<< my week in review: 8/24-30

What would I do without my nurse, Sarah?
I stayed home sick on Friday.
She pretty much ordered me to bed, gave me a neck massager and covered me with a quilt.

Then, with the shades drawn, she read me a princess story until I "fell asleep."
Once I was "asleep," she tip-toed out of the room, ever so gently shutting the door behind her.
I know this because I was watching through my half-closed eyes.

After my nap, she brought me lunch in bed.
PB&J, an apple & orange juice in a cupcake party cup.
Everyone should have such a loving, attentive nurse.

The church we go to has many young families. 
Our kids are able to serve the parents by playing with the kids while the adults do their thing, like worship rehearsal. It's an important ministry my kids have.

When we moved into our house, I designated an area in our basement my "craft area."
And then I forgot about it.
This week I decided to try to reclaim that space.

We took our dog and his tongue for a walk around Silver Lake. Or, he took us.

I took the kids back-to-school-clothes-shopping.
I deserved some cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker crust from Coldstone after that.
Those shorts in the photo behind the Coldstone?
They are pretty much all John needs for back to school, I guess.
Really, really long athletic shorts and a baseball hat.

It's time for 6th grade middle school orientation!!!

We spent a while practicing how to open a combination lock.

Happy Birthday Mom!
Look at her, pulling her skin taut so that she doesn't have wrinkles in the photo.
She cracks me up.
She looks young but, better, she is young at heart, full of adventure,
with a heart after God and a heart for her family.
I love her.

I try to garden. I really do.

It's football season.
That means between 8th grade football (John plays, JD coaches), 9th grade football (JD coaches) 
& varsity games (JD coaches), I don't see much of my boys unless I am at a football field.
Wednesday night the 9th graders won their first game. 
Way to go, coach!

She made the piano bench into her desk and the living room her office.
"Are you going to work today, too?" I asked.
"Yes," she said.
"What are you going to be working on today?"
"Oh, Webkinz and emailing you."
I love getting emails and texts from my kids.

Kitty lunch?

8th grade orientation.
Big man on campus, now.

Thursday night lights. 
First varsity game against our cross town rival.
The only pretty thing about this game was the moon in the sky. 

And these three pretty girlies.
Of course.

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What I Love | No. 3: Flying

I love flying.

If I'm flying, that means I'm travelling. 

And I love travelling.

I love walking down the jet-way from the terminal and stepping over the threshold into the plane, 
greeting the flight attendant(s), then finding my seat.

I love the mystery of who might be seated near me and solving the puzzle of how to make carry-ons fit.

I love looking at the faces of the people on the flight who have already settled into their seats and thinking 
"for the next [however many] hours, we are in this thing together."
All of our stories, all of our various paths, for this one moment, connected.

Once, when we were walking through first class to our seats in the back, saw Grant Imahara 
and Tory Belleci from MythBusters
They looked awful, like they'd been up all night doing a boring experiment 
that will somehow seem exciting once it gets edited. 
For a couple hours our stories intersected with Grant and Tory's on the flight from MSP to SFO.
I loved that.

I love flying with my kids, seeing their excitement at the prospect of the adventure ahead.

I love Brian Regan's take on flying.
He has such a great sense of humor.
So right on. So funny.
My husband and I love to quote Brian Regan when we are at airports and on planes.

My favorite part of the flight is take off.
When the plane starts to speed down the runway, I like to rest my head against the seat and close my eyes.
As the wheels leave the earth and my stomach jumps a little 
I breathe in deeply, drinking the wonder of air travel.

I love seeing the clouds from the top.
I love the beauty of the clear sky above the clouds below.

Several things on my bucket list have to do with flying.

- I want to fly in a hot air balloon.
- I want to go hang gliding.
- I want to jump from an airplane.

I doubt I'll get a chance to do all those,
but I want to do them because I want to know what it's like to fly.

I got a chance to fly indoors a couple years ago.
I loved it.

Our instructor told me I was a natural.
I was made to fly!

No, really.
I think we were made to fly. 

Not our bodies, but our souls.

Soul flying.

"Those who wait on the Lord
will find new strength.
They will fly high
on wings like eagles."
Isaiah 40:31

It takes courage to soul fly.


It takes courage to be yourself.
I think that the only way we can fly is when we are true to ourselves.

One of the things that struck me when I was in my chrysalis, growing my wings,
was that God made me to love to create.

So I signed up for a class to learn to create custom tiles with clay.
Because my mind was on flying, I made tiles of things with wings.

I was creating. Not making anything spectacular except that it was making my soul fly, and that in itself was pretty spectacular.

I used to create, but for many years I had neglected that passion in me. 
I'd forgotten that connecting with the passions put in me was one way my soul was made to fly.

Because connecting with my God-given passions is connecting with the One who created me,
and it is He, really, who makes me fly.

I used to think someone else could make me fly. Should make me fly. 
I was frustrated and angry.

Then I tried to fly by myself, in my own strength. 
I was exhausted and unfulfilled.

Only God makes my soul fly.
It's quite a relief to understand that finally.

I reconnected with God.
Talked to Him, asked for and gave forgiveness, made some changes, changed my focus.
I waited on Him and found new strength.

And now, even in the midst of a bunch of questions and certain trials,
I can fly.

To quote Brian Regan:
"If you need me, I'll be up in the clouds."

