What I Love | No. 2: Barns

I love barns.

I love taking pictures of barns.

When we travel north at highway speeds, I love to point my iPod at the barns and hope to capture a bit of their beauty.

In the winter I love to get in the car and find snow covered barns to photograph.

The barns covered in snow, like cakes covered in white frosting, captivate me.

The tired old barns with their weathered boards and stone foundations are a beautiful contrast to the crisp new snow. Like a little bit of warmth in a sea of cold.

I love red barns.

I love having red barns as a backdrop when taking pictures of my kids.

I love friends with daughters who teach my daughters to ride and groom horses.

I love white Adirondack chairs in front of red barns.

I love taking pictures in and around the barns on my cousins' organic dairy farm.

I love that my daughter can't wait to milk the cows when we visit.

I love that my other daughter prefers to stay outside the barn when we visit, but still ventures into the barn to try her hand at milking.

I love the free range chickens running around the yard.

I love taking pictures of barns and farms.

And then 
I love going back home to the city.

All photos are my own.

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Jan Winnes said...

Great photos, Anne, worthy of a two year calendar!

Chance said...

I love barns too! We had our wedding reception in a red barn! My dream is to live in a farmhouse and have a sewing room in a barn...and have barn dances all the time!

Anne said...

O'm'gosh! That's awesome. Such a great wedding reception location. I'd love to see photos of how it was transformed. Barn dances would be so fun, I hope you get to do that some day. I dream of having an art studio in a red barn.

Anne said...

Thanks mom. Is that a Christmas gift hint?

Janet said...

My mom grew up on a farm, and on that farm was a barn built in the 1800's by slaves. The barn was made with no nails, only the wooden spikey things they used back then. For my mom's Christmas gift 4 years ago, I went out to the old farm and the new owners let me take oodles of pictures in and around the barn. I put them together in a collage frame. In the old farm house, you could look out the kitchen window and see the barn, so my mom hung her new collage in her kitchen so that she could still look at the barn from the kitchen table. It made us both cry happy tears! :o)

Anne said...

That's beautiful, Janet. I would love to see those photos!

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Love the pictures! Barns are so beautiful and make me wonder all about their story.

Amy said...

Wow, I thought I loved barns. . . then I saw this and you made me love barns all the more. You have a beautiful perspective.

Anne said...

I often wonder that too. It's fun to think about the history, the stories.

Anne said...

Thanks, Amy.

Janet said...

Here's the link to the photos of my grandparents' barn built in the 1800's by slaves.

Anne said...

Thanks! I love it!!


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