What I Love Wednesday | No.1

I found this new link up party called What I Love Wednesday and I decided to participate because

I love a good linky party.

This is only my second linky party I've crashed. I don't love any link up, just a good one. As defined by me. For my purposes on my blog. Because I blog for my enjoyment, primarily. The fact that others enjoy it too is a secondary benefit (hopefully). So, a good linky party has to start with a post that I would enjoy posting.

life rearranged

That's why I enjoy the InstaFridays linky party at Life.Rearranged. It's the first linky party I participated in, even though I'd seen other linky parties before it. InstaFriday is a post of the week's instagrams, though it need not be instagram photos exclusively. I thought it would be a great way to record and remember what I did each week. And what my kids did. I thought it would be an enjoyable recurring post to do.

And it is. In fact, it's a weekly post that other people look forward to as well, which caught me by surprise. Another thing that caught me by surprise was the cool people that I've met and cool blogs I've found through the linky party. Which, of course, is one of the main reasons other people participate in them. Me, I just thought it sounded fun and found some nice people.

Like, for instance, Molly at still being [Molly]. She is the sweetest thing. Commenting on my posts and encouraging me and even praying for me. Molly is a fashion blogger, and I am not super fashion conscious, so it's a connection I probably wouldn't have made otherwise. But I'm glad I did.

My lack of fashion sense has me steering clear of any linky party that has anything to do with what I wore. No one wants to see photos of my outfits since I have, like, three outfits in rotation. Plus, I don't care for posting pictures of myself. I do, however, like my daughters' fashion sense and am willing to post photos of them.

Once upon a time, Sarah was a princess in the grocery store.
Sarah wears mismatched things on purpose. This works out really well for me because I do not need to worry about matching her socks when I do laundry (a task I hate doing almost as much as I hate scrubbing the toilet bowl). When she told me that she liked to wear mismatched things, I may have given her a high five. "Way to be an individual!" I may have also secretly been happy about the whole not needing to spend a ton of money on matching outfits thing. Savers is good enough for her.

Kaitlin mixes patterns like a pro.
Kaitlin has always been confident. Even as a first grader, she rocked her patterns with confidence. Now that she is in sixth grade, she is confident about what she likes. And she is constantly borrowing my clothes. When I told her how annoying it is to not find my clothes in my dresser she said, "you should be complimented, Mom, that I actually want to wear your clothes." I guess. Either that, or I have the fashion sense of a sixth grader.

Another linky party that I have seen versions of is posting creations that you are working on. This one is one that I have contemplated participating in because I am trying to get back my creative.

What I've been working on lately has been mostly pottery. I took a tile making class last year and learned how to make custom ceramic tiles.

Lately I've been making soap dishes, candle holders and little girls.

But I'm pretty sure that I can't keep up with a project each week, so I haven't done that linky party yet. Plus, I think it's more for people who sell their stuff. Like free advertising or something. I'm not producing enough stuff to sell it. And now due to budget cuts, I had to forgo my membership to the clay studio. (Boo for budget cuts.) I guess I'll have to get reacquainted with my sketch pad and pencil to get back my creative.

When I saw the What I Love Wednesday linky party, I thought, "well, shoot, I love lots of stuff. I can come up with one thing a week that I love. That'd be enjoyable." And so, with that, I decided that the first thing to declare my love for should be good linky parties. Like this one.

A link up with lollipops.


Krystina Montemurro said...

what i love wednesdays from lollipops is here -->

Anne said...

Anne, I'm creeping on your blog. Are these two Linky parties still ongoing? I like instagram, but I have problems moving my photos from phone to computer. These linkys sound fun. I love your writing. :-)

Anne said...

Oh, and your pottery. Beautiful! Are you selling yet? Love the bird soap dish!


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