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"I'm gonna need that back."

I went to the doctor last Friday for a med check and the doctor told me that I am pre-diabetic and have high cholesterol.
"But," he said, "your bad cholesterol is low and your good cholesterol is high."
So I guess that's a good high cholesterol?

I also ended up needing a couple punch biopsies on some moles on my back that he didn't like.
While he was punching my moles, he said that I should tell my kids that 
I couldn't wash the dishes due to the biopsies.
I said, "can you write a prescription for that?!"
So he did.

I hung it on the refrigerator as soon as I got home.
JD said that as long as I did the third thing the doctor prescribed, he would make sure I received the first two things prescribed.

I like my new houseshoes.
And I also like letting Reggie lick the pan.
He thinks I'm giving him a treat, but really I'm letting him do the scrubbing.

Kaitlin and her friends like to give each other Sharpie tattoos.
I figure there could be worse things.

I scored big time when I found out that I had Discover Cash Back money at Amazon's checkout.
It was like free Christmas gifts! (...that we've been paying interest towards...)

However, I learned to check the weather before ordering gifts in the mail.
Never order gifts with a snow storm in the forecast.
It could change your 2 day shipping into "I hope it comes in time for Christmas."
The gifts arrived on Christmas Eve.
Phew! That was close.

Sarah is ready for the Christmas Eve celebration,
plucking out Joy to the World with her doll by her side.

Pomanders and puzzles on Christmas Eve.

Can you see the happy pomander?

And now, as promised, 
here's John making some musical noises (for real):

Did you notice the GrippIt hanging from the chandelier?
It shows up in various places throughout the house.

Oma, Opa and Aunt Betty came over for Christmas Eve dinner & presents.

Christmas Eve meal = Cheese Fondue.

Cheese Fondue = so much better than lutefisk, which I grew up having on Christmas Eve.
(If you don't know what lutefisk is... it's white fish soaked in lye that, when served, resembles fish jello.)

My Three Kids.

Pom pom packages.
I ran out of ribbon, so I made due with some yarn.
I didn't label who this package was to, but Kaitlin knew it was for her because of the zebra salt dough star.

I had plenty of left over salt dough stars from the Birthday Party for Jesus.
They made good gift tags.

Christmas memories I want to remember but didn't get photos of:

John.... unwrapping his very large present from Aunt Bethany....
....he pulls out the items in the large box surrounding the smaller box inside...
.... bags of popcorn... John looks amused.... 
Bethany says, "yeah, um, I'm gonna need those back...."
.... glue sticks for a glue gun... John holds them up questioningly.... 
"I'm gonna need those back, too," says Bethany....
.... wooden frames from IKEA... Bethany says, "Oh, I forgot about those...."
.... John says, "you can't have these back..."
.... the smaller boxes inside of each other, wrapped with more tape than paper.... 
.... containing a very small gift the size of his iPhone.... an OSU cover, just what he wanted.

Opa... unwrapping the present wrapped by Kaitlin...
.... wrapped in contact paper... without the backing.... stuck to the present...
....laughing so hard... "Did you do that on purpose Kaitlin?...."
....."No! I didn't know! It was in with the wrapping paper!...."

John... giving a play by play while unwrapping his gifts....
.... "This one is a small rectangular box, wrapped with red and white paper...."

...everyone's Ohio State University gifts from John...
 .... including matching wine glasses with the OSU logo for Oma and Opa....
.... which were really difficult to unwrap from the bubble wrap....

Christmas morning Reggie got a rawhide candy cane.
(And the bowl of sugar that Sarah left out for the reindeer.)

We used to have Christmas candlelight breakfasts,
back when we lived in Europe, 
where the sun rose later in the morning than it does at our current latitude.
Now we have Christmas candlelight dinners because some of us don't like to wake up when it's still dark.

On Christmas day Sarah helped me draw the name for the giveaway I did last week.
I wrote down the names on a sheet of paper, 
cut them up and put them in Sarah's new monster hat from Oma.
Then Sarah picked the winner:

That was so fun!
I might just have to make giving away some of my favorite things a regular thing.

And you know what was serendipitous?
I didn't know it yet,
but the same day I contacted Amy of Bubbles by Brooks to see if she would be willing to donate a gift in exchange for some likes on her Facebook page,
she had drawn my name as a winner of some soap in a giveaway she was doing!

I got my soaps in the mail this week.
Oh my goodness! 
My skin and my nose are so happy!

Have a wonderful week as you say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013!

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