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I pretty much ate this for three days straight.

I haven't been here in a loooooong time.
But on Friday, it felt like a good idea.

Look what I found on my phone.
She's so silly.

I spent some time cleaning out my dresser this week.
I think it's safe to throw out my maternity swimsuit that I wore while pregnant with Kaitlin.

Other things I found while cleaning out my clothes drawers:
- my driver's licenses from both Ohio and Missouri.
- my athletic membership card.
- the new athletic membership card I got because I couldn't find the first one.
- the kids' Christmas wish lists from two years ago.
- and so many more things that don't belong in clothes drawers.

We picked out a Christmas tree on Saturday.
The tree farm has perfectly good trees close to the parking lot, 
but we like to walk all the way to the back to find ours.
It's kind of our thing, part of the experience.

We had to get the tree picked out before the Ohio State football game.

When we got the Christmas decorations out, all I could think when I looked at the boxes was, 
It's a lot of work to get the house all Christmas-y.
And, really, I'm so tired of the same old decorations that I've had for years.

But it's a fun thing to see the kids' excitement as we put up each ornament on the tree.
And at seeing their stockings hanging by the fireplace.
Totally worth all the work.

My favorite part of both trees are the handmade tree toppers and ornaments.
I have the best angel and star toppers ever!

John got the chess board out and we played a couple games.
I don't really know how to play, he's teaching me.

[bonus feature:]

When he was little, oh, say 4 or 5, we would play Checkers.
Like a good mom, I would strategically make bad moves.
And I noticed that he would take advantage of those bad moves, 
so I began to try a little harder to lose by not so much.
But he made it hard for me to lose by not so much, so I tried to lose not at all.
And sometimes I won. 
But mostly he did.

That either tells you that he is a really smart boy, or I am a really bad Checkers strategist.
You decide.

[end bonus feature]

I made a banner for the birthday party for Jesus that we're having this Sunday.

(If you can't join the party at our house, you can still join us by giving Jesus a birthday gift online.
It will go towards buying a single mom a house through World Vision.
We can't do it alone, which is why we're having the party.)

It's so festive, I might just keep it up.

I love mom's Christmas decorations.
They bring back memories of Europe.

A while back mom and I were in Aldi, saw a bunch of German food, and had said we ought to do it.
It sounded like fun to reminisce over schnitzel, rotkohl and currywurst.

I had forgotten it was going to be my birthday meal too.

Real Kenyan coffee that mom brought back for me from Kenya.
I had even run out of coffee just that morning!
God is so good. To provide coffee like that for me when He knew I needed it.

Speaking of coffee...

Sarah had coffee ready for me on Wednesday when I came home from work.
Guess which cup of coffee is hers?
(yes, there's coffee in there)
"Wow, Sarah, thanks for making me coffee!"
"I made it so that you wouldn't fall asleep when you got home."
I guess I do come home tired after a long day.
I didn't realize I was that tired.

My new coffee buddy.
She's holding her cup just like me, with a pillow on her lap, just like me.

My other coffee buddy.
She takes her coffee with a little less cream.

The old baker guy at work brought me treats again.
These rosettes were still warm when he gave them to me.

We got our family pictures!
Our first ever family portraits with all five of us. 
So exciting.

I love them all, but I love how this one captures the fun we have as a family:

And I love seeing this post by my daughter in my Instagram feed.
"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."
I love that she added that last part.
She certainly is a gift to me.

I'm @annebickle on Instagram.

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