<< my week in review 1/25-31

Whup, here it is.

I came home to this cutie and her cupcake action on Friday.

Sarah had called me several times while I was at work:

"Mom, where do I find a recipe for cupcakes? I can't find it in the red and white cookbook."
"Hmmm. How about you go to allrecipes dot come and search for 'cupcakes.'"

"Mom, where is the unsweetened cocoa?"
"In the very back of the baking cabinet because I never use it."

"Mom, how do I do 1/8 teaspoon when we don't have one?"
"You know what? How about if you wait until I come home and I can help you?"

"Never mind, I figured it out."
"How did you figure it out?"
"I just watched the video and saw how much it was and put in that much."

She was making cupcakes for the American Heart Association.
At school they're doing a Jump Rope for Heart pledge drive,
but she wanted to raise even more money with a bake sale.

1 cupcake made me happy!
I love brownies! You will love it too!

I helped her make some peanut butter frosting and then she frosted the cupcakes.
Notice that look of concentration.

Also, notice the Netflix screen in the background. 
The kids think that screen is off.
"Did you turn the TV off?" I ask.
"Yes!" they'll reply.
"Um. No. That is not off."

As soon as she was done frosting the cupcakes, she called Oma.
(...who is fasting from sweets for 40 days along with Opa & Aunt Betty...)
"Oma, the bake sale has started... At our house.... They're $1 each..... Right now.... Okay, bye."

She ran to the front window and waited for them to come.
After several anxious minutes of looking out the window, 
I offered to drive her and her cupcakes over to Oma and Opa's and Betty's.

"Who would have thought that a cupcake could help save a life?" 
she said amazed at the thought. 
And I, trying so hard not to take the turns too fast or step on the brakes too hard (as I am told I tend to do) had to agree with her.
She, with the plate of cupcakes on her lap, beamed.

Love is: 
buying cupcakes from your granddaughter & niece when you have sworn off sweets.
Oma, Opa & Bethany are the BEST!

It blesses me beyond description to see her want so much to help people.

My mom's sister happened to be visiting the next day and asked Sarah where she got such a heart to help people.
Besides just being a God-given desire, I think that the fact that we have sponsored kids through Compassion International has something to do with it.

We sponsor three children, one for each of our kids.
When each of our children turned 4 years old (which is the age that children can be sponsored with Compassion) we chose a child for them to sponsor that matched their ages and genders.
This week they wrote them letters and sent them photos.

It's something small, but it's something.

When we were visiting Oma and her sister, Oma was so excited to show us "A Small Act" on Netflix. A documentary about a man who was sponsored by a woman in Sweden (not through Compassion) and how that impacted his life. 
It is so humbling to see what we take for granted is so precious to others.

Kaitlin's iPod broke! 
[very sad face]
So she borrowed my iPod to check Instagram and post photos.
I found a bunch of her photos on my camera roll. 
[very duck face]

 So I decided to try my hand at Kaitlin's duck face/peace sign pose.

 Monday night was the area sports banquet.
FCA had a table, but couldn't fill it, so you know what that means...
...I don't have to cook dinner!

Shannon Miller was the main speaker before the awards were handed out.
When I heard that Shannon Miller was speaking, I was like, "hmm, name sounds familiar, who is she?"
When I found out that she was an Olympic gymnast, I was like, "Oh, cool! I totally remember who she is. I can't wait to hear her."

At the banquet, when she was talking about the Magnificent Seven and Béla Károlyi and how long ago she competed and how things have changed since she competed... I was thinking about Mary Lou Retton... I was kind of thinking they were on the same team... And then I realized that Mary Lou was 1984... And Shannon Miller was 1996. It all blurs together in my mind.
And then I felt really old.
But I am not really old.
Not really.

[bonus feature:]

In '84 I thought the women's gymnastics was interesting, but I was all about the men's gymnastics.
Mary Lou was great and all that,
but I had the biggest crush on Bart Conner and Mitch Gaylord.

[end bonus feature]

I love bedtime. 
I love talking to them while saying goodnight.
I love listening to Sarah read me James 1 from her bible.

Parts of my week were sad.
I felt weak.

 I love this boy. Even when he won't pose for my pictures.

I love this girl, too. She's so fun.

(Also, if I don't point out my double chin, you won't notice it.)

I ran on the treadmill this week, for the first time ever.
I did it by accident.
I've been scared to run because I thought I would fly off the end of the treadmill like a bad cartoon.
But I didn't fly off the end, so I kept running.
I'm pretty proud of myself.

How was your week?

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Cassi Brightforest said...

We do Compassion too. Love the letters. And glad her cupcake sale turned out.

Jessica said...

As I looked at your first photo I thought, "Wow, this seems like it happened a long time ago." I guess that's what happens when I also follow on instagram! I can totally see my youngest being the first in the house to make cupcakes on her own. And yes, that means than none of them have yet! We've got to get cooking :) I must admit, I envy you when you say you love bedtime. For me lately, I dread it. I just want them to get in bed already because they need the sleep and I'm just plain worn out and need a little down time myself. Thanks for the reminder that it can be enjoyable too. I'll be working on that...

Amy said...

If I ran on a treadmill I'd be proud too! Go Anne:)
Love Sarah's heart and hard work for service. Glad she has loved ones who encourage it as well.
I want to watch "A Small Act" now. What a good way to sponsor kids to connect with your own kids' ages/stages.
Isn't it wonderful to see the week in all its fullness? Gives a level perspective to see what challenged and what thrilled as a part of the big picture.

Mindy said...

That cupcake sale is precious!
AND yeay for you for running! I am NOT a runner but I do run on the treadmill 3 times a week. A 5K is in my future -- a marathon {or even a half marathon} is not. =)

Lucy said...

Oh Anne, your girls are precious. (and son:)
they have beautiful hearts like their mother.
Hugs ans prayers...Lucy.


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