my week in review: 4/12-18

My weekly post with the stories behind my phone's pictures. 

Friday the boys went to Cincinnati for the weekend, so us girls had my sister over for a movie night.
Whenever the boys are away, 
I take the opportunity to watch a chick flick that I know they would never want to see.

[bonus feature:]

That blue blanket was crocheted for me by my Grandma several years before she died.
In her old age, to keep her busy, she decided she was going to crochet a blanket for each of the kids and grand kids.
When it came time for her to make my blanket, she asked me what colors I wanted.
I told her that I wanted something neutral that could go with any room's decor.

"How about cream?" I suggested.

To which she quickly replied, "How about blue? 
I've been wanting to make a blue blanket. Everybody wants cream. I'm tired of cream."

"Sure," I said. 
What else could I say? 

I love it even more because it's blues that she picked, blues that I wouldn't necessarily have chosen.
I imagine it brought her some about of joy to look at those blues instead of tired cream.
Each of my kids have a lovey blanket that I knitted for them... 
... that blue blanket is my lovey blanket that Grandma made for me.

[end bonus feature]

I took out my sewing machine this week.
This machine has served me well for many, many years.
I need to use it more.

I got it out to make a purple banner for Sarah's birthday party on Friday.
She specifically requested a banner. 
And a purple themed birthday party.

Prince should be so lucky to have a purple banner like Sarah's.

I think it turned out pretty good. And, because it was felt, it was super easy.
I made this 15 foot banner for only $3.75. 
You can't get a 6 foot pre-made non-custom banner for that.
I took a ton of pictures of it because I was loving the gorgeous purples.

I took so many pictures that I decided I should go ahead and do my first DIY post.

I feel a little bit silly about putting it out there. 
Like I'm some kind of DIY Pro. 
But the fact is, I did do it myself
And I do lots of stuff myself. 
Often out of necessity. But also for creativity's sake.
Maybe I'll have to start taking photos of the stuff I make and put it up here. 
Because that's part of my story, too. 
Part of who I am:
The Unassuming DIYer.

I've been having some sweet time with Sarah in the mornings this week.
On this particular morning we helped each other memorize James 1 and then, 
while I spent some time journaling, she read more of James. 
When we were both done I asked her what stood out to her as she read.
She told me that she thought she needed to be a better doer of the Word, not just a hearer.
"Me too," I said.
Then we discussed ways that we can be better at doing what the Word says.
When we were done, I snapped this picture because I wanted to remember mornings like this.

This week Tamera asked me to make a pinnable image of the marriage advice in my post 
I'm including it in my InstaFriday post even though it's not a phone picture because 
I met her through the InstaFriday link up. 

Once again, the April rains are forecasted to bring the sleet and snow.
I see it on my windshield after work on Thursday and I think it about matches my mood:
Dreary. Cold. Tired. Damp.

It's been a hard week.
West, Texas.
Having to let our preteen experience difficult consequences.
Being the one to give her those consequences.
Work stuff.
Hearing a "No" regarding something we'd prayed for.
Wondering "what now?"

(It's not something I can really talk freely about, but if you are a praying person,
my husband and I would ask for your prayers for guidance and provision.
Thank you.)

Being in such a foul mood, I decided to take the long way home and look for things to photograph.
That always makes me feel better.
To discipline myself to look for the beauty around me.
To find the wonder, and so to experience God's grace.

“The spirituality of wonder 
knows the world is charged with grace, 
that while sin and war, disease and death are terribly real, 
God's loving presence and power in our midst are even more real.” 
― Brennan Manning
The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News for the Bedraggled, Beat-Up, and Burnt Out

There's supposed to be more green in this picture. But it's still pretty, I think.
And it tells a tale.

I drove right by these guys, and then did a U-turn so that I could capture them
standing all huddled together in the mud with the cold rain pouring down on them.

I love red barns. 
I have often thought it would be fun to go on a day trip just to take pictures of red barns.
And white ones too, I guess.
But mostly red ones.

“We must go out into a desert of some kind (your backyard will do) 
and come into a personal experience of the awesome love of God.” 

And that is just what I did.
Thank you, Brennan

By the time I got home I was ready to think about getting ready for a party for this girl: 

Yes, that is purple cake batter.

My grandma taught me how to make checkerboard cakes. 
She made them all the time. Probably even in her sleep.
One time at a garage sale I found a kit with special tins for making the checkerboard cake,
but the spoon and dollop method works just fine.

She is so funny. I am so focused. 
When you run out of bowls, a baking dish will do just fine.
I put on my Rosie the Riveter headband because I needed to remember that
"I Can Do It"

So... how was your week?

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