<< my week in review: 2/15-21

It's explosive!

 Sometimes when you look at the pictures you took over the past week, you just have to say,
"Wow. I had a really boring week."

This is my new house plant.
The thing is, it's the only thing I can grow that our cat won't eat. 
Okay, it's the only thing I can grow.
I'm going with it.
It doesn't even have to be watered.

We watched my dog-nephew while my sister was away for the weekend.

Buddy wanted to play, and Reggie was happy to have a play mate.
They like to play the Dominance Game.

I finally broke down and got a Swiffer WetJet Cleaning System
Here's hoping it helps.
Winter sand and salt is not good for houses with no mud rooms.

On Wednesday night JD was the half-time speaker for the Awana Grand Prix at our old church.
We all went to go listen to him talk. 
He did good.

Sarah's been at home all week, sick with a stomach bug. 
But look at that sweet smile.
Secretly, I'm glad she's been sick. Is it okay to say that?
I've had to stay home from work 2 of the days to be with her and I have enjoyed having that time with her.
I wish I could be home more, so I'll take it when I can get it, even if it involves sickness.

We've been watching the Harry Potter movies together this week.
She's the only one of my three who really was interested in that set of stories.
I think I'm enjoying the movies as much as she is.

Look what exploded as it hit the floor. 
I watched it fall in slow motion.
I was like "nooooooo!"
It was one of my favorite bowls, the tangerine one.
A few years ago, I was given some money to go shopping and I decided that I was tired of my mostly white plates that I'd had since 1994. 
They were nice, but I was tired of them. 
I needed some color in my life. 
And there is nothing to cure the need for color like Fiesta Dinnerware
A different color for each place setting. 
Just opening my cupboards and seeing the different color combos makes me happy.

In other news this week, there was an explosion at our kids' middle school. 
In a boy's pants!
I am not kidding.
His cell phone battery exploded. He had second degree burns. Crazy stuff.

Speaking of explosions, I wrote a post on being real about our own marriage explosion
Did you read it?
Okay, well if you did, here's the thing: 
I posted it with that picture with the speech bubbles, you know.
But then I was like, Oh man, I shouldn't have put it up. 
And then I was like, well, that's the whole reason I put it up, because I'm talking about being real and that's what I really thought.  
And then someone thought I shouldn't have said, you know, that swear word. 
And now I feel really bad. And I worry that maybe someone will think less of me.
Which is so ironic because that was kind of my point of being so church-y that you can't be real.
On the other hand I think, "Really? If they think less of me because of only that, then I'm not sure that I care." 
Still, I took the photo off of my blog's Facebook page.
See? I write about it, but I still struggle with it.

That was my week, how was yours?

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Amy said...

Okay, I figured out why I want a conversation when I finish one of your posts--I have so much to say all at once! And I might be too lazy to type it all. Of course, it may seem I type too much. :) yes, I can over think things.

I'm sorry someone didn't like that bubble thing. I just want to say it didn't bother me one bit and I'm pretty much a goody, goody in many ways. So there. They wouldn't think I'm enough of a goody, goody, I'm sure. Here's the deal (for example)-- my house can be a wreck. Dirty and disordered. If someone is coming I can turn supersonic to change all that. I'll even tell them I worked like crazy. But I can't let them actually see it. Still, I figure admitting it is taking steps in the right direction. Even though you took it down at this point, I think it probably strengthened your Anne-good-before-God-living-by-grace-hey-I'm-being-real-here self. I imagine most of the people I admire tick somebody off. Good Grief--think of how many people are ticked off at God—the Creator, Loving, Perfect One.
I have a friend with Fiesta dishes--love them. She had us over for a real fiesta, and it was great fun:)
Get well to Sarah~glad it's had its pluses.
More, but I'll stop. Just this~keep being brave. I'm cheering for you.

Bethany said...

yay! Buddy made the week in review! He's walking around with his chin held high. ;) (Course he doesn't see anything wrong with the dominance's a dog thing.)

Sorry to hear that Sarah was bugged out this week. Bummer.

When I was at work on Wednesday night a lady said that she was going to AWANA that night to see her grandson's car race. I didn't know that JD (and all y'all) were going to be there too!

I always enjoy your InstaFriday week in reviews.

Tamera Beardsley said...

Always such a joy to see your week! Thank you for sharing!

habecker said...

if the swiffer doesn't work for you like it didn't for me i highly recommend products. cleaning is easy and fast for me now.

over from the link up

Amanda said...

Hi Anne!! :) I always enjoy your pictures and your stories!! I love your new houseplant! ;) and Yay for Harry Potter movies!! I've never read the books, but my husband totally got me into the movies! :) I'm sorry about your orange bowl, what a fun color!! I hope your sweet girl is feeling better!! And on a final note, don't let what others think about one little thing worry you...I know you through your blog and your photos, and I think you're pretty fabulous!! :) (and I love that you're real!) Thanks for your comments at Chaos & Coffee, I always enjoy and appreciate them! I hope you have a blessed and beautiful weekend my friend!


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