<< my week in review: 3/27-29 (We Went to Chicago)

My phone's pictures from our trip to Chicago and most of the stories behind them.

We met up with my friend from high school, Priscilla, and her family. Priscilla and I both went to Black 
Forest Academy in Germany. But we didn't really hang out back then because we were in different dorms. 
(That's an unwritten rule at boarding school...) We reconnected while planning our 20th high school reunion 
a couple years ago. I'm glad we did. She's the bomb.

Our families hadn't met before, but we all got along great. It was fun to see the second generation interacting. 
We rented a guesthouse just north of Wrigley. It was just perfect for slow mornings in pjs, and then
enjoying Steve's great cooking at night which was far better than eating out. 
Good Morning Chicago!
I love the architecture of big cities, the juxtaposition of the old with the new.
On top of the John Hancock, I found the same building I'd just snapped down at street level.
These two became fast friends.
Did you know you can skate at the top of the Hancock? It's true. But it's a sheet of plastic, not ice. 
My Minnesota kids were not interested in skating on plastic. The kids (and mom) from Kansas rocked it.
Our group posing in front of the green screen. Is it a silly pic or not a silly pic? Either. It's a silly group.
 We went to Chinatown for lunch. I didn't take any pictures while we were there. But I did get this doll.
And John got a cover for his phone.

We drove all over to find this building that John had heard about. The Aqua Tower. Pretty cool.
Every time we drove by the Wrigley building, I reminisced out loud about the time that JD kissed me there, 
back when we were dating. The whole trip brought back memories of college days in the big city.

The Nature Museum was free on Thursday, so we went there and found some butterflies.
Steve is the butterfly whisperer. Meanwhile, does John look freaked out? He is. 
 My son didn't cooperate with me for this perfect photo op,  so Priscilla obliged me. Such a good friend.

 After waiting in line for two hours, we were finally next to get on the elevator to the Sky Deck.
We're standing on a glass ledge that hangs off the side of Willis Tower. Pretty cool.
Way up at the top of the Willis Tower you can see the little glass boxes that we stood in.

Deep dish pizza at the original Gino's East hit the spot.
Waiting for pizza didn't seem so bad after waiting for the Sky Deck.

Priscilla and I saw an opportunity to get out for a bit and discover the neighborhood around the guesthouse.
We found this puppet show on a bike along the way. Those puppets were working the crowd. Good times.

Kaitlin introduced Maya to the Video Star app
After that, Sarah and Maya kept busy with video production. 
Sadly, many of their videos were accidentally deleted. 
This is the only one that remains. 
Priscilla and I challenged each other to make our own Video Star videos. 
Stay tuned for Video Star: Mom Edition.

Me and my honey, posing on the balcony before heading for home. I love this guy.

We had to have a Chicago style hot dog before leaving Chicago. 
All those years I lived in the Chicago area and I never had a Chicago style hot dog. JD was aghast. 
What's a Chicago style hot dog? This is: 

Home again.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics. I have always wanted to go there.

Janet Butler said...

How fun!! I tell ya, I'd love to do a photo shoot with the little guy with the curly hair. He's adorable! Looks like everyone got along great. Yay! So glad you had a wonderful Spring Break!

Amy said...

Looks like a great time! If we ever return to Chicago, I'm looking this up to remember to do some of the same. All the pics are great, but that one of the steaming mug needs to be framed.


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