<< my week in review: 11/9-15

"It's kind of a big deal."

My dresser.
Just keeping it real.
This was supposed to be a before with an accompanying after picture, but
the weather was so nice that I decided to do out door work instead of indoor work.

I cleaned the inside of my car.
I should do it more often because it's like
getting free stuff that you already paid for.
I found:
 my favorite aviator sunglasses,
my tinted Burt's Bees chapstick,
the Century water bottle that we've been looking for,
a football that I probably hid from John because he throws it up in the air all the time and it. drives. me. crazy!,
73 cents,
and thousands of candy wrappers.

I worked up quite a sweat finding all that stuff.
It was 75 degrees Farenheit here.
We set a record high for November 10th.
(The previous record was 68 set in 1949.)

There're my two boys, up on the second story roof, cleaning out the gutters.
They even got the Christmas lights up, though we won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving.
First things first.

That afternoon my phone rang and it was my friend, a photographer,
who said we should take our family photos today if we wanted them outside.
And I told her, "yes, that's a great idea. When and where should we meet you?"
But inside I was like:

I need to find some clothes that color coordinate and are clean."
That's kind of a tall order.

So I went to Target.

Sarah loved the vest I got her for the photo.
I knew she would.
She said,
"I feel like Barbie. Kloee would totally buy me."
(Because her friend, Kloee, likes Barbies.)

Personally, I think she looked way cuter than Barbie.

3-D glasses are all the rage.

I almost didn't get this shot.
John put Kitty on top of our china cabinet, just for fun.
He likes to tease Kitty yet still she loves to snuggle him.
I just don't understand their relationship.

Sunday night we travelled up to Minneapolis for the
Rochester 8th grade All-Star football game
at the Metrodome!

My mom and dad came for the game.

Kaitlin found her friends.

Sarah hasn't taken that fur vest off since yesterday.

John (#19) meeting with the captains and referees before the game.



As he was throwing, they hit his arm and injured his shoulder.
Oh man.

Just like that, nine plays into the game John was done.
I hate being the mom of a quarterback who's playing behind an 8th grade o-line.
I keep telling myself that someday they'll get bigger & offer better protection.
Hopefully next year.

The rest of the game was a blur for me because I was mostly watching my son on the sidelines, icing his shoulder and occasionally get checked out by the trainer. 

In the second half he helped chart plays for JD on the sideline.

Still, for nine plays JD got to coach John at the Metrodome!
And then John got to ice his shoulder at the Metrodome!
And then we got to take pictures on the field. 
At the Metrodome!
What a fun memory... except for the injury part.


I N J U R Y     R E P O R T:


John sustained a "muscle and AC joint bruise" according to the sports med doctor at Mayo Clinic. 

He prescribed ice, Advil and stretches.
John is still in fairly severe pain and can do nothing without help, but play Minecraft and watch Psych season 6.

Evidently it's a nasty place to get hurt.


My birthday gift from John came in the mail Tuesday.

It's a Grippit for my iPod.
It's a tripod that grips.
Even curtain rods.

Look Ma! No hands!
He got it for me so that I can be in pictures for InstaFriday now without needing to awkwardly hold the iPod in order to get the shot.
He's so thoughtful.

Speaking of InstaFriday...

[bonus feature:]

My InstaFriday 'week in review' is kind of a big deal in our house.
If something happens, someone might say:
"You gotta get a shot of that and put it in the 'week in review.'"
Someone might even ask for their picture to be taken in hopes that it makes it into the 'week in review,' like it's cool or something.
It's kind of a fun family thing.
And that's kind of a big deal.

[end bonus feature]

Thursday I started a new reading plan on YouVersion.
I thought the seven day "Thankfulness" plan would be a good one for this week before Thanksgiving.
JD downloaded YouVersion onto his phone, too, so that we could read the same verses each day.
I'm looking forward to that.

Have a great week!

I'm @annebickle on Instagram.

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