We Went to Florida

We went to Florida this last weekend for the FCA National Golf Scramble Tournament at TPC Sawgrass.
We decided to go because:
1.) we were sending a team from the southeast Minnesota FCA golf tournament;
2.) football just finished and we needed some alone time;
3.) it's Florida!

See, usually November in Minnesota is cold and most likely the weather in Florida is better.
But not this year.
Minnesota was unseasonably warm and Ponte Vedra Beach was experiencing a Nor'easter.
(Still, we had #1 & 2 going for us.)

Me and my love.

The first day we found a public beach.
Not many people there, except for a few surfer dudes just off of school coming to the beach as we left.

Even on a cold and cloudy day it was beautiful.

The next day we found the Sawgrass Members Only beach.

We had some fun trying to get a picture of my Chuck Taylors next to the foamy water as it rolled in.
Those waves came fast!
More than once we ran backwards to avoid the water. 

Now we have a thing going:
My Chuck Taylors are like Flat Stanley and I document where they've been.

We stayed at the Marriott, right there at Sawgrass.
It was a nice hotel, but apparently all I took notice of were the lights.
They captured my attention and imagination.

TPC Sawgrass. 
Stadium Course.
It's a big deal.

We found the team we sent to the tournament just in time to see them golf the storied holes: 16, 17 & 18.

After a play-off on holes 17 & 18, they won! 
The road to first place goes through Southeast Minnesota.

I'm not a golfer. I didn't know there was a dress code.

Me and my love.
We went to Florida.

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