my week in review: 4/19-25

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My little girl turned 9 last Friday. 
The last year of single digits.
We woke her up with breakfast in bed, a tradition. 

She wanted a purple birthday party, so I got my Purple on.
Last week Sarah and I went to the thrift store to find her a purple shirt and me some purple pants.
We scored us some purple!

I had to run to the store at the last minute before the party.
I considered taking the bandanna off to run my errand, but then I thought not.
What fun would that be?
I enjoyed seeing the smiles on the kids' faces when they arrived at the door and saw me all in purple. 
But mostly I enjoyed JD's smile.

Here they are, the purple party people.
It was Sarah's first slumber party, she was so excited.

They made their own personal pizzas for dinner. 

And they made friendship bracelets, which I completely forgot to take a picture of.

And they played Just Dance 2 and charades. No pictures. I forgot.

And we ate purple and white checkerboard birthday cake.
I forgot 
a picture 
of the 


I did get pictures of the present opening though...

... and the purple balloons...


Sunday it got nice enough to open up the windows a little bit and get some fresh air in the house.
We were all liking that, especially Kitty.

"Nice enough" is defined as: "warmer than 50."
Unfortunately, on this occasion, it is also defined as: "colder than 55," 
and it could be convincingly argued that colder than 55 is not nice enough. 
However, everything is relative. 
And after a long winter with no foreseeable warm temperatures in the future, 
it felt relatively pretty nice enough.

Sunday night is Small Group night.
I love our small group.
I loved that two couples squished together on the couch with the men in the middle.
The women kinda conspired to make it happen.
But the men agreed.
They get points for that.

I've been having a hard time focusing on things close to me when I read.
I've never had an eye exam before, so I scheduled one.

During the exam I kept thinking of Brian Regan's comedy routine about going to the eye doctor.
I started laughing out loud when the eye doctor told me to tell him the exact moment when the two lines were on top of each other. 
I kept hearing Regan's voice in my head: "Now!... No, NOW!... Now!... Then!"

(It's at 2:39 if you watch the video)

Fortunately both my eyes are the same, so I just need over-the-counter readers.
Here I am at work, wearing my drug store readers... 
not sure if I like them, but the price was right.
I only need them to read, so I'm constantly 
taking them on 
and off, 
pulling them down on my nose, 
pushing them up.
It's such an adjustment.

And while I was at work, I got this in a text message:

Uh oh. I'd better hurry home.


Letters from home. Letters from Czechoslovakia.
(Czechoslovakia doesn't even exist anymore, btw.)

"Kids, before there was email, there was air mail, and this is what it looks like."

I went to the basement to re-start cleaning my little corner that was
supposed to be my creative space, but became my
I Don't Know What To Do With It So I'll Put It There space.
Each time I clean, I think I should just purge these because they are just taking up space
and I need to learn to not hold on to things.
Who is going to want to read them besides me?
But I can't throw these away.
They were my life blood at college.
Every day I'd go to CPO and hope for a letter from home.
International long distance calls at that time cost about as much as a small house,
so I didn't get to talk to my family very often.
Instead we wrote letters.
On paper.
And mailed them.
With stamps.
And waited for a reply.
For weeks.

Just think.
Now I get instantaneous little texts like this:
Technology sure is sweet. 
So is my little girlie.


This happened this week at work. 
I forgot to put the cup in place when I started brewing.
Only after I used two and a half rolls of paper towels did I realize that I could have just taken that bottom part out and dumped it in the sink.
Obviously I needed some coffee before I made the coffee.


What's this?
I drove home with the top open on Thursday.
Could it be?
Is that you?
Temperature forecast says we'll see 70.


How was your week?

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Amy said...

Plenty of Perfect and Pretty Purple! Love your girl's purple celebration of 9:) Oh my, I hope it's spring now. I'm ready!

Jenny said...

Fun pictures! :) I had to laugh at the Keurig. You should definitely keep those letters! Maybe get a pretty box to store them in or something. I meant to ask you last week what checkerboard cake was (maybe I did?... I need some coffee too). I love the eye exam picture. Did the doctor take it for you? I think you look cute in your reading glasses. I started noticing that my close-up vision was not what it used to be when my youngest was a newborn. I couldn't focus on his face when I was holding him and looking down at him! The joys of getting older...

Danavee said...

We BOTH had our first eye appt! I like your glasses (jealous that your eyes are the same!).

LOOOOOVE a color themed party! You are a fun mom!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne Bickle said...

Me too Amy! Your tulips are beautiful.

Anne Bickle said...

Hi Jenny. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. A checkerboard cake is where you use 2 colors of batter and you make one layer the opposite of the other layer... in rings of inverse colors... and when you cut it, it looks (kinda) like a checkerboard... Maybe I'll have to make one again and take a picture for you b/c I'm having a hard time explaining it... :/ .... yes, the doctor did take the picture for me. It was a fun time.... That stinks that you couldn't focus on his face when looking down at him! I hope you got that fixed right away so that you could because there's nothing better than to be able to see that! xo

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks, Danavee! :)

Jan Winnes said...

I remember those old stamps---fun to see them. The day that the country went from being Czechoslovakia to Czech Republic was so interesting; and frustrating if you still had some of those stamps and could no longer use them, or coins found in your pocket that suddenly no longer were good. Anything Czechoslovakia were suddenly extinct. So keep the stamps; they have some value now.

Janet Butler said...

I LOVE how Sarah's smiles are always so big and genuine and fun! It's like she smiles with her eyes and her whole face. That is awesome!

gayle t. said...

Holy cow! My family is originally from Czechoslovakia! Interesting. I wonder if we're related. ;)

Great week! And I did the coffee thing at work before. Except I forgot to put the carafe in the coffee maker, and an ENTIRE COFFEE POT worth of coffee ended up everywhere.

You got off easy. ;)

Gayle | Grace for Gayle


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