<< my week in review: 11/2-8

Why? Because it's so much fun, that's why.


Friday night Kaitlin & her friends were excited to go to the middle school dance.

Sunday morning my job was to push the button at the right time.
I guess I'm good a pushing the right buttons...

Sunday we went to my parents to watch the Vikings.
It was the only football I watched all weekend! 

Football is not done for me though...
John's playing in the All-Star game next weekend at the Metrodome.
I thought it was done, so when I found out it wasn't,
I was not very excited.
Because I thought it was done.

But playing in the Metrodome is exciting!,
so I've regrouped and I am excited about it now.

And then it really will be done until next year.
I'm excited about that too.


My first drive home from work after Daylight Savings.
And it's only going to get darker earlier...
It makes me want to hibernate.
I'd better find something to make me happy...
like The Happy Day Project!

Sarah and I wrote some hand written notes.

Kaitlin and her friend helped me color some treat boxes before they went to youth group on Wednesday night.

I kept warning her that if she didn't smile nice, I'd post her silly face on my week in review...
That face that she has right there,
that was her smile in every single picture we took when she was 2.
Every single one.
I would tell her to smile, and she'd look at me with her big eyes and say,
"I am smiling!"
Not now though. Now she's just being silly.


On Election Day our polling place was at Sarah's school,
so I took her with me while I performed my civic duty before I went to work.

Later, I found this picture on my iPod.
She's a photojournalist.

When I came up to the ballot box and I saw that mine would be the 240th ballot,
secretly I was happy. Because ...

[bonus feature:]

... I like numbers that are divisible by 5.
I always have. I think it's because my birthday is 10/25.
I'm not compulsive about it,
it just makes me happy to see a 0 or a 5 at the end of something.
Or anything that is divisible by 2.
So if it's divisible by both 5 and 2, then I'm really happy.

[end bonus feature]

The picture of the I voted sticker was pretty much mandatory on social media Tuesday.

We invited ourselves over to my parents' to watch the Election Results coverage.
And that was -- that.

"OBAMA nation!"
That's what one of my/Kaitlin's young Democratic Facebook friends posted on Facebook.
(We share my account.)
I read it and then I read it again out loud.
And I had to laugh.
I don't think that he meant it to sound like what it sounds like.
It got me thinking of all the ways you could go with it...
Another four years of Obama nation!
I live in an Obama nation!
American's voted for an Obama nation!
But I didn't want to post it on Facebook in case my humor would be taken the wrong way.
Because - have you noticed? - people get a little cranky or just plain mean when it comes to politics.
And I just think it's funny, that's all. Not literal.
Or, maybe it is literal depending on which way you read it.

I try to stay out of politics on social media.
It's just not worth it.

I try not to put too much hope in politics.
It's just not worth it.

Look, I think it's important for me to vote and I care about our country,
and I am going to vote for who/what I think is best.
There are godly men and women on both sides.
I respect that.
I like to listen to and read what people have to say about why they believe what they believe especially when it's different than what I lean towards.
I learn a lot by listening.
And by searching God's Word.
Only God has the corner on truth.
Some people on both sides of the aisle get so worked up about politics that it's unbecoming.
They don't represent Jesus very well.
Jesus wasn't a politician.


Speaking of humour, I laughed out loud when I read this message from the Queen.
I had to post it and some subsequent thoughts I had about living overseas while reading it.


I've been spending all week in this particular passage for the study I am in.
It made me think about the Christians in Eastern Europe that my parents worked with when we lived overseas.
I am so glad that I had an opportunity to meet them.
They had family who were killed because of their faith.
They had no freedom to meet with their Christian friends.
They could not own a bible because it was illegal.
They had meager rations yet they shared generously.
They are an inspiration to me even twenty-five years later.

I'm so thankful for our religious freedom in America.
And should it some day be taken away?
The bible says that it should not shock us if we suffer for being a Christian.
(Not that I want shouldn't shock me.)


I can't wait to start planning our Birthday Party for Jesus!
Last year we raised enough to buy a goat and some chickens for people who need them.
Sarah had wanted to raise enough to buy a house for a single mom in a third world country and her children.
I was thrilled that she set such a high goal.
We'll see how we do this year.


Thursday night Sarah and her friends enjoyed Hoover Fun Night 2012.
It's a carnival / dance for the 3-5th graders.
The only parents allowed are the ones who are working at it.
That's the fun of it for the kids... it's all for them.
Sarah is in front, there, with the purple boa. That's her principal behind her, peacing out.

My week started with a middle school dance and ended with the elementary school Fun Night.
And in between there was an election.
Fun, fun.


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