<< my week in review: 10/5-11


Saturday. Game day. It's chilly, better bundle up!
Proud mamma.

Sarah's soccer game. She scored the only goal for her team.

Kaitlin's all bundled up.

Multitasking mamma.


We host a small group from our church every Sunday night. This lady came over early Sunday night to help me clean before our small group came. It felt really awkward for me the first time she came over because, well, I am not good at cleaning and when she asked what she could do I was like, where do I even begin? But it has been such a blessing to me. And you know what? Our small group is new. I am just getting to know her. She doesn't even really know me yet and she is vacuuming my dog furry floors. Hello. I love her already.

It was time for my semi-annual hair cut, so like the last minute planner that I am, I called the salon on the way home from work and made an appointment for later that night. Look who was sitting in the chair next to me at the hair salon: my mom! When I was led to my chair, I caught a glimpse of my mom in her mirror, her roots slopped with something purplish, like a messy muddy purple crown on her head. Instinctively I grabbed her and said "MOM!" And as I had my hands on her side and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy, I thought to myself, "gee, I hope this really is my mom." Thankfully she said, "Well, Annie! What are you doing here?!" Then right away she added, "don't take a picture of me like this for your blog!" It was so fun, like a surprise spa date with my mom. I just had to get a photo to remember it. But like the compliant firstborn child that I am, I took it afterwards, when our hair was styled like we never ever style it.

I picked these up at the Dollar Store to wear to work on Halloween and then for the kids who come to my door Halloween night. I think my kids are dying of embarrassment right now because I actually posted this picture. [UPDATE: 10/13: My husband died of embarrassment too and thought it should be so noted.]

This is the 92 year old guy I've written about before who brings me baked goodies. I get so excited when he comes through the office door with his crooked little smile that tells me he has a goody for me. I asked if I could take a photo of him. He shooed me away with his hand. I said Oh, but I want to remember this. Because I know that someday I'll wish I had taken a photo of him. He's been falling a lot lately. He knows this too. I think that's why he agreed to pose then with the apple cinnamon muffin he brought me. 

This is how I clean the inside of my car.

John and I are waiting to talk to his teacher. The kids had conferences this week. 
They're all pretty much geniuses. As far as I am concerned.

Gangnam style!

life rearranged

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