<< my week in review 8/10-16

This is the saddest dog you ever saw.
Reggie has ear problems.
Now he has self image problems.
On Thursday we took him to the vet. 
They put a tube in his ear and told us that it had to stay bandaged until Monday.
So we had to put this cone on him.
Poor depressed dog.

On Saturday our kids were invited to a pool party.
Sarah overcame her fears and jumped off the diving board.

I love this shot of Kaitlin off the slide.

One of the dads (the one in the water, holding the edge of the pool) dove competitively. 
He got pretty excited by John's attempt at a 1-1/2 somersault dive.
"Did you see the height he got?!" he said later, "If he held his shins instead of his hamstrings, he could get even more rotations!"
If football and baseball don't work out, there's always diving.

John invited his friend, Will, over and they made a video of football trick shots.
Like a proud mommy, I'm posting his video for all my friends to see.

 Like it & make John's day.

He has such a sense of humor, doesn't he?

If football and baseball and diving don't work out, there's always film.

This week I wrote a post about aging gracefully inspired by my tenants.
One of my tenants, a 92 year old guy, brought these lilies to my office for me to see.
He called them surprise lilies because they were blooming for the second time.
He had ridden his scooter by his old house down the street and saw that the lilies were in bloom.
So he picked them.
And brought them to me.
So sweet.
Then he told me that his doctor told him he should move to assisted living.
So sad.

John saw a back to school deal on some shorts so he and I headed to Shopko North and found him a great deal on some nice shorts.
Proud bargain shopping mothering moment.
While we were there, we spent a little time sitting in the recliners and discussing how cool it would be to have a couch on top of a couch like that display.

Would you call that a bunk couch?

I'm teaching a tile making camp this week.
It's one of many camps for kids offered at Crossings, an art utopia near where I work.
Last year I took a tile making class at Crossings.
It was my first attempt at getting back to creative.
I made this mirror in that class:

I enjoyed making tiles and continued to work with clay.
Then, last summer, the owner asked if I would teach a bunch of kids how to make a mirror with custom tiles.
I just about died from anxiety.
I had just learned how to do this and now I was going to teach it.
I am not a teacher.

I am a mom, 

and I do crafts with my kids, 

so I just wung it. (wang it?) (winged it?)

I wung-wang-winged it.

I survived! 

I decided to do it again this year.

There are eight kids, with an age range of 2nd to 9th grade.
That is quite a disparity of attention spans... !

Monday and Tuesday classes we spent making their tiles.
Now they have to dry completely before being fired in the kiln on Thursday.
Friday we'll glaze them.
Next week we'll assemble them on mirrors.

On Wednesday Sarah came to work with me.

While I wasn't looking, she locked the file cabinet.
I got out the box of Mystery Keys and gave her the job of finding the key for the cabinet.

We finally found it.
Since we had the mystery keys out, I gave her the job of solving the mysteries.
She had to try each of the keys in all the mailboxes to figure out which apartment they went to.

It was fun for about the first three keys.

This week I had to put together some gift baskets for some teachers.
So this is my idea of gift basket contents for the teachers:

I hope they like them.

This week I've been trusting the Lord.
Well, I always do, but this week especially.
We depend on Him.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways submit to Him
and He will direct your paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

Yes, Lord.

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Jessica said...

Excellent job wung/wang/winging it! ;)

Chance said...

Awe poor, sad doggie...sweet lilies...and fabulous teacher gift!

JoKnows said...

Poor doggie. I once had a lab who also had to wear a head cone and we lived downtown in a city. Lots of people saw her and I'm sure she was humiliated. ;) I enjoyed your family photos. Looks like fun times! It's always nice when someone brings you flowers. Poor sweet soul. Aging is a challenge for sure.

Michelle said...

Aww, poor Reggie. My minpin had to wear a cone once and it was kind of funny. Love all the tiles the kids made, really cool.

Sara H said...

He wears the cone of shame. :/ Loved your son's video...or rather "liked" it at YouTube. It was fun. :)

Anne said...

Thanks! It's a lot of fun.

Anne said...

I never imagined myself in this job, but I love spending time with these old people. Especially that guy. I'll be sad when he leaves us. // I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for stoppping by.

Anne said...

I know. It is kinda funny. I want to laugh when he gets stuck. But he's so sad about it, I feel guilty for laughing. I still laugh, though. The tiles look even better now that the kids have glazed them... stay tuned for next weeks photos of the final project, mosaic tile mirrors. Yay. // Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and comment. I enjoyed your blog, too.

Anne said...

Yay!!! Thanks so much for "liking" his video. He's so funny, he says he doesn't care, but he knows exactly how many times it's been watched and liked. I want to encourage this new found creative outlet. I appreciate your comments, here and on IG. You the best!

Anne said...

Thanks Chance!

Jan Winnes said...

Another fun week! And I mean fun for me to read, I'm sure it was fun for you to experience. Go John the Diver! Go Kaitlin the Slider! Go Sarah the Finder!

Anne said...

Thanks Mom! I appreciate your support. Go Mom the Encourager!

Yvonne said...

I finally took the time to look up your blog address from Instagram! This looks like a fun way to recap our Instagram week, just might have to give it a try.

Anne said...

That's what I thought when I saw it. So many of the photos have a story that I want to remember but don't want to thumb it on IG. It's an easy way I can look back and see what the weeks/months/years held. Thanks for looking me up! :)


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