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Friday, it was an all-Century 8th grade championship.

We lost, but John had a great game. He was in on a lot of tackles on defense and had some great runs on offense. I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom. His coach told me that... :)

Sarah and I made some noisemakers before the game.

Our parents were determined to make some noise. I told JD that there were two games going on that night, a football game and a noise game.

One of our parents passed out 5 gallon buckets with sticks. These bucket-drums may have been heard as far away as La Crosse, Wisconsin. The buckets, I found out later, had been purchased online from Craig's list. When our parent went to pick them up before the game, he found out that the guy selling them was one of the coaches from the other team. That's irony.

We may have lost the football game, but we sure did win the noise game

[side note]

Next year we're going to have to get some instructions on when it is appropriate to make the noise.

Noise Making Instructions for Future Reference:

When your team is on defense - make lots of noise! You don't want their offense to hear the count or the call. You want to cause confusion.

When your team is on offense - make no noise. You want your own offense to be able to hear the coach and the quarterback and to do their thing without noisy confusion.

This has been instilled in me over the past 18+ years of attending football games. I share these things because knowledge is power.

[end side note] 

My dad and my sister came to watch the game with us.

It was cold! Somewhere in the 40s F, almost freezing.

That's why JD brought our wool blanket to the game, to help warm the players on the sidelines. But the players lost track of the blanket, and after the game in the midst of all the photos with the trophies, it was forgotten.

When we got home and discovered that we didn't have it, I was very sad. That blanket was a wedding gift. It's been in our family as long as we have been a family. I don't think I realized until just then how much that blanket meant to me. Is it silly that a blanket, a plain old navy blue wool thing, should mean so much?

JD offered to go back to the stadium to look for it, so we did. It was a blanket emergency.

It's nowhere to be found. I went online to see if I could buy another one. Let me just say, I didn't realize until just then what a nice wedding gift that was.

But I was thinking about it, and I hope that whoever has it is being warmed by it. I don't want to own anything that I can't give away to someone in need. Perhaps whoever has it, needed it?

Besides, I have so much to be thankful for...

... like the first fire of the season in our fireplace, Alias on Netfix, and clean laundry all over my floor.

Getting hung up over an heirloom blanket is just silly talk.

Sarah decided to open a Tea Time restaurant, and she needed workers, so she interviewed me. For part of the interview, I had to make us some tea. She took notes while I was making it:

I passed the interview and got the job. (Phew!)

I didn't get much sleep Sunday night... Monday Sarah stayed home, sick. I left her with a bucket just in case. I wish I didn't have to go to work on days like this. Thankful that JD can work from home, though.

While Kaitlin and her friend picked out boots, I had some fun with sparkly shoes. Who can resist trying on high heeled sparkly shoes? It's a good look, I think. Especially with the socks.

The laptop light box. Remember the olden days when we held the paper up to the window?

My butterfly. She takes after me, I think.

I dressed up for work on Halloween:

I think I need to become of fashion blogger. In fact, I tried to strike a fashion blogger pose ... and if you follow me on Instagram, you got to see it ... but, alas, I think I'll just stick with super-transparent Things I Think About posts and super-long instaFriday posts.

And here's my husband's face when he saw me in my outfit before work.

Bonus Feature: Our first date was on Halloween night 20 years ago!
We went to Hamburger Hamlet and got served by a guy dressed up as one of the Blues Brothers. After dinner, as we were having ice cream sundaes, JD got a piece of strawberry stuck between his front teeth. I didn't want him to find the strawberry in his teeth at the end of the night and be embarrassed about it being there all night. So I told him he had a strawberry stuck in his front teeth. When I told him, though, I put a glob of hot fudge on my front tooth so that he wouldn't feel so bad. Afterwards, he was going to take me to a haunted house but it was cold and the line was long. I didn't want to stand in line in the cold, so instead we rented and watched Planes, Trains & Automobiles because it had come up in conversation over dinner that I had never seen that movie. And the rest is history... [end bonus feature]

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