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Making ordinary moments extraordinary.

My sister commented last week that she likes my week in review posts because it makes the ordinary extraordinary. I agree. Somehow when I look back on the pictures of the week, I find that the ordinary things that happened maybe weren't so ordinary after all.

So, this week I am going all jumbo photo with my extraordinary ordinary.

Something not so ordinary this last week?

My daughter had a birthday.

As per our family tradition, the birthday person gets breakfast in bed. 

(Except for daddy, he does not like breakfast in bed.) 

Aunt Betty made a wonderfully deliciously chocolaty birthday cake.

We sing both Happy Birthday & Lang zal ze leven, the Dutch birthday song, a reminder of the time my family lived in Amsterdam when I was 14. 

I only recently found out that there is a female and a male version of the song and all these years we've been singing the female version to everyone, regardless of gender. 

Kaitlin's birthday meal request: A Mystery Dinner!

Someone on Instagram asked me to explain the above photo, so here is how we do Mystery Dinners:
The dinner is served in four courses with four utensils, one utensil per course. 
Everyone has to choose in which order they want to eat their courses and with what utensil. 
The Menu is in code, though, and that's the mystery.
The courses we were given to choose from were: LOL, IDK, JK, and ROTFL. The utensils we chose from were: a spike, a serve, a volley and a tip. These were appropriate code names for our volleyball playing, texting birthday girl, but the code names could be anything, really, as long as it isn't what it actually is. 
And then the first course comes out and the fun begins:

Here's what I chose:
First course: IDK / a serve = salad with a knife.
Second course: LOL / a volley = cake with a fork.
Third course: JK / a tip = spaghetti with a spoon.
Fourth course: ROTFL / a spike = soup with a napkin.

After Kaitlin opened her presents, my mom brought out some birthday presents for me.

I didn't expect that. She'll be gone over my birthday, so she wanted to give me mine now.

I've never owned an electric griddle. I was so excited to get one. No more warped griddle that doesn't cook the pancakes evenly. 

My waffle maker went kaput. Now I have a new one. One that flips!

Thanks, Mom. You are awesomeness!

It's movie night! Time for popcorn.

Come to think of it, I think my mom gave me this popcorn popper, too.

What would I do without her?

I certainly wouldn't be making popcorn as often.

The nice thing about rain in the fall is that I get to wear my plaid rain boots. They make me happy.

But when it rains on game day, and I have to sit out in the cold and wet, that is not so much fun.

Especially when I forget my umbrella and have to make do with a tarp.

"And this is love, that a mom would sit in the cold rain to watch her daughter play soccer." 

Or something like that.

Fortunately it stopped raining by the time I got to the football game.

Still it was muddy. Some of the boys slid in a big mud puddle after the game. They'd probably been waiting all game to do that. 

I looked at John and, with the mother-son telepathy we have, said Don't you even think about it!

He didn't. Good boy.

There's John at quarterback. During the game (but not on this play) he scored on a long run for a touchdown, which is different than if he had scored on a keeper.

I found that out because I texted JD to update him on the game (he was away coaching the 9th grade team) and I said it was a keeper

A keeper, I guess, is usually short yardage.

So, even though he kept the ball and ran with it, it's not a keeper.

Another thing I have found out is that you always say the higher score first, even if it's the visiting team's and they're listed second as you are reading the scoreboard top to bottom or left to right.

These are very important things to know if you ever have to update your husband on plays and scores. 

Especially if he happens to be a football coach.

Just so you know.

I also frequently get football plays enthusiastically explained to me using salt and pepper shakers and anything else available. 

It's like having a foreign ritual explained to me with condiments, but in a foreign language.

I love it. It makes me smile on the inside every time.

Speaking of football...

I may not know what 'Cover 2' is, but I beat the football coach in our fantasy match-up.

I'm near the bottom of our league's standings, but this game is the one game I really wanted to win. 

Is it wrong that I downloaded the ESPN Fantasy Football app just so that I could get that screen shot and post it?

Got Milkshake Mustache? Sarah really, really wanted to make a milkshake.

Milk + a frozen banana = thumbs up!

Milk + loosely screwed mixer = messy counter.

If you come over to my house any day of the week this is probably what you will see.

I hate socks. I am considering just getting rid of individual sock drawers and instead having a community sock basket in the hallway. 

If anyone wants socks, they go to the sock basket and find two socks that may or may not match.

Kaitlin and I went out to a coffee shop and had a little Mother / Daughter time. I showed her my post on beauty and the letter to my daughters that I posted this week. 

We've been discussing beauty lately. She doesn't like to talk about it, so I wrote about it. So much of me in that post. It meant a lot to be able to talk to her about it.

We also talked about making good choices. Social media can be fun, but we need to be careful with it. Especially what we choose to let come across our feeds.

We talked about how what we hear or watch or read affects what we think and how we talk and how we behave. 

With social media these days, there's some bad stuff that can come across our feeds when we follow something or someone who isn't careful about what they do or say or post. 

That's why it's so important to make sure we look at and listen to and read good things. Phil. 4:8

"I want to read the bible more," she said, "but I don't like reading."

"You read texts," I offered. 

"Yeah. I wish God had a phone," she sighed. "Then he could text me."

"I wish he had a phone too!" 

We laughed about that.

Parenting in this age of social media is crazy. Ultimately you gotta hope your kids have good heads and make good decisions. And pray!

The varsity game was on Wednesday this week. It was ugly. We lost bad. 

But they looked great in their pink socks. 

It was striking, actually, to see them all in their pink socks on the sidelines. And the coaches all in pink hats. 

It makes me happy to think that a bunch of rough and tough image football guys will put on pink to honor the cause of breast cancer.

We lost my husband's sister to breast cancer earlier this year. 

The kids and JD have been wearing pink shoe laces during their games this October to remember her.

It seems like a small gesture, but since losing her, even little gestures mean a lot.

The Century 9th grade team only had 28 boys come out, but they went 7-1. This photo is them thanking their parents at the end of the game, their only loss. 

After every game they'd all get together like this and yell "THANK YOU PARENTS!" 

They're some good kids. And they have a great coach, I think.

I can't tell you how happy I am that the football season is almost over!

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