my week in review: 05/24-30

// sharing the photos // telling the stories //

I bought some raspberries on Saturday. 
As I was washing them, 
I popped one in my mouth and was immediately transported back to our house on
4th Street in Brookings, South Dakota.
There was a raspberry patch in the back yard and I loved to go out back and pluck the berries,
popping them into my mouth right off the bush.
Sometimes I would put them on each of my finger tips before sucking them off.

As I told Sarah this memory of mine I showed her how I did it.
She wanted some raspberries on her fingertips, too.
Her fingers fit them so much better than mine, just the right size.
About the same size mine were back in Brookings, I think.
Sarah doesn't like raspberries, though, so after I made her eat at least one, I ate the rest off of her fingertips.


my week in review: 5/17-23

// sharing the pictures // telling the stories //

Saturday I was expecting to be spending the day in the Cities at a baseball tournament,
but heavy rains delayed our games.

I don't get many Saturdays to garden during baseball season, so I took advantage of the two hour delay.
I picked Mom up and we went to the nursery.
Mom bought some flowers. I love the pink/orange flowers in the front.
I bought a couple plants of the hopefully edible variety.


my week in review: 05/10-16

// sharing the pictures // telling the stories //

Friday morning was Moms, Muffins & Music at Sarah's school.
What a nice way to start a Friday.
I saw her there in front and thought she was looking for me, so I called out "Sarah! Sarah!"
She either didn't hear me or was ignoring me.
I decided not to try to catch her attention again so that I wouldn't embarrass myself her any more than I already had.


Collecting My Story: My (First) Childhood Home

My first childhood home was in South Minneapolis, just a half a block away from the Crosstown highway which separated our neighborhood from the Minneapolis International Airport. I don't know how old I was when we moved there, but we moved away when I was five. I know that much. My earliest memories are associated with that little house on 40th Avenue South.


my week in review: 5/3-9

// sharing my pictures // telling the stories //

I'm going to start out my week by giving away the ending.
On the left, a photo taken last Thursday.
On the right, a photo taken this Wednesday.
What a crazy first week of May!


The Boredom Buster Box: How I Busted Their Boredom

I came up with the idea for Bickles' Boredom Buster Box when my kids were in first grade, preschool and diapers. The constant demand for something to relieve their boredom, the complaining, the expectation that I should relieve their boredom was too much for me. Desperation is the mother of invention.

It wasn't all desperation on my part. It was also a calculated effort to get them to relieve their own boredom. I want my children to be able to come up with things to do themselves. I believe it's an important skill for people to be able to use their imagination, be industrious  and entertain themselves. It is an ability that fosters intelligence and ingenuity.

The idea is simple: have predetermined activities ready for when the kids complain of boredom. Make it fun, but not too fun. Have a little bit of risk involved. It's not a reward for complaining, it's a tool to reduce complaining.


my week in review: 4/26-5/2

:: sharing the pictures :: telling the stories ::

My sister got a smart phone.
I had to show her how to use Instagram, of course.
That's what I'm doing in this picture.
"And then you use this filter to make yourself look better than you actually do."


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