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It's beginning to look a lot like December.

Santa and I went for a spin.
He rode shotgun.

I found this Santa in the back room at work.
No one wanted to claim him,
so I thought it would be pretty funny to bring him home 
and see what my family would do when they saw him in front of our house.
See, we're the family who drives around to look at Christmas lights and when we see 
a yard full of plastic light up Santas and what-nots, 
my kids call it the "scary" house.
I laughed out loud thinking about JD's reaction when he would come home to see a three foot lit up plastic Santa on our front porch.

JD didn't even notice the Santa!
"Did you see the Santa out front?," I eagerly asked him.
"No," he said slowly, cautiously.
"What!" I said in disbelief. "How could you not have?" 
Because it glows! Like Rudolph's nose!
I took him by the hand to the front door window to show him what I had put there.
He just laughed and shook his head. 
"Oh Anne," he said.
"It's vintage!" I assured him.
As if that made it okay.

The "Year End Ask."
When you raise funds, it's a necessary evil.
And yet... it's not really evil if you believe that there is blessing in giving.
It's not evil if it's how God provides.
What is evil is the fear that people will not like to be asked or that God will not provide.
The Year End Ask is kind of an emotional thing to have to do.
A humbling thing.

So many names on there that bring so many thoughts to mind.
So thankful for those who have been faithful supporters for so many years.
I thank God for them as I stick the labels on the envelopes.

[bonus feature:]

I'm a beast at mailings.

I have a little system to make it go faster.
It involves configuring the items to be assembled in a way that uses the least amount of energy.
I've had many years to develop this system.
I've been doing mass mailings since 1986 when my parents became missionaries 
and assembling their newsletter mailings was a family night activity.

I actually enjoy the whole process.
There is great reward in seeing a pile of completed envelopes ready to be mailed.
At one time I thought I would start my own newsletter mailing business...
but I am not a beast at entrepreneurship.

[end bonus feature]

Guess what we are talking about at church?

It finally came. 
The long awaited first snow.

This is only a theory based on my own opinion and no scientific data, but
I think that snow's prettiness has to do with where it falls in relation to Christmas:

snow in October = kinda pretty, only because it's the first snow & the holidays are coming.
snow in December = very pretty, everyone sing: "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." 
snow in January = pretty tired of snow, there's no use for it now that Christmas is over, let's move on.
snow in March = pretty depressing actually, I am so done with snow. Ugh.
snow in April = pretty much "why did we choose to move back to Minnesota?"

Still the first snow is pretty, whenever it comes 
and this one came in December, which is a little late, but Hey! I'm not complaining.

So now it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

I love the snow on the tree branches lining our street.

Sarah wanted to get right out there and shovel.
Look at her.
The shovel is as big as she is.

When she and John were done shoveling, I looked out and saw Sarah building something in the snow.
It occurred to me that I don't know if I've ever made a snow man with her.
So, even though we had company coming and my house needed to be cleaned,
I went out to make a snowman with her.
Totally more important than cleaning my house for guests.
But she said she didn't want to make a snow man because they were building forts on opposite sides of the driveway for a snowball fight.
Obviously I helped Sarah build her fort and then lobbed a few snowballs in John's direction.
My guests didn't even know that I didn't dust.
It really is not smart
to go against a 
baseball pitcher 
in a snowball fight
if you throw like a girl.

And finally, I caught my son singing while he did the dishes.
Actually, I don't know if I'd call it singing. It was more like making musical noises.

Except that wasn't the video of him making the musical noises.
 I accidentally deleted it.
That's the video of him after he found out that I was videotaping him singing.

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