<< my week in review: 9/14-20

InstaFriday is the new black.
It goes with everything and it's always in style.

Sarah has been asking for a while now to have a Spa Day with me.
She made a list of things she wanted to do, including putting food on our faces and cucumbers on our eyes.
Friday night, while the rest of the family was watching the varsity football game,
Sarah and I mashed up some food and put it on our faces.
I have no idea what these foods did to our faces, but that wasn't the point.
I'm trying to smile for the picture, but my skin is too tight.
The only thing that moved is my right eyebrow.

Behind my coffee cup you can see Sarah's Saturday morning soccer game.
It was picture day.
We missed pictures.
I felt like the worst mom, missing pictures.
When we got home I took this:
This is all I want.
Besides, do we really need a team photo?
Does anybody care who was on their team in 3rd grade?
Oh, I guess my husband says people do.

Sarah has a little problem with putting her clothes away. 
She seems to think the floor is a nice place for them.
I made these labels for her dresser. 
I'm hoping they work.
We spent the weekend clearing her room of too small and/or unwanted clothes. 
We filled a huge black garbage bag.
No wonder the clothes weren't going in her dresser. They couldn't fit.

To donate, or to garage sale: that is the question.

I just noticed that so far this post has been the Sarah Show.
It's okay. She's the youngest.

This was my view on Sunday morning during my new job as "Media Person."
The media person pretty much wields the power. Well, and the Holy Spirit, of course.
 Holy Spirit. Media Person. I'm just sayin'.

Kaitlin snapped this picture of her and me and my sunglasses and posted it on her Instagram feed.

Having kids on social media is very interesting. 
It's a new parenting frontier.

We had a bunch of people over Sunday night.
So we cleaned. 
Because we don't clean unless we have people coming over.

Someone forgot to put the kettle away and left it sitting on the stove.
Everyone's phone cameras came out to get a picture of Kitty in the kettle on the stove.
Sly little kitty, you attention grabber you.
So nonchalantly sitting there.
In a pot.
On the stove.

It was a happy mail day for me this week.
Shutterfly and Donald Miller on the same day. 
Can't get much better than that.
I can't wait to go through Storyline 2.0 by Donald Miller.
It's a curriculum of sorts to help you find your subplot in God's story.
At 40, I figure it's time I figure out my subplot.

On Wednesday the kids didn't have school so Sarah came to work with me.
She helped me decorate the bulletin board and shred documents and she was ready to go home
after one and a half hours.
As a reward, I took her to McDonald's for lunch.
I'm a little jealous of Sarah's Kid's Meal treasure.
I want a monkey watch.

Sometimes at night before we go to bed JD and I like to have a cup of tea together.
As I was making our tea, I looked at the names of the blends and the thought occurred to me:
"this might be a frustrating combination for one of us."

I was reunited with a childhood memory this week.
I remember this painting hanging in our house when I was young.
It always reminded me of me and my grandpa.
Except I don't remember fishing with my grandpa.
Details, details.
If it were a picture of a girl and her grandpa in a carpentry workshop, that'd be perfect.
Because I remember spending a lot of time down there in his workshop
watching him measure and cut wood.
Still, when I see this painting it reminds me of grandpa.
And that little girl, I imagine, is little me.

life rearranged
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