How I Accidentally Missed the Team Photo (But Was Glad I Did)

Saturday was picture day for the local youth soccer league. I have to be honest. I don't like picture day. It's not the pictures that I don't like, it's paying for them. And the pressure to get a package. I mean, what kind of mom am I if I don't order photos of my kid holding the soccer ball and smiling so sweetly?  

Then there's school photos. I wasn't too happy when the school started sending home photos in the spring that I didn't even order. I had ordered the photos in the fall, but in the spring they made my children sit for another photo. Then they printed an entire photo package and put it in my children's hands to give to me so that I could order them. Except I didn't order them. It's not that I didn't want to once I saw them, but they were not in our budget. Now I had to look at my child, who had carried these photos all the way home, probably even showed them to her friends on the bus, and tell her to bring them back to the school because we will not be ordering them.

I didn't mean to make Sarah miss the soccer team photos on Saturday. Really I didn't. There was just a little miscommunication on where the photos would be taken. I couldn't find a parking spot. I had to send a Facebook message. My clock is evidently slow. All these things conspired against us. As much as I do not like the racket that the photographers have going on, I felt terrible for missing my daughter's team photo shoot. Mostly because she was disappointed (something those photo racketeers count on, I think).

As soon as we got home, I made her go straight to the back yard so I could get a soccer pose photo. She was all, "mom! I don't want to! I'm hot and sweaty and tired." And I was like, "just one little picture. please. so that I don't feel so bad for not having a photo of you when you were a third grade soccer player because we missed the picture." And she was like, "okaaaay." 

Now that I have that really cute photo in my camera, I need the magnet on my fridge. Because really, that's what it's all about, the magnet. The kids like to see them lined up on the fridge. I do too.

I got online and went to You can get all sorts of photo goodies there. I've used them before for prints and have been happy with the results. Bonus feature: since I can pick it up in the store, there is no shipping and handling charges. The total bill for four 2x3 wallets and a 3x4 magnet came to $5.39. Five dollars and thirty-nine cents! If I hadn't missed the pictures, I would have paid $25 for the same thing. Well, that and a team photo. I didn't really want the team photo anyways.

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