my week in review: 05/10-16

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Friday morning was Moms, Muffins & Music at Sarah's school.
What a nice way to start a Friday.
I saw her there in front and thought she was looking for me, so I called out "Sarah! Sarah!"
She either didn't hear me or was ignoring me.
I decided not to try to catch her attention again so that I wouldn't embarrass myself her any more than I already had.

Our boulevard trees have been condemned. 
The city decided that with all the storm damage, instead of just trimming them,
they will cut them down to prevent the Emerald Ash Borer disease. 
I would rather get rid of the monstrous honey locust tree in our front yard. 
And its roots.

As long as I am sharing embarrassing pictures of our lawn, here's my garden.
Sarah's school had a plant sale last week.
She bought me two unmarked flower plants for $1 each.
She called me while I was at work on Friday and told me that she'd gotten some plants and she really wanted to plant one.
I told her to wait until I got home.
She was so disappointed because she'd been excited to get out there and garden. 
So I decided she could go ahead and plant it.  
I guess I just assumed that she would plant it in the flower bed, not the vegetable garden.
I don't know what kind of flower that is, but I'll be planting my veggies around it.
Whenever I get around to planting my garden, that is.

Saturday we had to get up at 5:00 am to get to the ball field by 7:00 am for an 8:00 am game.
Then wait all day to play again at 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

The forecast was high of 50 degrees and wind gusts exceeding 40 mph.
That means it really felt like 40 degrees.
Nice day to spend all day outside at the ball park.
(That was my sarcastic voice.)

Anne's Guide to Surviving Spring Baseball Games in Minnesota:
  1. Wear a winter jacket and winter hat; the calendar says spring, but the temperatures say cold. 
  2. On windy days, bring a light weight tarp to wrap yourself in; it cuts the wind. 
  3. Wear the largest sunglasses you can find to protect your eyes from the blowing infield dirt.
  4. Do not open your mouth unless you want to eat the infield dirt. 
  5. Bring one blanket to sit on, and another blanket to wrap yourself up in like a burrito. 
  6. Give no care to what you look like, because you look ridiculous.
  7. Remember the adage: "This too shall pass." In three days it will be a record high 97 degrees. 
I love watching baseball. 
I just don't love watching it in winter gear.
I must love my boy.
(I do, btw.)

There he is pitching.

And there he is at bat
Getting a hit.
I received a lesson in the proper use of the term "hit" from my baseball coach husband who I was texting game updates because he was at the 9th grade double header.

Baseball Language Lessons: "Getting a Hit"
A batter might hit the ball, but if he does not make it to first base, he did not "get" a hit.
If he hits the ball and makes it to first base because the fielder made an error, he did not "get" a hit.
So do not say that a batter "got a great hit right to the center fielder." 
That would cause confusion.
Because the center fielder caught the ball that was hit to him, making it "not a hit."
You don't "get" a hit if it's not recorded as a hit.
Instead you should say, "he hit the ball to the center fielder for an out."

Sunday morning, Sarah made me close my eyes and led me into the kitchen.
She made me Mother's Day breakfast!
She knows I love my Greek vanilla yogurt with granola, or - in this case - raw oatmeal and cheerios.
She washed and cut the strawberries all by herself.
The candle and the orange juice in a nice glass were such nice touches, 
along with the other flower she bought at school.
It made my day!

So did this:

Every Mother's Day I wear all the jewelry that my kids have given me over the years.
Most of which they made in pre-school.
I get kind of giddy putting it on, to be honest.

My arm candy.
And arm macaroni. 
Fashion bloggers are so jealous right now.

Sunday night the moms were invited to youth group.
My kids love their youth group.
I love that they love their youth group.
I love that they are growing there.

Hey, look! I can take panoramic pictures on my phone camera.
Kaitlin took this photo while showing me how to take panoramic pictures.
I wouldn't know how to use my phone if it weren't for her.

