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My to do list for Friday.
I sure did have fun opening my random box and seeing all the fun
things Gayle sent me and reading the post she wrote about the box
that I sent to her.

Sarah's to do list for our slumber party.
I promised Sarah ever since we got our new couch last Monday that we could
have a slumber party in the family room on Friday night.

We started out watching Hairspray, but didn't get 10 minutes in when Sarah
decided she didn't want to watch it. I have to admit, I was surprised that
it was only PG and I was glad she wasn't interested in it.
Fortunately I also rented Akeela and the Bee.
Now that was a good movie.

Saturday morning the girls and I went over to my sister's place and 
surprised her for her birthday breakfast in bed.
She was expecting the breakfast in bed. It's a tradition.
She just wasn't expecting us to be there. That was fun.

Do you see the bow in our wall? We've lived with it and the awful wallpaper
for long enough. The new couch has me motivated to tackle that wall.

Not to mention my cute new headband and gloves from Gayle.
She's right. I put them on and I just want to get things done.

I was going along, scraping the old 70's wallpaper and sizing off the wall 
when I it occurred to me, hey, that's not wallpaper, that's paint. I'm scraping 
the primer off of the top of the sheet rock. No wonder it was taking so long.

I'm not sure that our wall can recover from this.
I'm pretty sure that wallpaper is a tool of the devil.

You know the movie The King's Speech? And the wall in the speech therapist's office?
I'm seriously considering that look to cover a multitude of sins.

On Monday night I did this. We were going on a road trip the next day so
I got some snacks for the trip. I thought it would be fun to ration them 
in Easter eggs instead of plastic bags. Trail mix, gold fish, fruit snacks, all in little 
plastic eggs. At the start of the trip I gave each of the kids their
bag of snacks and told them it had to last the entire trip. It worked great.

And Tuesday morning we were on our way!

We saw this bus while we were on the road. And we wondered, 
if the coaches are in that bus, where's the bus with the Badger players?

Ah, yes. Chicago traffic.

 Here's a view out the balcony of the guesthouse we stayed in with some friends.
I'm going to save the rest of the week's insta pictures for their very own post about our trip.
We sure did have fun!

That's a peek into my week. How was your week?

 I'm @annebickle, linking up with @jeannettg for InstaFriday.
(Except this week it's Saturday because on Friday we were on our way back from Chicago.)

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Lucy said...

Hi Anne, I agree with you on wallpaper...grrrrrrr,I feel your pain! Good luck with getting it patched up...what is your plan?
Happy Easter to you and your family.


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