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I just ordered our Christmas card. Every year I put it off. Why do I do this? I know it's coming, just like I know birthdays are coming - they're the same date every year, they don't surprise me - and yet I put off planning until the last minute.

This year we even had a pro photog take our pics. The first time ever. Usually I have to scramble to find pictures that can be suitable for sending to people who don't see us except for this one time each year. But not this year, this year I had a bunch of great pictures of our family to choose from.

The problem with Christmas cards is that they are pretty expensive. We have a fairly large mailing list due to my husband's job and all the places we've lived, so I got this idea in my head that it would be cheaper to get the cards printed at Wal-Mart on photo paper. I looked through their prices and designs and, though they had a nice selection, there wasn't one that I loved for our pictures.

So I went to They have such good promotions it was actually cheaper to get them printed at Shutterfly than at my local Wal-Mart. Oh snap. Plus, I love their designs. They have so many good ones.

I'm not getting paid for this post (though really I should be, don't you think?). However, if I embed the widget below on my blog or facebook, I get $10 off my next order. I bet you can get the same deal too, if you print something at Shutterfly. It doesn't have to be a Christmas card. Though, if you haven't done your Christmas cards yet, they have free shipping until tomorrow, so get on that.

Next up, calendars. And now I have a coupon for them.

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

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