RSpontaneous Street Mural Scavenger Hunt

When we moved to Rochester in 2007, we noticed that one of the intersections by our kids' school was painted with a colorful mural. We learned that there were several street murals throughout Rochester. Every once in a while we'd see one but we didn't really know much about them.

The nice thing about smart phones is you can find all sorts of useful information. I asked someone about "the mural with hands" that I'd seen in one of her photos. She didn't know where it was so my husband did what any smart man with a smart phone would do, he googled it.

Well, now that we figured out where it was, we had to go see it for ourselves. So we declared a Spontaneous Street Mural Scavenger Hunt! and we headed off to find it and the other murals.

While on our way, JD read us some interesting information from the RNeighbors website that he found the murals on:
  • RColorful Corners was inspired by successful projects in Portland, Oregon and St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • In Portland, 87% of the residents in neighborhoods with similar street art said that they felt safer and that it contributed to less crime.
When we found the mural with hands I said, "Okay, now, everybody out and pose for a photo on the mural." Kaitlin's friend was out of the car faster than I could say "c'mon you guys, get out of the car, we have to have photographic evidence that we found the murals." She is obviously not tired of my spontaneous photo ops.

Photographic evidence.
What good sports. I didn't make them all get out of the car for the rest of the pictures.

Just south of the intersection at 48th Street NW and 20-1/2 Avenue NW.

"Funky Flower"
At the intersection of 7th Street and 7th Avenue SW.

"Kaleidoscope Flower"
At the intersection of 5th Avenue and 7th Street SE

Bonus art by the Kaleidoscope Flower:
Tulips made out of tractor seats.

On 2nd Avenue between 9th and 10th Streets NW
They heart the goose.

"Tree of Knowledge"
Near the intersection of 17th Street and 2nd Avenue NE
Kaitlin & Lexi at the Tree of Knowledge.

We got a kick out of the last mural's name. Like, wasn't the Tree of Knowledge a forbidden thing?

I'm not sure if we got all the murals, because the website doesn't really definatively list them all. It just lists a schedule of which ones were to be repainted in 2012.

Next I'm going to declare a Spontaneous Painted Goose Hunt! and make my kids pose for pictures with each of the painted geese in Rochester.

And after that, we'll have a Spontaneous Painted Electrical Boxes Scaventer Hunt!

And a Spontaneous Painted Bench Hunt!

So many possibilities.


still being [molly] said...

now i want to have a spontaneous painted _____ hunt!! so much fun!

Anne said...

Yes! If you do, I want to see pictures! :)

Amy said...

So many possibilities. . . and so much fun! Love it. Hmm. Wonder what we could hunt in KC. Fountains, perhaps. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anne said...

I love all the fountains in kc. And there are a lot of great statutes too. And painted bunnies on the plaza. So many possibilities ... I want to see photos!

Jan Winnes said...

Thanks, Anne. I wasn't aware--until now--that Rochester had painted streets. I've only noticed some streets have painted yellow curbs.


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