 JD came up to my work for a picnic lunch with me.
It's been a challenging few days / weeks / months.
I enjoyed our little lunch date at the gazebo in the park.


Speaking of challenging, this video was shown in church last Sunday.
It's hard for me to watch. 
Not just because I think I look bad, and I don't like the sound of my voice, 
but it's, well, it's vulnerable.
And I have some fears about it being out there on the internets.
And even sharing it here.
But it is what it is.
It's a part of our story of God at work in our marriage.
That is all it is.


Happy mail?
We'll see...

JD and I are doing this plan starting this week.
We've heard great things.
This stuff is going to help us lose the weight we need to lose.
And it's going to make us smarter.
And help me to remember things I tend to forget.
And help me initiate more often.
And help JD get a job.
And help me stay at home.
And make me a better gardener.
And make our carpets clean.
And make our ant problem go away.
Actually, it's going to make all our problems go away.
It. Is. That. Good.

#raphotoaday day 14: can't live without

I try to start each day with a cup of coffee and reading God's Word.
This week I've been reading about JOY.
As in, "the JOY OF THE LORD is your strength."
It's not my joy, it's the Lord's joy.
It's a fruit of the spirit that is a result of having God's Spirit in me, 
of depending on His Spirit to strengthen me.
I don't manufacture joy, I discover it in knowing the Lord's salvation.
And I find joy in restoration after - and even during - trials.

See John in the back right by the piano? He plays trombone.
The 8th grade band concert happened this week.
His last middle school band concert. 
I'm getting all verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. 
Here's a topic: Pitbull is neither a pit, nor a bull. Discuss.

Speaking of Pitbull, we were listening to the radio in the car & Feel This Moment came on.
John asked me if that one part of the melody was from an 80's song.
Thank you, Pitbull, for giving me the opportunity to introduce my children to
  my favorite group from when I was in middle school, 
Their's was the very first single I ever purchased.
On a 45 record. (That's right. I'm vintage.)
Take on Me on one side, and The Sun Always Shines on TV on the other.

I'm doing laundry. 

We got basic cable again, after having only Netflix for two years.
They got us with a really good deal.
I'm not sure I'm happy about it, 
but it is kind of nice to not have a program stop in the middle of watching it because the internet is loading the content.

I love this old church across the street from where I work.

The sixth grade band concert happened this week, too.
Kaitlin plays the flute in the band.

My week started and ended with my kids' music.

How was your week?

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Jan Winnes said...

Thanks for sharing your week, Anne. It is always enjoyable to read.

Anonymous said...

A life changing cleanse. You will have to tell me how it works. I would just like a mommy belly and cellulite removal cleanse.

Anne Bickle said...

I'll let you know. Hopefully it will be good news. :)

Amanda said...

YAY for #raphotoaday, and coffee, and God's Word!!! :) ~ and little gardens, flowers, and so many other things ;) I'm so happy to be keeping in touch on Instagram, I enjoy your pictures so much!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend, my friend!!!

Lucy said...

Ha:)) Ohhhh love those moments...blessings on your weekend.

Lucy said...

Okay I'm back, the first time I only saw the first photo so I thought you had a short uneventful week:) You didn't! That video...awesome! Touched me by your honest and bravery. A good marriage takes a lot of heart work doesn't it? I relate to much of what you share. So glad God is there and in the business of healing. Pray for my friend Annette if you can. thanks,and love to you.

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks Amanda, me too! xoxo

Anne Bickle said...

Thanks, Lucy. I appreciate your encouragement. I want you to know that I got your other comment that you asked me not to publish, and I will be. xoxo

Danavee said...

Losing trees makes me sad. :(

Love that old church too!

And what a precious little Mother's Day breakfast!!!

laura bell said...

Love, love, love that you have all the handmade jewelry from your kids. Makes me wish I had done a better job not losing the ones my kids made. And do let me know if that Isagenix is as life changing as your hoping for! Enjoy your weekend!
Laura @


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