O is for Orange

I have a friend who went on a color hunt for green.
I thought it sounded like fun, so I decided to do a hunt of my own.
Color Your World's color for October is orange, so I decided to hunt for orange.

I found some.
Orange is all around my house and in my camera roll.

O is for Orange. 
Orange is for October.

Orange is the candle. It glows even though unlit.

Orange are the clementines that fill our fruit bowl.

Orange is the curtain that frames my view outside.
It doesn't quite cover the dirty window itself, though, I see.

Orange is the seat that blazes bright in the afternoon sunlight.

Orange is the heart with the message that somebody loves me shoe much.

Orange are the mountain majesties that remind me of a favorite memory.

Orange is the sky, a beautiful backdrop for a baseball game. 

Orange is the book, a gift from a tenant cleaning out his sculptor-father's things. 

Orange is the sunscreen that protects my skin.

Orange is on the butterfly wing that reminds me of transformation.
["No butterflies were harmed in the making of the necklace," the tag said.]

Orange is the blanket thrown on my couch. It covers me as I read in the early morning.

Orange is the cap of the bottle that hydrates my little athletes.

Orange is the cord that brings power to far places.

Orange are the barrels that line the highway and keep the traffic cautious.

Orange is the tree that signals winter coming.

Orange is the kitty jack-o-lantern that glows on my counter now, and on my doorstep later.

Orange is the leaf in my path. 

O how it brightens my day to see orange.

O is for Orange.
Orange is for October.

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