<< week in review: 9/7-13

Accessory serendipity.
My husband gave me the butterfly wing necklace a while ago,
in honor of my tattoo and all it means to me.
This week my sister gave me a bag of clothes she doesn't want anymore, including this shirt.
(Older sis loves younger sis' hand me downs. They make her feel youngish)

Ready or not, here it comes.
Football season!
Friday night varsity game.
If you look hard, you can see my husband's head behind some of the players on the sideline. 
That's all I got to see of him on Friday. For serious.
But I sure do enjoy seeing him on the sidelines. I can tell he loves it.
I don't see much of my older two at the varsity games anymore.
They are busy socializing with their friends.
That's okay. At least they don't have to experience the pain of watching a blow out.
Saturday 8th grade game.
There's John at quarterback. I love watching him play.
I am looking forward to when the O-line gains some weight, though. 
When we got home we all fell asleep on various couches and chairs.
Spontaneous nap time.
Sunday Vikings game & fantasy games.
We don't have cable TV at our house, so if we want to watch a game, we head over to Oma and Opa's.
Now that I have a fantasy football team, I suddenly have an interest in how other players on other teams besides the Vikings do.
Not enough to prevent me from falling asleep on the couch with the football game in the background.
I'm sensing a theme: Football season = nap season.
Skol Vikings!

Saturday evening we went to Taste of Rochester.
"Hey John and Kaitlin, stand over there and let me get a photo of you with the stage
and Rochester in the background."

This is the kind of photo my son gives me.
He thinks he's being funny, but the laugh will be on him
when his wedding reception slide show has a bunch of silly face photos. 
Thanks, Kaitlin. 

Hallo Aldi. Wie gehts? Ich liebe dich.
"Hey mom, what does that mean?"
"It's German. It means, 'Hello Aldi. How's it going? I love you.' "
The first time I shopped at an Aldi was when we lived in Germany.
So, not only do I save lots o money on groceries when I shop there, but I also get to pretend I am still in Deutschland.

the flu bug is going around our house.
Sarah stayed home on Monday.
Kaitlin stayed home on Tuesday.
That means I had to take sick days to stay at home with them.
The flu bug is going around our house!

Poor sick girl laying on the floor. :(

While I was at home with the sick kiddos,
I decided to do some stuff I don't get to do while I'm at work.
Like corral my recipe pile.

I found this in the pile:

Why do I write the ingredients with no instructions and no indication of what it is?
I'm going to guess it's Swedish Pancakes.
They might end up as Surprise Pancakes.

I have PADD. It's a diagnosis I just made up.
Project Attention Deficit Disorder.
I start one project and get side-tracked by another.

I rummaged around for extra index cards to write my go-to recipes on.
I couldn't find any, but I did find these postcards that I've had for about 15 years.
And those IKEA frames I've had for almost as long.

Then I used the rest for recipe cards.

I guess I got the wrong kind of cat food for Kitty. She's not eating it.
But she will eat the Saltine that John gave her.
life rearranged
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