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My last week in instagram photos.
I'm @annebickle.

On Friday after work, I went to Crossings
 to see if my latest clay pieces had been glaze fired yet.
They had!
It's always interesting to see what they look like once the glaze is fired.
It doesn't always turn out like what I anticipate because
I'm learning about glazes and different ways of applying them.
It's chemistry and I wasn't always very good at that particular subject.
I thought I would like this green glaze more than I do.

That's the interesting part of the whole process.
Each piece is like a living thing that I am only part creator of.
For someone like me, who likes to be detail oriented in my art
(which, I suspect is why my college art prof nudged me in the direction
of graphic design),
it's very freeing to hold something so loosely.

I especially like my candleholder with the candle light shining in it.
It makes me happy.

While I was at Crossings, I went to visit my little girl and found out
she'd been sold.
Well, how about that?
My first sale (that wasn't to my husband).
I sold something!
I think I sold a soap dish too, because I couldn't find it in there.
I need to clay more.
It makes me happy to create.

Speaking of creating,
this is a whole entire shoe box full of sculpting tools.
Remember the tenant who's dad was a sculptor?
That tenant was clearing out his mom's house in Chicago,
found his dad's tools and brought them back to me.
(Along with one of his dad's books on the elements of design,
which is pretty awesome to peruse.)
I had only a couple of real tools that I had bought.
Otherwise, I had fashioned my own tools,
like a bent paperclip to scoop out the clay.
Now I have a whole box ful of real tools.
I'm a happy girl.

Another thing that makes me happy is perfume.
I have a thing for expensive perfume, but I don't have the budget for it.
So every time I go through a department store,
I take a detour through the fragrance department and dawdle.
I like to discover new scents and reminisce over old scents.

Amarige is my perfume of choice.
I discovered it when we were first married when I was doing this very thing,
going through a department store fragrance department with a friend,
right after I'd had my eyebrows waxed for the first time.

I had sprayed a bit of perfume on a paper and stuffed it in my purse.
For days afterwards every time I opened my purse I got a whiff of that scent
an decided I wanted to smell like that.
Now every Christmas or birthday this is my one request:
"A bottle of Amarige, please."

My daughters used to enjoy spritzing themselves with fragrances too
(or was it that they were in strollers and had no choice?)
but now they are either embarrassed or impatient
so I only manage to spritz one, maybe two scents before they drag me out of there.

When my husband and I went to the mall on Friday night to 
get a book he had ordered,
I headed to the fragrance section for my usual routine. 
He let me put a different scent on

I smelled so good while we sat and had our Caribou.

Saturday morning my husband and I went for a run/walk.
We haven't done that since, 
since we were dating.
Back when I was trying to impress him and make him think 
I was more athletic than I was.
Not long after we were married I stopped running.

O girls, don't ever pretend to be something you are not.
Even if it's something you want to be.

I don't like to exercise.
But my 40 year old body says I need to get over myself and 
just do it.

In any case, 
I downloaded an app that promises to get me from 
couch shape to 5K shape.
So, earlyish on Saturday morning my husband and I put our running shoes on
and our iPod earbuds in.
(I was wearing my piggytails, totally rocking them. Even he had to agree.)
We walked/ran/walked/ran/walked on command.
I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't keel over dead.

At the end, while we were "cooling down"
my husband put one of his earbuds in my ear and we listened to
"Everlasting God" together.
It was appropriate considering what we've been through and 
what we're waiting on God for right now.
We even held hands while we were listening to the song together.
A friend told me that we sounded like teenagers sharing our earbuds.
Tested love is like young love, only better.

I spent Saturday reading...
...and Sunday, reading...

...and I finished the book club book by Monday's meeting.
The general consensus on the book was "meh."  
I always enjoy getting together with my book club girls.

I went to Sam's Club with my husband to buy Gatorade 
for the FCA Youth Sports Camp he's running this week.
Gotta keep those 200 kids hydrated.
While there, I was happy to find this:
A fair trade coffee! 
I'm glad to see they carry it.

It's a crazy busy week at the Bickle home with 
the FCA kids camp going on
and last minute details of next week's 
FCA golf tournament and fundraiser
being hammered out.
Since graphic design is my thing, 
I worked on some sponsor signs and table tents this week.
We'll all be breathing a little bit easier next week.

