<< my week in review: 12/28/2012-1/3/2013!

Hello, 2013. Nice to meet you.

John had some friends over and they made a video of Winter Break 2012.
Then he got to work editing it.
It's here, if you want to see lots of snow fun and Wii silliness. 
If you do see it, you will also notice that I seriously need to decorate our family room.
So maybe don't.

I got some happy mail!
A friend sent me this.
I'd just heard of BrenĂ© Brown and had been wanting to read her stuff.
I totally am all about the subtitle of this book right now.
My friend knew from reading this blog that I'd like the book.
I am looking forward to diving into it.

Sarah and I did each other's hair.
Mother/daughter bonding over silly hair.

I made this for Sarah and one for Kaitlin, too.
When I gave Kaitlin hers, she said, 

When I gave Sarah hers, she said, 
"can I make one? can I sell them? will you put it on the internet and tell people to buy them? How much should I sell them for? How about 50 cents?"

So.... if you want to buy a pendant from Sarah, you can. For 50 cents. 
Or, how about this: if you tell me you want one, 
I'll send one to you for free, and I'll give Sarah 50 of my own cents.

[bonus feature:]

I was cleaning off my dresser 
(remember the 'before' shot from how many weeks ago? yeah. still not done)
and found an old iTunes card.
Of course I had put it on top of my dresser instead of in the trash.
Why? Because I'd seen a stupid pin, that's why.
How to make necklaces out of old iTunes cards.
Pinterest is why my dresser is the way it is.
True story.

[end bonus feature]

Family game night.

I just discovered a conspiracy to make me want to clean more.
I will spray down my counter tops just to smell the basil scent.
I am not kidding.

New Year's Eve bowling.
Sarah didn't want to have bumpers because she wanted to be challenged.
We decided to put the bumpers up halfway through the first game.
We're not really bowlers, but we had fun.

Which is good because we'd had a big not fun discussion on the way to the bowling alley.
"It's okay to have conflict," I have to tell myself sometimes.
It's how you handle the conflict that matters.
We worked it out and then got our bowl on.

My kids were impressed with my mad bowling skillz.
"It's because I was in a bowling league in elementary school," I told them.
"Mom! That's just sad," someone said, probably John.
"Well, there wasn't much else to do in Brookings, South Dakota back then."
Sarah got three strikes in two games.
She obviously inherited my mad skillz.

I told Sarah that if she cleaned all the clothes off her floor all by herself, then I would go swimming with her.
She does not like to clean her room.
But she does like swimming. Very much.
I think she might be a fish in disguise.
I don't really like swimming, so it was kind of a sacrifice for me to offer that.
I don't know... I just don't like being in a swim suit anymore... and I really don't like the freezing cold water.

I was going to sit in the hot tub, but thought that I'd better spend a little bit of time in the freezing cold water with Sarah before ditching her for the more relaxing hot water.
As I prepared to be shocked by cold, instead I was surprised by warm water.
Has the pool always been heated? And salt watered? 
I stayed in the pool with Sarah the whole time.
Once, while we were playing, Sarah said "Quality mother/daughter time!"
And I said, "Yes it is!"

And then, to cap it off, we had sweet potato fries in the deli, which I la-hove.
And we took silly pictures, of course.

I took down the Christmas decorations this week.
I love seeing all the different decorations spread out on the table.
So many memories.
Now put back in boxes, ready to be revisited next year.

Santa had a last hoorah before being put away for the year...

At dinner, we were talking about the favorite parts of our day.... when John decided to put Santa at the table with us on his chair.... Well, what can I say? .....I just took it from there...... Mostly to see if I could put a smile on a middle schooler's face..... I did.... He didn't want me to see it, but it was there.

This dog = naughty.
But how can you be angry at that face?
The thing is... I forgot about the two packages of sirloin steaks I set out on the counter before my kids convinced me to make a run to the store for homework supplies.
And, in his defense, he only consumed one of the two packages.
To make matters worse, when I gave him a timeout in the garage to think about what he'd done,
I didn't realize that the garage door was left open.
Of course he thought I was basically inviting him to escape.
Reggie was probably like:
"Score! They gave me some raw sirloin steak and then let me go visit all my dog friends in the neighborhood!"
Not quite, Reg.

I spent some time this week coming up with the three words I want to focus on this year.
I asked my family to think of words they wanted to focus on too.
Kaitlin right away said, "YOLO!" 
I told her that texting shorthand doesn't count, so she decided on "awesomeness!"
John, after Kaitlin called him annoying, declared "my word is 'annoying'."
Sarah spoke up and said, "Obedience. My word is obedience because I need to work on being obedient right away."
Hmmm. Can you tell which of my kids hasn't hit middle school yet?

Here are the words I decided on:
Clarify, Content & Create.
I wrote a little bit about it here.
More on those words in posts to come, I'm sure.

I'm @annebickle on Instagram.
Linking up with @jeannett for InstaFriday.

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Nothingcanseperate said...

You can also make cute key chains with the iTunes cards ;) put on cute scrapbook paper and small pictures of your kids or whatever- which is my next Pinterest project :)

Great pictures, great crazy hair :) Stopping by from insta Friday

Jessica said...

I'm still waiting to see how your crazy hair turned out ;)
That book looks good. I look forward to hearing your take aways! I'm sure you would've mentioned if Reggie got sick. So I'm glad he didn't. That's just one more thing added to that situation you don't need!

Amanda said...

Your dog is awfully cute - how could you be angry with that face? (I'm partial to black labs!)

I love your instagram picture of your hand-written words for the year! Great words, by the way!

Chance said...

I'm excited to check out that book! And I would totally buy a pendant from Sarah!

Anonymous said...

2. you really can't be mad at that face! SO ADORABLE!
3. swimming in December???

Anne Bickle said...

oh good. more things to do with the iTunes cards... my dresser is never going to get clean... :) Thanks for stopping by!

Anne Bickle said...

There is a limit to what kind of pictures I post of myself. I know that is probably a surprise, considering previously posted pictures of me... ha! ... Reggie didn't get sick, fortunately. Yes, that would have been bad... I'll definately be posting my take aways. Good stuff. xo, ab

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks Amanda!

Anne Bickle said...

I'm half way through the book. So far, so good... I'll let Sarah know to get busy and make your pendant. :)

Anne Bickle said...

3. It's kind of like shaking my fist at the snow below freezing temps and saying "I will not let you dictate the activities I do in the winter!"

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAH thats awesome! good for you!


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