<< my week in review: 8/24-30

What would I do without my nurse, Sarah?
I stayed home sick on Friday.
She pretty much ordered me to bed, gave me a neck massager and covered me with a quilt.

Then, with the shades drawn, she read me a princess story until I "fell asleep."
Once I was "asleep," she tip-toed out of the room, ever so gently shutting the door behind her.
I know this because I was watching through my half-closed eyes.

After my nap, she brought me lunch in bed.
PB&J, an apple & orange juice in a cupcake party cup.
Everyone should have such a loving, attentive nurse.

The church we go to has many young families. 
Our kids are able to serve the parents by playing with the kids while the adults do their thing, like worship rehearsal. It's an important ministry my kids have.

When we moved into our house, I designated an area in our basement my "craft area."
And then I forgot about it.
This week I decided to try to reclaim that space.

We took our dog and his tongue for a walk around Silver Lake. Or, he took us.

I took the kids back-to-school-clothes-shopping.
I deserved some cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker crust from Coldstone after that.
Those shorts in the photo behind the Coldstone?
They are pretty much all John needs for back to school, I guess.
Really, really long athletic shorts and a baseball hat.

It's time for 6th grade middle school orientation!!!

We spent a while practicing how to open a combination lock.

Happy Birthday Mom!
Look at her, pulling her skin taut so that she doesn't have wrinkles in the photo.
She cracks me up.
She looks young but, better, she is young at heart, full of adventure,
with a heart after God and a heart for her family.
I love her.

I try to garden. I really do.

It's football season.
That means between 8th grade football (John plays, JD coaches), 9th grade football (JD coaches) 
& varsity games (JD coaches), I don't see much of my boys unless I am at a football field.
Wednesday night the 9th graders won their first game. 
Way to go, coach!

She made the piano bench into her desk and the living room her office.
"Are you going to work today, too?" I asked.
"Yes," she said.
"What are you going to be working on today?"
"Oh, Webkinz and emailing you."
I love getting emails and texts from my kids.

Kitty lunch?

8th grade orientation.
Big man on campus, now.

Thursday night lights. 
First varsity game against our cross town rival.
The only pretty thing about this game was the moon in the sky. 

And these three pretty girlies.
Of course.

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Yvonne said...

Next week, I believe I will join you for my Instagram week in review. This looks like a great way to recap the week. Glad you are feeling better... :o)

Jessica said...

Wow, so much going on! I just love how your daughter nursed you to health :) Totally precious. Two in middle school-yikes! I've got all three of mine in elementary for the last year...sniff* Your mom is hilarious pulling her skin. I should try that! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Anne said...

I look forward to seeing your recap!


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