What I Love | No. 4: Back to Schedule

First day of school, 2012

I love back to school schedule!
Back to seeing old friends and making new ones.
Back to spiral notebooks in bright colors with matching folders.
Back to yellow No. 2 pencils, sharpened just right.
Back to backpacks bursting with books, and overflowing with papers that I will not know what to do with.
Back to early bedtimes because "it's a school night."

Back to school is back to schedules!
Back to structure! 

I need someone to give me soccer schedules and volleyball and football schedules so I can schedule my time around my kids' schedules. I function better that way. The less time I have, the more planning I get done. Which is why I procrastinate. Obviously.

I love the idea of scheduling and planning. When I'm in an office store, I love looking through the calendars and planners. It gives me hope. I could be effective at planning if I buy a gorgeous planner that happens to be on sale for 25% off. If I buy the planner, then I would need to buy different colored pens for each person. When I get home, I would write out lists of things I need to schedule and organize. I would probably make up things to do just so I could use a certain color of pen. "This page needs more orange, I think Kaitlin should take up origami."

I might even use the gorgeous looking color-coded planner for a week or two before losing it to the Bermuda Triangle on my kitchen counter and resorting instead to post-it notes stuck to my refrigerator and steering wheel.

I have a pinboard for useful resources where I pin planning ideas. I haven't actually used the useful planning resources, but at least I know where to find them. Someday I will use those planning pins, I am sure.

I love Google calendar. I love my husband for making sure that Google calendar is updated and synced with my phone and insisting that I use it. He knows I need Google calendar for keeping track of our activities. Like who's taking who to what and when. I just need to remember to use it.

Back to school!
Back to schedules!
Back to "what? you need lunch money? Already?!"
Back to "there's nothing to wear?" "Then go do your laundry."
Back to "have you done your homework? You have? Good. Read ahead!"
Back to learning life lessons, academic and social.

Back to relief that my kids are not at home while I am at work wishing I was with them at home. That, most of all, is why I love that my kids are back to school. That and being scheduled.

First day of school, 2006
First day of school, 2007.
First day of school, 2009
First day of school, 2006
Kaitlin's excited to be in Kindergarten!
I love her spontaneous pose.
I think she struck that pose yesterday on her first day of middle school.
And I might have struck that pose too, after they were all in school!

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