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My weekly post about the stories behind my camera phone pictures.

JD and I went to a Love and Respect marriage conference in Davenport, Iowa last weekend.
It was a 4-1/2 hour drive, but it was good stuff.
Totally worth it.

Some of my takeaways from the conference were:

God made men and women differently. That's okay. Don't despise the differences, respect them.

I need to let my husband know that I respect him just as much as I let him know that I love him. Probably more, actually.

Just like we need to have unconditional love, we also need to have unconditional respect. Respect without conditions. It's biblical. 

Marriage is more about my relationship with God than it is about my relationship with my husband. (My relationship with God will help my relationship with my husband.)

When a Christian conference is dismissed around lunchtime, Chick-Fil-A gets unbelievably crowded.

When we were driving back, we checked in with the kids.
I'm loving this new technology.

Losing one hour to Daylight Savings Time 
Earlier than usual worship team schedule due to Love & Respect conference
I brought my make up to church and put it on in middle school/church bathroom.

That's how I roll.

Flashing me the hang loose sign as she warms up before her game.
That's how she rolls.

2nd place in Sunday's tournament.
Go Apples!


Sunday night I went to go pick up the kids from youth group while it was still snowing, before the roads had been cleared.
I know how to drive in snow but, Man!, that was a rough trip!
I got stuck on two different hills and had to drive the long way home just to avoid any more steep hills.
On top of that Reggie escaped, so we had to drive around and look for him.
I was so glad to be finally home safe.

Yes, I still have a Christmas wreath on my front door. 
But I also still have snow on my front lawn.
It makes me feel better than having an Easter wreath on my door with snow in my yard.

I woke up to this on Monday morning.
Nine inches of heavy snow.
Nine (9)!
I have to admit, I did think it was pretty.
For about three seconds.

Snow before Christmas is pretty.
Snow after Christmas is unnecessary.
Snow one week before spring is depressing.
Nine inches of snow one week before spring is not what I signed up for.

That reminds me, last week I wrote a post about depression that wasn't depressing.
I was encouraged this week by the number of people who said it had encouraged them.
Mutual encouragement over anti-depressants. 
How about that?!

She's also the friend who comes early to small group to help me clean before people arrive.
One day when she was cleaning, she noticed this partially finished jean purse sitting in the corner.
"Would you like me to sew the zipper and a handle on?" she asked me.
I had this idea that Sarah's old & embellished jeans would make a cute purse with pockets.
So I cut the jeans and sewed the purse and then even added lining.
But I'd only gotten to pinning on the zipper. I wasn't sure how I should do the handle.
I don't have mad sewing skills.
And there it sat, for weeks months almost a year.
So my friend, saw it and offered to finish it up for me.
She has mad sewing skills.
On Sunday she brought the finished product to small group.
She did a great job! Sarah loves it, and so do I!

Everyone should have a friend like her.

"Have you always eaten your muffins like that?" my husband asked me 
as I turned my muffin upside down to break it in half and eat the bottom half first.
"Yes," I said. "I save the best for last."
That's how I roll.

"Your doctor is the best doctor," my son told me when I told him that I had to drink cranberry juice.
"How do you get prescriptions for cranberry juice and no dish washing, while my doctor says I have to sit still and do nothing in a dark room. No fair."

In the middle of the night I woke up and had to go.
And again and again and again.
I had never experienced this before, and I had no idea how debilitating it is.

The nurse practitioner was a riot.
The timing was awesome because I had just posted my thoughts on a woman's gift of honesty.
Seriously, this lady has the woman's gift of honesty.
I learned a lot from her.

I was on iTunes and I saw this.
It's my cousin-in-law's band.
Their album comes out on March 19th.

I really must apologize to those of you who thought this was an actual video and tried to play it from Instagram.
Sarah doesn't like her peas.
In a very spectacular fashion she hates vegetables of any kind, but she has a history with peas.
So when she told me that she liked her peas, I had to get it on video.
It was kind of a historical moment.

For your viewing pleasure, and for the very funny story of Sarah and her history with peas, I present to you: 
The Story of the Princess and the Pea.
(You'll need to turn your volume up because she was speaking very softly.)

