my sister for dinner ~
~ watching fireworks while snuggling on a blanket with my girl. ~

This is one of my tenants. She is 92.
She's really feisty and it cracks me up.
Once she told me that the paperwork I have her fill out is like
"pissing up a rope." 
I laughed. What else could I do?
Then she asked me if I knew what that meant and I said I'd never heard that expression before.
She said she didn't know what it meant either, but it sounded about right.

She gets confused sometimes.
She asked me to help her with something.
When I got upstairs to her apartment
she said that she just got off the phone with a man from the bank
who asked her for her numbers.
"What numbers?" I asked her, my heart dropping.
"The numbers at the bottom of my check book," she said.
"No, that wasn't the bank. The bank would never ask you for the numbers off the 
bottom of your check. Never give your numbers to anyone who calls you 
no matter what they tell you."
"Well," she said, "he did sound real excited."
"I bet he was," I said.
She was upset and confused so I helped her call the bank to report the fraud and
then called her daughter to tell her what happened.

It makes me so mad when people prey on the elderly.

I believe in the law of sowing and reaping:
"You reap what you sow."
Anyone who preys on confused widows will one day get what they deserve.
If not here on earth, then on Judgement Day.
God is a defender of widows in his holy dwelling. Ps. 68:5
That's one of the reasons I enjoy my job. I get to help the widows.

I'm trying to grow my hair out.

It's driving me crazy in this heat.
Just the right length for me to
be able to pull it into a pony tail
to get it off my neck.
Someone suggested pig tails.
I haven't worn piggy tails since I was seven.
I showed my pig tails to my husband and he said
to go out in public with pig tails.
Instead, I'll put them
on the internet
where anyone can see them.
(I can do this confidently because
only 6 people follow this blog.)

And, that wraps up my week's review...

life rearranged
a link up with life.rearranged.

Except I'm not done with this post, I'm adding
my photoaday & joydares for the week, too!


I love a challenge!

I started doing the Photo A Day challenge mid June and enjoy the creative challenge. I'm going to post my photos on this blog, just so I have a record of them.

I've seen Multitudes on Mondays lists and I think they are wonderful but I chose not to join in because I didn't want to put a number next to what I'm thankful for and somehow quantify my thankfulness.
But I like this Joy Dare challenge to count 1000 gifts in 2012. It's just as grateful. (I like the idea of prompts, too.) I'm going to start it in July, so I'll be somewhere near 500 gifts instead of 1000. I'm not doing it for the prize, though. I'm doing it for the discipline of thankfulness.

July 1. photoaday
self portrait

July 1. joydare / 3 gifts loved 
my husband / my children / our extended family

July 2. photoaday
busy {day at the pool}

July 2. joydare / 3 gifts read
The Pressure's Off, by Larry Crabb / a friend's blog post /
an email from my honey

July 3. photoaday
favorite part of my day {coming home after work}

July 3. joydare / A gift in faith, family, freedom
hope for the future / laughter with loved ones / freedom to worship

July 4. photoaday
fun {at the pool}

July 4. joydare / a gift in red, white and blue
sweet strawberries from the farm / clouds in all their forms stretching across the sky / my daughters' laughing eyes

July 5. photoaday
on the floor {her sweet little feet}

July 5. joydare / 3 gifts of persistence
my God pursuing me / my husband loving me / the garden that grows

12 comments: said...

I like the pigtails! I resorted to them for about a year while my hair was growing. They look very cute on you.

Lissa said...

Great pictures! I'm doing the "growing the hair out thing" too. I have done the pigtails as well...and love them! :o)

Crissy Terrell said...

What a fun week! Love your gifts. Love Ann Voskamp. Hope your next week is a great one too.

Kat said...

Love the pigtails - and I too love doing the photoaday challenges!

Jan Winnes said...

I remember your first pigtails as a toddler. That is when I discovered what your habit of twirling your hair with your finger was doing. The pigtail on that side of your head was distinctively missing hair! Lopsided pigtails. That's when we switched your finger twirling to a crocheted blanket...

Amy said...

You're adorable! So much good here, Anne:) Gotta check out that freeze the Levis deal. On the hair--totally get it now that natural blonde's gone a bit dirty on a couple of my gals. Freedom is good. And so are you. And that hubby as well! (Oh! I should be the one working in the summer because my skin won't let me go to the pool. Grr. Unless, of course, I wear my jacket. So much fun. I'm modest, but that's a bit over the top.)

Anne said...

Thanks for the visit and the pigtail affirmation. They are cute little things, aren't they?

Anne said...

The nice thing about pigtails is that they have the side benefit of making us look younger while we are growing our hair out. I feel like a really tall middle schooler. Good luck on your progress. I want to see some pigtail photos in next weeks recap. :)

Anne said...

Thanks, Crissy. I hope you have a wonderful week too!

Anne said...

Thanks, Kat! Do you do the photoaday challenges on instagram? I'd love to follow you and see what you come up with.

Anne said...

I thought about that as I was putting them in pigtails again this week. And as I was twirling them...

Anne said...

Thanks, Amy. I sure do appreciate you. My skin gets angry with me, too. I'm much less about getting a tan these days. More about the SPF30 and a book by the pool. I need SPF50 on my nose, though. It gets so red that Sarah sang Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer to me after our last pool excursion.


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