I found a bunch of sunglasses this week that I'd forgot I had.
Sunglasses make me happy.
I have to wear sunglasses so that I don't get a headache from squinting.
My mom once instructed me on how to squint properly.
fyi: this is the wrong way to squint.
Thinking about the right way to squint and sunglasses inspired me to write about
the importance of being thankful. That's just how my mind works.

I decided to move my photoaday pics and my joydare thoughts 
to their own pages on this blog because I don't want them to get lost in these weekly recaps. 

My photoaday project has become something for the whole family.
Some days my kids will ask me "what's the word for today?"
Or when I take a photo with my iPod they'll ask if
it's for the photoadaything.

This week for "big" I decided to photograph how big my kids are.
We have this awesome measuring stick (more like a board) 
I picked up at the Pottery Barn outlet that we lived 
way too close to 
when we lived in Ohio.
I think I could have made it myself, but that's what outlets are for.

When I got the measuring stick out,

I realized that I hadn't measured the kids since last December
Thank you Chantelle @ Fat Mum Slim for helping me remember to measure them.
They've gotten so big!

My baby is a third grader!
My middle, my sixth grader.
My eighth grader wouldn't pose for a photo,
but he let me measure him.
He is just 1-1/4 inch shorter than me now!
Next year he'll be driving.
(I guess I'd better update that photo in the upper right corner of this blog.)

These are the letters that my father-in-law wrote to my mother-in-law
while he was away during WWII. 
They've been sitting in storage.
I got them out to photograph "letters" for the photoaday thing.
I haven't wanted to read them for various reasons.
But I think now I'm ready to read them after pulling them out and realizing that
they are part of the history of our family.
A piece of our puzzle.
I might even blog about it.
Once again, thanks Chantelle.

I found out that this particular photo collage
won me a print in a contest that the Hello Mornings crew were having on pinterest.
I was going for the coffee prize
I think you can see that by my photos there.
But I'll take the print.

My Love Like Him Study / Hello Mornings Challenge is over.
I blogged about this study/challenge and
how apprehensive I was about joining a group of women who
I didn't know to do a challenge that I knew I wouldn't be perfect at.
Well, I'm so glad I did it.

Actually, I didn't really know much about the challenge part of it,

I was looking for an online bible study because
I don't have a women's study that I can be a part of with my work / life schedule.
The Love Like Him study of what it means to love like Jesus
sounded like a good thing to think about.
It was.
The planning and exercise parts of the challenge were a bonus.

The biggest bonus, though, has been getting to know
my accountability group ladies (as much as I can online without 
actually meeting them).
They have been such an encouragement.
I'm sure that if we ever were to meet in person we would be fast friends.

I do not like social media for a lot of reasons, but

it sure is nice sometimes, too, isn't it? 
When it connects you with nice people.

That's it for now.
'Til next week.

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Clara Turbay said...

It´s a surprise return to your blog and find cool stuff.

Anne said...

Thanks for the return visit Clara! I'm glad you found some cool stuff.

Lissa said...

You and your husband walking and sharing earbuds...awww!! Things like that are so important! May God bless your marriage and your family!

Jan Winnes said...

I enjoy reading your week review through photos--and I mean some really good photos. Thanks! Can't wait until next Friday's review!

Farmgirl Paints said...

i think the clay pieces turned out great. i completely understand where you are coming from though. i took a pottery class years ago and i found it so frustrating to not know how they would turn out. it's a weird medium to work with. love your pics. instagram is so fun!

Anne said...

In a wierd way I am enjoying this wierd medium. So different than any medium I've used before. I'm getting back in touch with my creative & it's fun to do something entirely different. Thanks for the kudos on the pics.

Priyanka Rattan said...

Hi Anne,

This is the first time i read your blog ,and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I have just started exercising and am pretty amazed i still make it through the day , if anything my energy levels are better!!The picture of old letters from your father in law to your mom in law were so beautiful .Love them .

Anne said...

Oh man. I did it again. Spelled weird according to the German rules of pronunciation... I wasn't even fluent, but it stuck in my head, "if it sounds like a long 'e' then it's 'ie'". Oh well.

Anne said...

Hi Priyanka, I'm glad you found your way here and enjoyed it. I noticed that my energy levels are better when I exercise too. Maybe there's something to that exercise deal.


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