A while ago I commented on a blogger's post about a gift exchange she did with another blogger.
"I've never done a swap before," I commented. "I might just have to join one though, if I ever find one."
Evidently, swaps are a bloggy thing that you join in on.

She wrote me back and said, 
"Hmm. Sounds like another opportunity for a RandomBoxExchange™. Me, you. Just sayin'. ;)"

I guess swaps can also be something that you just do because you can, and then you add a  just for fun.

We agreed to do an exchange in March, which I found out is her birthday month, and then write posts about our gift boxes when we receive them. 
So, stay tuned.

I had fun putting the box together and Kitty had fun using the box as a perch.
The guy at the post office kept saying "wow!" as he weighed it and stamped it with postage.
"Wow, wow, wow. That is just... wow. How long did that take you? Wow."
Actually, it was pretty mindless work while watching Netflix. 
Not that big a deal. But totally fun.
It's relaxing for me to doodle.
That's how I roll.

One of the things about managing a property for the elderly is that death hangs in the air. 
This last weekend, one of our daily visitors died.
He didn't live at my property, but he came to eat there every day.
I would always try to get him to move in because he was such a sweetheart.
These flowers from his funeral, sitting outside my office, remind me of him walking in through the front doors, all bent over like a candy cane.
How the last time I talked to him, I had to tell him not to park in the fire lane. 
And he so apologetically telling me that he had fallen and couldn't walk so far, but next time he'd park on the street like he was supposed to. 
And I felt so bad because he really did have a hard time walking.
Rest in peace, Janus.

Thursday night my Aunt Barb and Hunkle Dick came through town & we enjoyed a rousing game of Mexican Train Dominoes.
Or was it Chinese Train? Or Scandinavian Train?!
Fun times.
High score wins, right?
I totally won.

How was your week?

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Tamera Beardsley said...

Dear Anne... your weekly posts are such a wonderful window into your life...Not only do you capture it well... you are willing to share!

Loved the marriage and respect advice... have heard it before... need to practice it more! ChicFillet had me laughing, as that is my son's after church with friends Saturday night stop!

what a wonderful friend you have... but I know she is so lucky to have you...

Janus was also lucky to have you.... as I know all around you are my shine light and love on all you come in contact with.... I am blessed for having found you.

Lucy said...

Yes a delightful peak into the divinely ordinary:) that video of your daughter and her peas is purely delightful!!I love when kids are silly like that:)so glad you were able to attend the Love& Respect conference, my husband and I just finished it in a small group study...there is a lot to take home ...I agree with you , the part that really impacted me too was it's more about me and my heavenly Father than my ya,~Lucy~

Jane Ko said...

Sounds like a GOOD week! :D

Cassi Brightforest said...

We love that game! We have done the Love and Respect book too and actually just passed it on to another.

Anonymous said...

Our week was busy with Spring Break. I am still trying to recover from the driving.

Jan Winnes said...

I am so thankful that I was a part of your week :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for the recap on the conference. Even though we went several years ago, you forget some of the awesome take home points!
I'm glad you explained more about your beautifully decorated box. I was wondering about it when it came through instagram. I didn't realize that was your doodling all over it! Fun!
And I'm also going to comment on your previous post. I love that you wrote about waxing! And I had a sorta similar experience. Only I was at an acquaintance's home (business out of her home) getting my eyebrows done. I asked, "Do you think I need my lip waxed too?" She kindly said, "I usually tell people that if they are aware enough to ask, they most likely should have it done." Ok! You don't have to tell me twice :) But still. Ouch. Aaaaaand awkward because I knew her.

Bethany said...

So much to comment on...
...the 9 inches of snow was crazy! I did not like having to shovel the 9 inches from my driveway. I thought of calling Johnny several times to see if he needed more money for his class trip just so I wouldn't have to do it myself. Alas, I succeeded and then instead of going inside to rest/recuperate I had to get ready for work that night! ugh.
...princess and the pea. Too cute! Love those pics too. box~ Kitty is cute :)
...The picture of Janus reminds me of Andy Griffith
...and THANK YOU for not posting any of the pictures of me goofing around playing Mexican Dominoes ;)


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