<< my week in review: 11/30-12/6

Party hearty.

I put up the Christmas tree in the lobby at work.
It makes me so happy to hear the old people tell each other what a beautiful tree it is.
I know for some of them it's their only tree.

I really should go onto my iPod's notes app more often. 
Look what I found.

On Saturday Kaitlin helped me get ready for the Birthday Party for Jesus.
Here, she's helping me make salt dough stars.

I got some branches from our backyard to hang the stars on.

Then at the party, the kids decorated the star ornaments with glitter glue.

Sarah wanted to see the post about the party.
I can't believe I didn't take any pictures during the party.
I guess I was busy with the little ones.

I took pictures of the preparation with my big clunky camera
and I borrowed some pictures from a friend for my blog post about it.

We had fun at the party!
It makes me happy to do stuff like that.
And most important, 
the kids got to give presents to Jesus 
by giving towards a home for a single mom 
through World Vision's gift catalog.

"Hi Ho, Kermit de Frog here."

Right after the Birthday Party we hosted our small group get together.
Right after small group, we pulled out the Wii for an impromptu 
Just Dance 2 Party.

Ho. Ho. Ho. 
Thursday I had a Christmas Tea Party at work.

The residents liked that I used real table cloths and brought in my good dishes from home.
And I hung tissue pom poms (that after I made them reminded me of bath scrubbies)
and the banner from the birthday party.
It's a special treat for them.

I couldn't have done it without my mom's help.
And my dad's help, too.

My week began with a party and ended with a party.
And I learned my lesson about scheduling two parties so close together.
It was totally worth it though.

life rearranged

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