Birthday Party (and a gift) for Jesus

We had a Birthday Party for Jesus.

photo by @fernflorafauna
Before the party, we were busy getting everything ready.

Scrapbook paper triangles make festive birthday party banners.

A green ribbon twirled around the red glass berries looks Christmas-y.

Kermit and his matching banner, made at the last minute, are a quirky greeting for our party guests.

Making the birthday cupcakes

and the salt dough star ornaments with Kaitlin.

The salt dough stars hung on backyard branches, waiting for the guests, ready to be decorated with glitter glue.

Sarah makes a sign for the gift basket:
"Birthday gifts for Jesus here!"

A basket from Kenya holds the birthday gifts that will bless a family in Africa.

The party guests arrive!
Sarah with her friends, Kloee and Maria.

photo by @fernflorafauna
Time to decorate the stars.

photo by @fernflorafauna
Each child brought their decorated stars home, a reminder of the party.

"Follow the star" clues.
The kids helped hunt for baby Jesus, who was missing from his manger!

photo by @fernflorafauna
Just like the wise men, they had to follow the stars' clues.
(This star-clue was hidden our Christmas tree.)

Time for birthday cake.
Cake Boss I am not.

Before they ate their cupcakes, I explained the meaning of the cupcakes to them:

 chocolate cake = we all have sinned (Rom. 3:23)
white frosting = forgiveness that covers our sins and washes them whiter than snow (Is. 1:18)
red = Jesus' blood, we have forgiveness because he died for our sins (Rom. 4:25)
green = the everlasting life that we can have when we ask Jesus to forgive our sins (Jn. 3:16)
candle = Jesus is the light of the world (Jn. 8:12)
photo by @fernflorafauna
We sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and then blew out the candles.

We had asked our guests to bring a gift to Jesus,
money to go towards a home for a mom and her kids
through World Vision.

While the kids were eating their birthday cake, 
we totaled the gifts brought:

$518.32 towards a home for a single mom in a third world country.*

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Personally, It was so fun for me to see my daughter empty her own wallet into the gift basket.
And to see two little sisters, ages 4 and 5, reach into their little purses for a handful of coins to give to Jesus.
It was so fun to know that one family baked cookies and sold them to their neighbors to help towards their gift to Jesus.
Such excitement they have in giving to Jesus.
In giving to Jesus by giving to a mom and her kids on the other side of the world,
living in circumstances we can't even imagine.
What joy that must give Jesus to see their giving hearts.
That, really, is the gift.
To remember what this gift giving season is all about.

--- --- ---
*The total cost of the home that we are trying to raise is $2950.
Why are we doing this?
Because when we were discussing what to give Jesus for his birthday,
our 8 yr old daughter decided she wanted to give a single mom in a third world country a house for her and her children.
When we told her that was too much, she said that she wanted to raise the money then.
That's why we had the birthday party.
That's why I'm asking you, dear reader, to consider what you can give to help a mom get a house.
And to help our 8 yr old daughter meet her goal.

We're still accepting donations towards the goal until Christmas Day, 
when we'll purchase a gift with what we have brought in. 

We raised close to $900 to buy a house through World Vision.
Thank you to those who gave!

photo by @fernflorafauna

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Jessi said...

Would you mind sharing your clues for finding the baby Jesus? Thanks!

Anne Bickle said...

Honestly, I didn't write them down, so I don't remember. I tried to think of the ages of kids that we'd invited and tried to keep the difficulty level appropriate. It was like a game of hide and seek with clues. Some of the clues were harder, some were easier. The kids always want it to last longer... One year I had them sing "Jesus loves me" in order to get the baby Jesus from the person who was holding it... That didn't really help you, did it?! ...Maybe this year I'll have to keep track of what we did better. :)


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