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Last Friday we left for a weekend in Florida.
Which meant I had to reacquaint my legs with a razor.
I have to be honest, that's one of the nice things about winter in Minnesota:
You can get away with stubble.
I'm thankful for that.

Before we could take off they had to de-ice the plane because there was frost on the wings.
I'd never seen them de-ice a plane before. 
That's what it looks like.

I picked this up in the airport.
I'd heard about it on Momastery, and couldn't wait to read it over the weekend.

The first thing we did after checking in was to find a beach.
Because that's what you do when you go to Florida.
And when you are a Minnesotan in Florida, you find a beach even when a Nor'easter is blowing in.
I'm just thankful I brought my wool coat.

I like this picture.
I love this guy.
I'm thankful for him.

The wind was blowing the waves in fast and the foam was flying all around.
It was a little tricky to get a picture of the foam next to my feet without getting wet.
Several times we backpedaled to avoid the incoming waves.
A fun memory.
I'm thankful for laughing with my love.

I was just a little bit obsessed with the lights at the hotel.

Here's an example of one of the things that JD does that is so wonderful:

He knows I like Waffle House.
We don't have Waffle House in Minnesota.
They don't have Waffle House in Ponte Vedra Beach, a swanky golf community, either.
Imagine that.
So JD looked up where the closest Waffle House was and we drove into Jacksonville one morning so that I could have my pecan waffle from Waffle House.
Isn't that just so romantic? 
I think so.
Just one example of why I'm thankful for him.

Sunday afternoon, right before we had to leave, the sky turned blue and the sun came out.
Thankfully we were able to experience sunshine for a couple hours.

Here we are in front of the clubhouse at TPC Sawgrass.
That's actually why were in Florida, for the FCA national golf tournament.
We didn't golf, but we sent a team there from SE Minnesota.
So we decided to go cheer them on and make a little getaway out of it.
I'm thankful we could do that.

This photo was a must: my Chucks and jeans next to Hole 18.
We laughed about my packing all weekend.
I'm not really up on what to wear around golfers.
Apparently jeans on the course is a no-no.
And my Chuck Taylors, well, evidently not golfing shoes.
(I love them, though. So thankful I found them in a second hand shop.)


I mentioned before that I like to take lots of pictures.
I didn't want to overwhelm the week in review with Florida photos & stories,


I am so thankful when the kids cook dinner on days that I work.
Mac & Cheese is John's specialty.

We devised this system to track who ate how many of what.
A simple chart drawn on the box does the trick.
No more fights about someone eating all the fruit snacks before someone else even had one.

Sarah has been excited about having the Birthday Party for Jesus to raise money to buy a mom a house through World Vision. She's really the one behind all this, driving it.

Since it's quite a bit of money to raise ($2,950) we decided to make a link for online contributions so that people who can't come to our party can still be a part of it.

She is very determined in her desire to give a single mom a home.
It blesses me to see that in her.
I'm thankful for that.
Here's another thing that I'm thankful about winter in Minnesota:
A two-car refrigerator to keep the drinks cold.
I found this on my kitchen chalkboard.
That verse is a verse we say at the end of the meal,
when we are able to sit down all together as a family.
It's something that my grandparents did.
They called it "returning thanks."
No one was excused until we "returned thanks."
It blessed me to see it written in my daughter's handwriting.
 And it blessed my to see this, too.
She made this list on her own.
I love that Kaitlin girl.
I'm so thankful for her.
We went to my parent's for Thanksgiving Dinner
(because they get TV reception and we don't).
My job this Thanksgiving was to make the punch.
It was yummy.
Oma's talking to Opa while making the gravy.
Opa couldn't be with us for Thanksgiving because he was helping his Russian missionary friend get back to Mongolia.
There was some issue with Ruslan's visa to travel through China.
We were sad to miss him, but thankful we got to talk with him on the phone.
Kaitlin helped Oma with the pies.
Here she shows off the two that she worked on.
I'm so impressed with her pastry work on the apple pie!

We even got to video call my brother and his family.
That was a treat.
I'm so thankful for technology that allows us to do that so easily.
I have so many things to be thankful for.
I'm thankful, too, for those of you who follow along with my Week in Reviews and other blog posts.
It blesses me to know you are there.
Thank you!
 I'm @annebickle on Instagram if you want to follow along.
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