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My week in review.
A weekly post that I share my week of
camera phone photos.

For posterity's sake.

Before we left on our trip, Sarah offered her book for me to read on the plane.
I said no.
Then she told me what a good book it was and how I would really like it.
So I said yes.

24 hour coffee.
That's good enough for me.

We watched opening ceremonies on Friday night.
My favorite part was Mr. Bean.

We visited this really cool church while we were there.

And had more coffee.

We don't get TV reception at home, so it was nice to just chill and
watch the Olympics during our down time.

We asked for a King, but they were sold out & we got 2 doubles instead.
We are not the Cleavers.
I just want to be clear on that... in case you noticed the 2 beds.
But if you didn't,
I feel a little awkward for pointing out that there are 2 beds in that picture.

This little treasure chest gave us some laughs.
It contains an empty beer can and several Twizzlers.
JD found the treasure chest and it's bounty by the elevator and
let me in on it's secret.
I wondered how many days, weeks, months it had been there.
There had to be a story behind this treasure
and it fascinated me.
After that, every time we passed it,
I checked to see if anything had been added or subtracted.
I wanted to add something to the treasure box before we left,
to be a part of the story, but
I forgot to do it.

When we saw this Penn Station, my mouth started salivating.
Penn Station is where I fell in love with Italian sub sandwiches.
When we moved away from the land of Penn Stations,
I sought to recreate their Italian sub.
I have come close.
But not quite.
Lo and behold, when we went in to order,
Italian sub sandwiches were the special deal of the month.

It's like Someone loves me or something.

We found a park & looked for something "calm."
(see #photoaday July 30)

Queen Anne's Lace, little white clusters of grace.

That little drawing was what I drew Sarah every day in preschool.
I wrote the other kids notes
and put them in their school lunches and notebooks.
But since Sarah couldn't read yet,
I drew her that picture and put it in her backpack
so that she'd also get a love "note" from me.
One night this week Sarah called me and was sad because she missed me.
I thought I'd send her this picture and let her know
I missed her and loved her.

This is what I saw through the peep hole.
I don't know, should I let him in?

We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary
while away on our big adventure.

Actually, the last 18 years have been a big adventure.

Adventure. It's our M.O.

For our anniversary lunch: Waffle House.
JD wants me to be sure to mention that it was
my request to eat there.
(I wanted a pecan waffle so bad.)
Waffle House is always such an interesting experience.

Look at the waffley goodness oozing out of those irons.

Although we were taken to some really nice restaurants and ate really well,
I didn't take any pictures of the cool restaurant overlooking the river at sunset,
or the really nice part of town with all the schwanky restaurants and stores,
or the fun ice-cream shop with all the yummy and weird flavors.
(I had goat cheese and cherry ice cream. I figured, why not? It was good.)

I got my camera phone out to take photos of
Waffle House and Penn Station.

And the horseshoe.

Before we left we had to pay homage.

Then it was...
...back to Minnesota...

...and back to work.

This is the kind of day I had my first day back at work.

And my second day.

Kaitlin and Reggie.
Best buds.
And he's looking pretty good in that uniform.
It was All Star Week, so the kids made sure Reggie was properly dressed.

I harvested my first cherry tomatoes.
Which, considering I kill everything I put in dirt,
is a great accomplishment.

Sarah is an artist.

I've been reading and thinking about the importance of prayer this week.
Over and over again we are encouraged to pray continually, be faithful in prayer.
Be patient in affliction.
I think that when we pray, we are putting our troubles where they belong
at God's feet.
And when we pray, God's spirit ministers to and speaks to our spirit.
When we pray, when we focus on God,
We can find our joy in Him.
And we see our problems for what they are,
momentary in light of eternity.

life rearranged


ems said...

Stopped by via instafriday. Couldn't resist the waffle house sign. We don't have one where I live but we go every time we are in a town that does have one. Greasy truck-stop goodness. It's so yummy!!!

Marina said...

It looks like a really nice trip :)

Anne said...

Thanks. We did. :)

Jenny said...

Love the blog! Thanks so much for stopping by and showing some love. I'm a new follower :) XOXO


Jeannie said...

I've been reading several of your posts. You ooze sprituality. You have a sweet outlook in spite of your struggles. I feel a stong urge to say, "God bless you."

Anne said...

Thanks, Jeannie. I am so honored by your compliment. Thanks so much for the blessing. I'll take it! :)

Anne said...

Thanks Jenny!

krystina said...

all gorgeous photos. i love that table with the wine. and your cherry tomatoes are lovely! and the waffle house :) happy 18 years!


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