<< my week in review 2/8-14

Gotta love it!

My son is now officially taller than me. By about a quarter of an inch. He's taking the picture to prove it. 
The caption on his IG picture says, "after many years of hard work, I am now taller than my mom!" 
Good work, son. I knew you could do it!

Saturday night some friends and I headed downtown to Social Ice. The friend on my left, your right, is from Portland and sometimes she misses all the fun things to do in Portland. 

"Hey, you can't get that in Portland," I said pointing to an ice bar. 

"That's true," she said slowly. I'm not quite sure it's a good thing that we can have a three day outdoor event centered around things made of ice. 

In all there were seven of these ice bars sponsored by different downtown establishments. I couldn't get a very good shot because there were people crowding the bar, but the ice bars were crazy cool. (Here's a link to some better photos of the event.)

Where else can you sit on an ice lounge underneath a cool chandelier? Not in Portland, I bet.

A cover band with 80's hair played 80's hair band songs. The played up in the [warm] sky-way with the music blasting out into the [cold] open air. It was pretty much a very cold 80's concert. A very fun, very cold 80's concert.

Sunday morning I worked in the pre-school room at church with this little cutie who liked to dump things. 
Like the whole box of books. Which he then sat on top of. 
It made me smile, remembering how my own boy at that age used to do the same thing, dump things in the middle of the floor.
...Now that I think about it, his room does still have a lot of stuff in the middle of the floor...

After church I went to Kaitlin's volleyball game day to watch these cuties.

Meanwhile, my boys were up in the Cities, hanging out with the Gopher's Men's basketball team. 
JD gave the chapel talk, then they got to shoot some hoops and watch the game. 
Fun day for them. 

JD has a birthday on the day before Valentine's Day. 
Maybe that's why he's such a Sweetheart?!
Oma made a fantastic birthday dinner for him, and Kaitlin decorated the cheesecake with JD's favorite candy. Good job, don'tcha think?!

Sigh. Only one kid is doing valentines in school this year. 

I'm conflicted about Valentine's Day. 
Always have been.
But I sure do love helping my kids show love.

Sarah drew this. 
She said wanted to start her own blog about her little monsters.
Of course I set her up with her own blog right away so that she can practice writing stories. 
I love seeing my kids be creative.

I had thoughts of making a red themed dinner, but then I realized that Thursday night would be crazy busy for us with volleyball, baseball lessons and a science fair. 

So this is as valentine-y as I got this year:
"Yes, that's a heart on your pork chop, now hurry up and eat it so I can take you to the science fair."

Here's my student athlete. 
Thursday night the judges judged. We'll find out Friday if he won any ribbons.

[little rant]
As I saw all the other science fair boards on display, I thought it would be a fun game to go around the room and guess which ones were done by parents and which ones were done by the students. 
In my book, whether the judges give him one or not, my boy gets an award for doing his project completely by himself from the idea to choosing the fonts in the title. 
[end little rant]

And finally, here's my new arm candy:

 I hope you had a sweet week!

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Shellsea said...

I loved the heart on the pork chop! hilarious.

Jessica said...

The Social Ice event looks like fun! I'm going to have to check it out some year. I totally hear you on the parents doing projects for their kids. That sounds like a game I may someday play ;) How sad you just have one doing valentines. So, you have about two more years of it? Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

Jan Winnes said...

Congratulations to John for winning a red second place ribbon at the science fair!

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks! I'm glad you appreciated my sense of humor. :)

Anne Bickle said...

Yes! You should come down next year for Social Ice. That'd be so fun. xo said...

I think it is a special thing for our boys when they finally are taller than mom. :)

Unknown said...

Yes, pork chop heart=awesome. Love seeing your week in review. -Kari C


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