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It's instant fun.

Okay, so the big news this week is that my son's football team made it to the 8th grade championship game by winning last Saturday's playoff game. 

Sarah immediately went to work making signs for the Championship game on Friday night.

(Somehow I missed this one of Sarah and Kaitlin at the 9th grade game from last week, so I'm just throwing it in this week's review:)

My beautiful girls.

Speaking of beautiful, after I wrote my post on beauty and my letter to my daughters, I went to Hobby Lobby to look for birthday party supplies and found this:

I just had to have it. Hobby Lobby can be dangerous like that.

In the morning sometimes I have a quiet God Time, and other times I get to share my God Time with Sarah. Then it's not so quiet. But I love sharing it with her, helping her find verses and talking with her about them.

I love this girl! I love getting texts from her.

I loved this particular text so much that I posted it on Facebook. That night my son asks me, only half seriously, why I haven't posted a text from him onto Facebook. He knows that our text exchanges are mostly "are you here yet? / yes. out front." 

I told him that he needed to send me a text that is worthy of being posted on Facebook. 

Within seconds, I get the following text from John: "Mom, what's for dinner?"

Such a funny boy.

The other big thing that happened this week is my birthday, I turned 41.

It's not really a big thing, it's not even a milestone year, but it was a milestone birthday. (I wrote about why it's a milestone here.)

I decided to throw myself a birthday party at work. So that I wouldn't have to work [too hard] on my birthday. But mostly to make my residents smile. I love doing things to make them smile.

I spent most of my week getting ready to party with my seniors.

Sarah helped me make some games for my birthday party. 

Wednesday night I was busy baking cupcakes and putting together goodie bags for the party.

And in the middle of cupcakes and goodie bags, Sarah wanted to have a tea party. So we did. With orange juice and British accents. It was the best tea party I've ever been a part of.

Breakfast in bed.

I wore a tiara to work. The residents got a kick out of that. I got a kick out of their smiles.

I pulled out my real camera for the party...

We played a couple games and then there was some special music. They enjoyed that. And I enjoyed giving them a party.

JD and the kids had a very nice dinner for me when I came home from work. They even used serving dishes for the food! I felt pretty special. I'm serious. Because we usually just serve from the pots and pans unless there's company. Why dirty more dishes?

Good job, honey. I wish I'd gotten a photo of it.

I love my new orange purse. I guess I posted my color hunt for orange a little too soon.

I discovered this week that a camera phone is as good as a registry. 

A perennial problem that I have is to not know what I want when someone asks me for gift ideas. Yet, when I am in the store I am constantly thinking, O I would love to have [this]. But I do not get it because I really don't need it.

So while I was at Target one day this week, I took my camera phone out and snapped things that I'd like but wouldn't get for myself (except for the watch, I needed that). That orange purse was one of the things I snapped a photo of.

Finally, I've been in 1 Peter 3 this week. This struck me this morning:

Jesus is over everything and everyone. He's in control. 

It's good to remember that.

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