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The weekly post with my phone's pictures and the stories behind them.

Last week my InstaFriday became InstaSaturday because on Friday we were still in Chicago with our friends. This week I added a bonus InstaChicago post to round out last week's post.

Now we are back on track.

At 3:45 am we dropped John off in the Target parking lot for his trip to Washington DC and New York City
 with a bunch of eighth graders and several brave adults.
I saw this and my first thought was "Oh man. My boy is a man."
Also, I am very jealous of the fact that he got to see a show on Broadway.

Sarah kept her room clean for a whole month so she got some Flapdoodles as a reward.
All month she's been marking off the days on her calendar, anticipating the bright pink Cotton Candy ice cream.

These two have spent pretty much every day together during Spring Break.

I've never owned a food processor until I got one for Christmas. I used it for the first time this week to make
 Sun-dried Tomato Pesto. It was so pretty I had to take a picture. It was so yummy I'll have to make more.

Sarah has such a great imagination. It's something I admire about her. I was never really good at playing 
make believe. Her littlest pet shop pets are going on a double date. Those are their smartphones on the table. 

Wednesday at 11:00 pm the buses rolled into the Target parking lot with the precious cargo.
I was so excited to see John and hear all about his trip. 

My tired traveler. Does a mom ever tire of watching her children when they sleep?

Twice in one week, Flapdoodles! This time I was getting some gift cards, and as long as I was there... I had 
to have some quality time with my littlest and her littlest pet shop pet.

Thursday night we went over to my parents and introduced them to the game that we learned in Chicago 
from our friends. "Things." It's always entertaining. And sometimes enlightening.

That was my week. How was yours?

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life rearranged

[Post Script]
Oh, after looking at other instaFridays I realized that I didn't mention Easter at all. Ugh. Apparently I didn't take any pictures of Easter, which is why it's not in this post. But it did happen around here.
No egg hunts on the front lawn, there was snow. So I did an egg hunt inside for Sarah, who was the only one interested in it. I had to have the plastic eggs from the road trip fetched out of the garbage in order to do the egg hunt for her. I offered to just hide the candy, but apparently it wasn't the same thing.
Even though we didn't go all crazy with photos or baskets, I completely enjoyed celebrating the resurrection on Sunday. Am so grateful for Jesus and his sacrifice for me. And for you.
I struggle with finding balance on this holiday in particular. 


Jessica said...

Oh man, I didn't mention Easter on my blog either. I agree, so thankful...
I'm glad John had a good trip and you're right - he looks like a man in that shot! How did they like Wicked? Wicked awesome how they got to see a show on Broadway (I haven't seen one either).
My hubs was traveling (funny, in NY!) yesterday and today and my little man slept in my bed. I was just staring at him as he was sleeping. You're so right - that never gets old.
I love all your dates with Sarah this week. I love the pet shop smart phones :)
Have a great weekend!

Anne Bickle said...

He really liked Wicked, he said it was funny. I've read the book, but I hear the show is different. The teacher who brings the kids each year and has seen Wicked on Broadway each year said that this year's version was probably the funniest he's seen.

Mindy said...

I really wanted to see Wicked when it was in our town last week. SO sad I missed it.
Glad to hear your son liked it!!

Amanda said...

Hi Anne!! :) I hope you and your family have been doing well!! I loved your pictures, they are always so fun! I saw Wicked several years ago with my husband and LOVED it!!! It was SO good!! Your pesto looked so good, I wanted to taste it :) And I love the littlest pet shop double date!!! We have so many of those little cuties around my house. I've tried to gather them all up and count them, but it's kind of impossible. Kids are so cute when they're playing make believe. I love to just sit and listen to the girls play...I sometimes wonder what ever happened to my imagination ;) Have a wonderful weekend my friend!!

Danavee said...

HAAAA! I can just picture the trash hunt for discarded eggs. Hehehe!

Following you on Instagram STAT!

Mindy Whipple said...

I still have a wild imagination but I don't have a Flapdoodles in our area. Looks yummy : )

Tamera Beardsley said...

How very handsome is your tiered traveller! I too, like to watch my youngest sleep, sometimes if the light is just right, I can see the little boy he used to be...and other times, I see the remarkable man he is becoming.

Amy said...

Things is our favorite game to play! So fun. And no, never get tired of watching them sleep. . .


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