<< my week in review: 8/31-9/6

Last Friday my kids were thinking something like this:
"School starts in 4 days and we don't have our school supplies yet! 

When I got home from work on Friday,
 my husband had already taken the kids shopping for their school supplies.
Bonus points for him.

Don't give me those sad eyes, Reggie, and tell me you want to "go in the garage" and "sit in your kennel."
Whatever. I am on to you!
I know you figured out how to open the food box and have been sneaking food.
Bad dog.

On our impromptu date night at Baker's Square we discovered pickle chips.
We like pickles. But we loooooved these pickle chips.
We even ordered some to take home and share with our pickle loving kids.
"What? They only gave us a half a box!?" we might have said when we gave it to them.

Saturday I was feeling kind of meh,
so I got out the paints and painted with my girl, Sarah.
Painting gets rid of the mehs.

Sarah's painting in progress.

Kaitlin & her friend dyed the tips of their hair in Kool-aid.

Her hair matches my red kitchen walls!
Quick, google how to get red Kool-Aid dye out...

Just an fyi:
rinsing with baking soda and tomato juice does not get the red out entirely.
Or at all.
A scissors worked better.

John asks, "well, why did she dye here hair red in the first place?"
I say, "They didn't know the red would turn so... red."
Kaitlin laughs and John shakes his head.
...and so we continue John's education of the female species.

It's Labor Day Weekend!
Time for our annual camping trip. our back yard!
I wish we could camp more. I really do.
But our summer schedule is crazy with travelling baseball and work and stuff.
A couple years ago I put up our tent in the backyard so we could go "camping."
We've done it each summer since.

We roasted hot dogs over the "campfire" in our fire pit.
Then later made the biggest gooiest yummiest s'mores I've ever had.
S'mores always taste better with friends.
That's the nice thing about backyard camping.
You can spontaneously invite friends to your campfire.
Some of us slept in the tent, while others of us slept in our beds.
That's another nice thing about backyard camping.
The next morning we had an epic game of Ladderball, boys vs. girls.
The girls came from 10 points down to beat the boys 21-19.
I'm just reporting it like it happened.

This year we decided to do a family fantasy football league.
John is the league commissioner.

My sister and mom came over for the draft.
Which, I'm pretty sure, was a much different experience for JD and John than any other draft they've been a part of.
"What? I drafted that guy? He's not that good? Well I'll just have to pray for him then."
Let's just say that someone's drafts are going to be prayed for a lot this season.

Later, when JD was showing me how to do my lineup, he confided to me
"after that draft, I don't know if I've ever felt so much pressure to do well. Because, if we don't do well..." His voice trailed off, but his eyes told the story of the humiliation that would be his if he didn't beat the teams that were picked according to name familiarity and favorite locations or mascots.

Sarah and I are sharing our fantasy team.
After a short stint as The American Girl Dolls we named our team Fozzie's Bears.
(I was voting for The Winner Winner Chicken Dinners but that got vetoed by the majority owner.)

The day after Labor Day was the First Day of School.
8th grade, 6th grade & 3rd grade.

I figured out that if I want some face time with my social middle school daughter,
I need to be familiar with FaceTime on my iPod.
She and I share our Apple account, so we haven't been able to FaceTime each other.
This week we figured it out.

I remember watching the Jetsons when I was a kid and thinking how cool it would be to see the person on the other end of the phone. Now it's reality for my kids.
[cue Jetsons theme song]

The Jetsons Theme Song

Dear Apple,

Please work on producing iRosie the iRobot asap. Then I might forgive you for coming up with the iPod.


When I went to say goodnight to John one night this week,
I found this at the top of the ladder to his loft bed.
It made my day.

It made my week.
My busy, busy week.

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