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The Day I Found Out I am a Third Culture Kid (& Other Thoughts Related to Belonging)

I sat in the car and watched the people walk in and out of the gas station while my husband filled the tank. I love to people-watch. I love to imagine what their stories are. I love to give them the dignity of a story.

But this day I didn't see their stories as they hurried by bracing themselves against the frigid winter air. I was preoccupied with my own story. It had just occurred to me that I was a Third-Culture Kid. Seventeen years after I had lived overseas, I finally admitted to myself that I felt like I didn't belong here or there or anywhere.

The catalyst for my identity crisis was a trip that I had just taken with my mom. For my 35th birthday she offered to take me to Germany to visit my sister, who was teaching at my alma mater, Black Forest Academy


<< my week in review: 8/17-23

It's InstaFriday!

Last week's episode of InstaFriday ended with me teaching a tile making art camp.

Now, on to this week's episode:

On Friday the kids glazed the tiles they made.

While at Crossings I saw this in my mailbox. I got my first check for my first sale! 
I sold a soapdish and a little lady sculpture type thing. 
She was cuter than I just made her sound.

I was behind this car at the light on the way home and I thought, 
"wow, that's a pink car. I'd better take a picture of it." 
Because you just don't see a bright pink car every day. 
It's one of those colors that probably seems fun at the time you order it, 
but 3 years later you wonder what you were thinking.
Slug bug bubble-gum-pink.

Sarah really wanted to go to the park Friday night. 
I didn't feel like going to the park because I'd gotten home from work and all I wanted to do was rest. 
But then I thought about all the times that I took the older two
to the park back when I was able to be at home full time and I couldn't wait to get out of the house. 
So I took her to the park.
As soon as I got off my butt and we walked to the park hand in hand I was so glad I did.
Such a sweet time with my little one. 
So easy to make her happy.

We pretended she was at olympic gymnastics training.
I wouldn't have been able to see that if I hadn't gone to the park.

top left: her uneven bar routine
top right: her monkey bar routine (a new gymnastics event)
bottom left: her balance beam routine
bottom right: she nailed the landing! A perfect 10!

She was so determined to do the money bars.

I thought I'd try it too.
That's a fail.

I wouldn't have seen this, either, if I hadn't gone to the park.
It's like I was loving on my daughter and my Father was loving on me.

Saturday evening Sarah and I painted some cards. 
She plans to sell them to earn money for a purchase she wants to make. 
Let's just say I've been trying to hide advertisements for a certain overpriced doll and accessories, 
but she got to the mailbox before me. 
Now she has a list of things she wants and will have to sell 
many, many, many cards to get what she wants.

On Sunday we worked nursery. 
We usually work preschool when it's our turn to serve, 
so it was a treat to be in there with the babies and toddlers. 
This little cutie reminded me of my kiddos when they were that size.

John, 1998

Kaitlin, 2000

Sarah, 2004

I think it's the cheeks. So kissable. 

While we were working the nursery, 
Kaitlin brought me this toy and asked how these kind of phones worked. 
Like, how do you dial the numbers? 
So I had to explain how rotary phones worked. 
It brought back memories of dialing an 8 or 9 or 0 when you were in a hurry 
and having to wait for the circles to spin back into place so you could dial the next number. 

We've come a long way to speed dial, baby.

Monday and Tuesday at tile camp we assembled the tiles on the mirrors and grouted.
Grouting is the part that no one likes. 
Making the tiles and painting them with glaze is fun. 
Grouting is tedious and messy. 
Last year we didn't grout because we didn't have enough time to grout. 
This year though we made the time to grout to have a more finished product.

This girl was such a treat to have in class. 
She had a hard time getting the grout out of some of the grooves in her tiles, 
so she told me she decided that it would be a happy accident.

Throughout the week I talked to them about 
Happy Accidents. 
Those are things that you didn't meant to happen when you do art, 
like glaze dripping where you didn't mean to put it or 
the glaze not ending up the color you wanted after it's fired. 
But, instead of being upset, 
you see the accident for it's unique beauty. 
They are what make original artwork unique. 
They are happy accidents.

That's how I helped them to calm down about their mistakes, anyways.
Because, like Hannah Montana says, 
"everyone makes mistakes."
Might as well not get all worked up about them.

This guy was a real treat, too! 
He kept blowing up his gloves and saying 
"talk to the fat hand, talk to the fat hand." 
Once, he was in the bathroom for, like, ever. 
After giving him enough time to do his job, or whatever, and he still wasn't out, 
I called in and asked him if he was okay. 
"Yes," he said. 
I waited a little bit and called, "do you need any help?" 
"Yes, I need help tying this," he said as he showed me his glove, filled with water. 
He'd been trying to tie together to make a water-glove-balloon. 
"Bud, you need to go work on your mirror if you want to get finished by the end of class." 
I smiled to myself as I made a mental note to tell Marie that she might want to make 
the minimum age for the class a little older.

The finished products, laying out to dry.
This week I started the new Hello Mornings bible study on 1 Peter.
God transformed Peter, just as he transforms each of us.
Thank goodness for that.
And this.
Thank goodness for this:
She was so happy to show this to me.
She made it during her God Time.
Lord, make your face shine on us and be gracious to us.
Happy 43rd Anniversary to my parents!
I love you both.
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