<< my week in review: 9/21-27

It's like scrap-booking, only easier and cheaper.

I got more happy mail from Shutterfly.
Yes, I am only now getting a photobook done for 2004.
That's why I love InstaFriday.
It's a scrapbook-slash-journal every week.

When I drove up to get my food, the girl at the drive-thru window saw me and exclaimed:
Honestly, I have no idea why I'm her favorite customer,
but I felt conflicted about it.
I was really happy that I put such a big smile on her face,
but I was a little embarrassed that I am a regular enough customer to be recognized.

 Saturday = game day!
Sarah played great at goalie during the first half.
She even got a goal in the second half.
After the soccer game, we headed over to John's football game.
That's JD on the left, coaching up the defense.
Then we drove up to St. Paul to watch the Gophers night game against Syracuse.
Before the game Sarah told me "I can't wait until the game starts."
"Oh yeah?" I said. "You're excited about the game?"
"No. Once the game starts, then it will be closer to over."
I can't blame her, she sees a lot of football.
Still, she's a good fan, standing and making noise on 3rd downs.
At night when I was putting Sarah to bed she told me that we had a "kick butt" day.
"Really? What do you mean?" I asked.
"My team kicked butt. John's team kicked butt. And the Gophers kicked butt."
What could I say? 
I agreed, it really was a kick butt day.

Reading my book club book, "Out Stealing Horses" while waiting for soccer practice to end.

Watching "Cast Away" with John for school.
If you ever don't like your family room decor, just take a blurry picture.

Kaitlin really wanted to grow a watermelon this year.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
I choose to laugh.
Could it be that we unknowingly got a miniature watermelon variety?
Could this be what happens when you don't water your watermelon during a drought?
Next year I think we'll plant pumpkins.
If they turn out small, we'll just call them decorative.

Drove by this during my lunch break and thought it was cute.

I need to get these.
Cleaning the floors would be so much more fun if I had them.
And the floors would get cleaned more often if it was more fun.
See my logic?
I need to invent vacuum slippers. I really need those.

My morning view as I pull out of our driveway to go to work.
For a several weeks each year the canopy over our street is bright yellow.
Beautiful when the sun shines through the leaves.

I just love Autumn.
I just love looking down at the newly sealed black top and finding a bright red/orange leaf in my path.
Today it reminds me of this old song:
"He gives me beauty for ashes / The oil of joy for mourning /
A garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness /
That we might be trees of righteousness / The planting of the Lord /
That He might be glorified."

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