<< my week in review: 4/5-11

The weekly post where I tell the stories behind my phone's photos.

 Early Saturday morning we went to Kaitlin's volleyball tournament. 
 In between her games, I did some reading/processing.
 This session she's on a different team, the Bananas. I finally get to yell, "Go Bananas!!!"
 They came in first in the tournament!

 Last week Sarah got her Littlest Pet Shop pets out and made a cardboard house for them.
Then on Saturday, when she was out with her friend's mom at a church garage sale, she saw this there.
She had brought enough money with her, so she was able to get it all by herself.
She'd been saving for one, and found one for $1.50. How awesome is that?!

I told her that it was like a gift from God.
I think He blesses us with even little stuff like that.

I've been roped into playing LPS with her several times this week.
After reading last week's post, she "taught" me how to play make believe.
"You just take them, face them together, and talk for them."
I think I'm getting the hang of it.

 It was my dad's birthday on Monday.
Naturally we made him grill dinner.
I'm kidding. He loves grilling.
That's why we made him grill dinner.

Then we watched The Game.

It was a boring Final Four weekend for the Bickle-Winnes pool. We were all out of it last weekend.
Still... I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but...
I came in first place in our family pool.
Ahead of the people who picked their picks with some amount of care.
I'm just sayin'.

Aren't these flowers pretty?
My mom had them on the table for Dad's birthday, but as we were admiring them,
we realized we didn't know what they were called.

[pop quiz]

The name of this flower is:
1. Redonkulous
2. Ranunculus
3. Renocunoculan
4. Renalcalculus

I had to post the picture to Instagram in order to get our answer.
My sister thought it was something that sounded like (3), but she knew that wasn't right.
@thisvintagegrove came to our rescue with the correct answer, (2).
To which my sister, when I told her, said "oh, like (1)." 
So, if we ever need to remember the name of this flower, we'll just think about how redonkulous ranunculus are.

(Also, just fyi, if you have (4), you should go probably see a doctor.)

I went shopping with my son to get him some sweatpants that weren't "too skinny" and I came home 
with some yoga pants that aren't too short.
I'm bending over in this shot to take the picture, so you can't fully appreciate the fact that 
they actually fold onto the top of my foot. 
I have long legs... I get excited about these things.
Because it is not cool to go to the gym with sweatpants that are a just little too short.
Especially when you are wearing white socks.

Wednesday it was raining when I left work to go home and the temperatures 
were supposed to get down to freezing.
April showers are supposed to bring flowers, not ice or snow.

Reggie was watching The Dog Whisperer on Netflix.
Actually, I was watching it, but I was watching from the kitchen while making dinner. 
JD walked into the family room and saw Reggie alone there with The Dog Whisperer on and we had a good laugh.
Also, yes, I always have laundry in my family room at some stage of being done.

Wednesday night we worked on her birthday party invitations. 
She had to make them herself, which I love.

This was going on while we were making the invitations.
I get excited about having a fire in the fireplace. 
When it's November!
Fires in April should be in fire pits.

Thursday the kids had a SNOW DAY!
I took the day off work to stay home with them.
I made pesto potato pizza and Mediterranean pizza for lunch.
It was so fun to be able to do that.

By dinner we all agreed that artichokes give us gas.

I started my book club homework.
A quiet house, a good novel and a $3.99 Merlot.
So nice.

How was your week?


Anonymous said...

Good job with first place! Yoga pants are always too long and do not fit my large booty well.

Janet Butler said...

I love home-made birthday party invitations! (and home-made cards of any kind) I figure the person making it was thinking of YOU the whole time they were making it, and that is so stinkin' sweet! :) I saw a friend's post this week that said something like, "We sure are having a nice winter this spring." Yep...I agree! These outdoor soccer games are freezing my fanny off! Hope you have a great week!

Tamera Beardsley said...

Another beautiful week! Anne you have a gift for telling a week in your life! Thank you for sharing you!

Jan Winnes said...

Enjoyed reading your week post, and enjoyed some of these moments with you! Thanks for cutting out the (really) messy part of the patio in Dad's grilling shot! :)

Danavee said...

I cannot believe you ended up with an April snow day. This is crazy times.

Happy to help on that flower! Now just don't ask me how to pronounce it!!!!!!!

Amy said...

We've been watching the Dog Whisperer around here too since we're getting a puppy. Now I'm wondering if the puppy will watch it too:) Great shot of Reggie. Looks like a good week despite November weather in April. Hey, Go Bananas!


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